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Fastest in transactions, secure, backed by real 100% insured assets. Ixinium will change Your Markets

What is Ixinium


is backed by precious metal,blockchain transparency,and auditable transactions. Fully transparent physical metal auditing makes Ixinium safest than any bank in the world.

Cryptocurrency problems:

Many there are a number of major problems that plague the market. There are structural and functional issues that affect the market. These problems stem from a variety of reasons such as the infant nature of the market, Lack of understanding of the cryptocurrency space, and some peculiar economics of cryptocurrencies (“token omics”) just to name a few. The following are some of the major problems in the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market has right from its inception been beset by the activities of hackers and cyber-criminals. Due to the activities of hackers, some traders prefer to store the bulk of their cryptocurrency holdings in offline wallets.

The ixinium is solution for all problems:

Cryptocurrency is backed by precious metals, block-chain transparency, and audit-able transactions. Fully transparent physical precious metals auditing to proof for everyone Ixinium’s assets structure and market value 24/7, being insured with will value by Lloyd’s of London making Ixinium safer than any bank in the world, we can say that Ixinium is the solution. Ixinium uses Stellar blockchain. Stellar is a platform that connects banks,payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost. Transactions on the decentralized Stellar network resolve in 2–5 seconds.

Ixinium presents the advent of the creation of XXA by “minting” and backing the created coins with physical precious metals bullions. Ixinium uses asset feeder token IXAT, to move physical precious metals value to the XXA digital coin. IXAT value is 1:1 to $1.00.

Ixinium (XXA) value is fully reserved, unlike fiat currencies or fiat currency based on so-called stable coins (USDT, TUSD, USDC, GUSD, etc.). Ixinium cryptocurrency is backed with gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.


•Low volatility.

•Build in yield mechanism to raise market value.

•Packed by precious metals.

•Safe heaven product.

•Good value increases the effect in stock market.


Ixinium ICO sale, 100% of the funds are used for precious metals to back up the Ixinium XXA price.

Ixinium, a crypto-financial hybrid, while Ixinium has better client asset protection mechanism than any bank in the world can offer, usage of Ixinium cryptocurrency creates also value benefits to all it’s users, while been insured from full value.

 > 100% Backed up by insured Assets

 > Using stellar blockchain less inflation risk.

 > Fast Transactions.

How to buy XXA

You can buy tokens directly by sign up and after KYC and also you can buy from Exchanges. Click HERE

Store Your XXA Securely on Lobstr Wallet:

You can securely store your XXA on Mobile or Web Wallet.

>Download Lobstr wallet for Android/IOS

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lobstr.client

Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lobstr-stellar-wallet/id1404357892?mt=8

>Register and login.

Create Trustline For XXA. By going to assets, add custom token and enter domain name as ixinium.io and add XXA, If you don’t know how to enable trustline Please click HERE.

ICO Token sale

ICO Round 1

1-October-2019: 1 XXA = $6.6525 <35% -25% bonus up to 189,000,000 XXA

ICO Round 2

1-November-2019: 1 XXA = $7.5395 <60% -15% bonus up to 324,000,000 XXA

ICO Round 3

>1-December-2019: 1 XXA = $8.4265 <85% – 5% bonus up to 459,000,000 XXA

>Min Purchase: 0.05BTC, 0.1ETH, 1000 XLM

>Hard Cap: $5,005,341,000

>Acceptable: BTC, ETH, XLM

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