JACK ICO & GAME: The First Or The Last!


EtherJack is a Platform that focuses on smart-contract based Jackpot Games, which will provide Users, a safe and convenient game, and fully run on on-chain and off-chain technologies. The entire process running on EtherJack will be controlled by Users with a rule whereby the first User a bid fills the jackpot, and the latter offers a win and gets a big prize. The entire process running on EtherJack does not require a third party, so this enables a possible cheating and data manipulation. EtherJack will be fully transparent and secure for Users.

Getting Started Development

The EtherJack team develops this Platform using the Blockchain system and smart-contract system that will secure all transactions made by Users and does not allow backdoors for developers, so games Users play will not be manipulated or cheated. The team from EtherJack developed this Platform using a system where latency attendance does not destroy the game nor make it less interactive or interesting, so EtherJack will provide Users with a game that is completely transparent and fair, with clear and targeted rules.

Here is The Price Selected Points

Bidding an amount of Ether exceeding the bid price at least twice returns JACK token or tokens to the player .Click this link for details https://etherjack.io/ .Timeout DurationThe timeout duration after each bid changes over time and depends on the total amount of bids made. It is defined by the following formula:
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Here is Duration the Selected Points.

JACK Token Economy”ICO,to accumulate a solid Jackpot and kick-start the game.The plan is to collect 333 ETH and start the game with it.Jack Token AMOUNT is Limited and the Tokens Stored in the Vault provides dividends of their Owners.Token for Betting are BURNED.The main components of the game—JACK tokens, bets, and the jackpot—are written as Ethereum smart contracts, for which the source code is published. This means the game is fully transparent and fair, and anyone can audit it.

Jack Token Allocation:

The JACK token holders benefit in a number of ways:
• bid with a token instead of ever growing ETH amount;
• store the tokens in the Vault and get a cut from each ETH bid made;
• sell tokens to players at ever growing price via the Vault;
• sell to anyone via exchanges or personally.

Join The Jack Token Economy Community Here : https://etherjack.io/
Telegram Group : https://t.me/EtherJack_io
Twitter Official: https://twitter.com/etherjack_io
BitcoinTalk Forum : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2810343
Whitepaper is Here : https://etherjack.io/EtherJack.io

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