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Every day we learn something new, every day the world becomes different, what was popular yesterday may cease to be relevant today. This race for the new, generates an incredible demand for such resources, the use of which will allow people to experience the maximum benefit.

Despite the widespread hype in the media and other sources of information, many people still do not fully understand the importance of blockchain technology and everything connected with it. What advantages does it have and why is its appearance logical in the modern world?! All these concepts are skillfully masked in the hands of journalists and they mostly expose the cryptocurrency market as one big soap bubble. But it’s not! Just this technology is still very young and not everyone has the knowledge that allows you to communicate with her more competently. But how can we make the masses of people a step closer to technology and its capabilities? What to come up with common ground, so that everything was clear and understandable?

A lot of professional teams work on this issue, they develop such resources and such platforms within which they try to implement the maximum number of tools necessary for simple and effective interaction. However, this does not cause the storm of demand that they initially expected. Good. What to do next? How do you start this mechanism?

And Yes, I have good news for you that one team still managed to bring together not only a huge variety of tools that are ready to perform hundreds of millions of functions every second, but also to combine traditional and modern technologies, as they say “under one roof”. What’s the meaning of that? Read on my review and you will understand the whole point.

About the project

The project I would like to discuss with you today is called Jarvis. This project is a kind of symbiosis that combines the components of centralized platforms and technologies of decentralized systems. Jarvis developers believe that this technique gives them an unprecedented advantage of the interaction of all the most important systems, which will not only quickly scale, but also to compete with all available platforms of this nature. Thus Jarvis will give its participants not only the more familiar tools to the modern user, but also complement them with the superiority of a decentralized network.

In simple words, Jarvis opens up a structure of wide use, not only to the markets of shares and Fiat currencies (CFD and Forex), but also a number of crypto-currency assets. That is, the entire structure of Jarvis will allow each user to create their own unique financial instrument, the use of which can be found not only when paying for any things of goods and services, but also to produce absolutely different levels of exchanges of both securities and various shares on Bitcoin or send any coin from one account to another.


You can say that such resources have already been created and they also tried to reunite these two different market positions. I do not argue with you, but still, you do not take into account several facts that directly affect the obvious advantages of Jarvis over all similar sites:

  • the first thing I would start with is the architecture of the platform itself, as it is created from scratch and helps to limit yourself to any framework. That is, it is limitless before the existing financial systems;
  • the second important advantage of I think it are licensing is and the accessibility to the centralized and decentralized exchanges;
  • the third is that Jarvis is able to combine consumer liquidity not only brokerage, but also exchange with market-making;
  • the fourth point I will note the payment gateway, which is able to carry out almost any payment of exchange assets, showing us truly incredible and powerful payment network;
  • moreover, within Jarvis will be available such an interesting feature as the pledge of assets, the use of which can be used for instant transfers or for margin trading and lending.

To list a huge number of functions, I now do not see much sense since all the same their description is very superficial. But still, I think you understand the full scale and volume of what Jarvis Exchange is capable of. What’s more, for users to be able to work with a seamless interface, Jarvis will automate all its processes through two large-scale facings, each of which will have its own, built-in Artificial intelligence.

Jarvis Trader

As I said earlier, this platform will be equipped with all possible tools and functions necessary for the user to work in all directions.

This function is not an exception, since with the help of Jarvis Trader, the system participant will have access not only to traditional and crypto-currency markets, but also will receive various analytical tools for promoting high-quality and efficient trading on the securities market, Forex and crypto-currency markets. What else surprised me and interested in this project is the fact that Jarvis can be connected to all kinds of exchanges and use its tools with different DAPP. I think this feature is very convenient and useful, as it erases absolutely all boundaries.

Token Generation Event

As probably any decentralized system Jarvis will also offer us your personal token – JRT (ERC-20). Results will be released 420 million tokens, the initial cost of which will amount to $0.10 per 1JRT. To purchase this token will be using ETH. In the framework of pre-sales will operate various kinds of promotions and discounts.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:


At the end of my review, I would like to once again focus your attention on the fact that Jarvis is a multifunctional platform that includes all the advantages of centralized and decentralized systems, reducing the distance of your finances to the tip of your finger. In one click you will be subject to such functions as: payment of the loan, change your investment portfolio, various transfers, exchanges and payments, in General, all that was previously scattered on different sites, now Jarvis allows you to have it all in one place. And I think it’s great! At least for all those who want at hand to have such a reliable and versatile assistant.

But to study this project in more detail, I recommend still study their technical documentation and official resources. All links can be found below. Good luck!

Official resources of the project Jarvis:



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