Jibbit is an ecosystem where consumers, producers, and suppliers find each other. Each transaction is encrypted on the blockchain and can be accessed by everyone when needed. Changing or falsifying stored data is not possible. The Jibbit ecosystem consists of experienced teams who have become professionals in the cannabis industry, crypto – blockchain, investment and marketing. The team also consists of experts in the stock market.

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug from Cannabis plants intended for medical or recreational use. Many people want this legalized to be used as a medicinal plant because according to some doctors their research has found that this plant can cure several diseases and diseases such as epilepsy / seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, schizophrenia, type 2 diabetes, asthma, hepatitis C , Asthma, Erectile Dysfunction and Arthritis. To this day they are still doing research on marijuana to find out more if there are still some curable diseases. But some countries are not profitable in legalizing it and can even be used as medicine. 

Marijuana, known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug from cannabis plants used for medical or recreational use. The main part of the psychoactive cannabis plant is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is one of 483 known compounds from plants. According to studies and experiences shared by people who use THC, it produces some side effects such as physical or mental (this may include anxiety, impaired motor skills, feelings of height or sharpness, euphoria, etc. One of the most common side effects of marijuana besides feeling high or being stoned is addicted.
Addiction to marijuana is as a result of the feeling of being stoned or high. This has made marijuana known for giving it a bad reputation. People ignore the use of other marijuana (especially medical) and do not want to be seen as related to it or its accessories.It has been found that some countries legalize cannabis use in 2018. 

The marijuana market and its challenges 
Reputation of cannabis in the world today has a bad impact on some companies whose main ingredients for producing their medicines are marijuana and health insurance. Companies that use them in their products want to remain anonymous because they don’t want to be found in contact with marijuana.
People who need cannabis-based medicine (THC) also have a fear of being seen buying marijuana products or accessories because of a bad reputation even for medicinal purposes. There is no way they can make payments without revealing what they pay so they may not remain anonymous. 

Legal medical marijuana can be purchased from a pharmacy only as a prescription from a doctor. But because some people are addicted to marijuana or who want to benefit from it by selling it illegally, they go as far as falsifying fake recipes to get it illegally. This illegal practice includes several doctors who want to benefit from it.

The black market is also one of the main ways people who are addicted to marijuana get it illegally. People who sell from the black market value the benefits of their consumers’ health because the marijuana they sell comes from unknown sources with uncontrolled growth. 

Companies that offer online services show fake reviews on their website because the current situation on the internet allows companies to buy false positive reviews for themselves, giving them a false reputation and misleading buyers. It may also be for people who have not made THC transactions to make a review.

Another problem faced by the marijuana industry is transactions. Because transactions must be made through banks and other centralized payment options, shipping payments have very high transaction costs, especially when it’s cross-border. Transactions also take weeks to resolve all of these delays slowing the delivery of marijuana to the industry or the companies that use it. 



Blockchain technology has been introduced to almost all aspects of life today to facilitate payment but has not been introduced to the cannabis industry. Jibbit entered the scene using the benefits of blockchain technology to overcome the challenges surrounding the cannabis industry. With Jibbit, users or companies that use marijuana or marijuana drugs can remain anonymous and safe. Congestion in transactions and the marijuana supply chain is removed with Jibbit.

Jibbit creates an ecosystem network to connect cannabis communities around the world with the crypto world (200m +). The world to make the marijuana market completely independent of the financial system and its influence. By utilizing Blockchain technology, we demonstrate the value of the revolutionary movement of the crypto community and how we can make the world a little better. Being there today to help make the crypto world accessible to the masses. Give strength back to people! 


Jibbit also ensures that prescriptions from doctors are stored on the blockchain where they are secured and cannot be forged. Because blockchain technology works on distributed ledgers where files stored on it are distributed throughout the world (no one or all files are stored on location but each file is distributed and stored in a different location), it’s impossible for a recipe to be forged, or hacked.Through blockchain technology, recipes will only be accessible to authorized parties (doctors and pharmacists).
Jibbit also allows online consultations through applications, tablets, or PCs. Patients can openly describe their symptoms to doctors if they want marijuana-based drugs, pharmacist delivery services provide cannabis-based drugs directly to the patient’s home so that fear has been seen to be in contact with removed marijuana or accessories. And because the transaction will be chained, the identity of the buyer remains hidden or anonymous. 

Transactions in Jibbit
All transactions on the Jibbit platform are done through a JIB token. Jibbit does not sell THC but unites all of the marijuana market players. Because payments will be made in tokens, transaction costs are greatly reduced and the time to complete the transaction is deducted from week to minute. Through blockchain technology, all transactions require less time and do not depend on location (ie there is no border barrier). Payments remain transparent on the platform because buyers and sellers can monitor transactions and see when transactions are complete. Short transaction times mean shortened delivery times. 
Jibbit rating allows only buyers who confirm the transaction to make a review, ending the fake review administration. 

Jibbit Runner

Jibbit also allows shipping service companies to register on the platform for free so as to bring all market players to the platform to improve the industry. 
Jibbit Doc

Jibbit allows doctors to store prescription drugs based on marijuana on patients on blockchain safely. Patients can go to the pharmacy and use QR codes to exchange recipes. This further makes fake-proof recipes. This will help health insurance companies save a lot of money lost due to fake recipes or forged in the past. 
The recipe has the signature of a doctor who prescribes medication so that it is impossible for them to be involved in criminal acts because the evidence will always point to them. 

Whenever the recipe is exchanged for a patient, it’s listed on the blockchain. Thus helping insurance companies to track and see where and when the recipe is redeemed (ie prescription history).
Cannabis exchange can be done with the Jibbit Card or application.

Token Details

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