Ixinium uses the Stellar blockchain.

As you will recall, the emergence of blockchain technology was caused by a very unstable situation in the world market economy, which ultimately brought humanity to the global crisis. Blockchain has become a centralized payment alternative, with increased speed and maximum privacy and security. However, over time, with the development and popularization of technology itself, many technical indicators have changed. Most transactions are public and everyone can see certain transfers from each member of the blockchain network. It naturally violates some of the principles of freedom and confidentiality of participants’ rights.

  • ixinium will change your market

Ixinium’s vision is based on more than 4 years of fiat currency studies. In this study, the main focus is to find the question “why”, regarding the safety of client investments, transparency for clients, client protection and the structure of the asset value behind the actual product. After showing some problems, the Ixinium Project began to have a basic structure, what was missing from the market and how it worked. Ixinium’s vision is to provide cryptocurrency supported by decentralized and transparent assets, which are fully insured for replacement value.

When Ixinium purchases precious metals, the same number of IXAT tokens will be made and transferred based on XXA’s ownership of the value of the precious metal that has just been purchased with a USD value. In the IXAT production code, IXAT has only one address where it can be transferred, address XXA. After IXAT transactions, IXAT is automatically locked under ownership of XXA.

Fiat currency, represents a medium of exchange and depends on unstable subjective mental conditions such as trust and trust to determine its value. Fiat’s currency is controlled by the decisions of several central planners and is regularly demeaned by their choices. This decline in value causes price instability and increases economic volatility.

Advantages of Ixinium

  • Acceptable Worldwide
  • Currency that has been decentralized
  • Safe and comfortable
  • The risk of inflation is very low
  • The payment is very easy

IXAT functions like an asset-based investment portfolio. Ixinium uses the Stellchain blockchain. Stellar is a platform that can connect banks, payment systems and people. Integration to move money is fast, reliable, and almost without cost. Transactions on the decentralized Stellar network are completed in 2-5 seconds.

So, we see how from various parts of the total technology, the developers have created a better model, we call it Ixinium

In short, we can safely say that the founders of Ixinium have prepared thoroughly, only combining the best tools from the entire blockchain industry. Where the elements of each individual take part, harmoniously complement the previous elements, and together they create a truly extraordinary platform with all functions.

Ixinium market prices: Ixinium cryptocurrency specifications: ixinium market prices: Ixinium cryptocurrency specifications:

  • Maximum supply of XXA 540’000’000 100.00%
  • Company (locked 5 years) SS 26’460’000 4.9%
  • Founder, team 10’000’000 1.85%
  • 800’000 prize reserve 0.15%
  • Start funding round 2’740’000 0.51%
  • Market circulation 500’000’000 92.59%
  • Ixinium price $ 8.87 (estimated)
  • Ixinium assets 100% domed precious metals in gold, silver, palladium and platinum

  • Ixinium team

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