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The cryptoindustry mentions more and more fields of activity of people. So will there be a speech about legal use of cannabis in the medical purposes today.

I was extremely interested in so courageous project having the name JIBBIT the idea and the lifted perspective. Interest has provoked detailed studying of the project, I hope thanks to this content many will find answers to the arising questions.

The platform offers safe painless treatment of such symptoms as pain syndromes, a syndrome of nausea and vomiting, and also a sclerosis, migraine, glaucoma, sudden involuntary reduction of muscles, etc.

To list the complete list of the syndromes which are eliminated when using cannabis there is no need but once you note force of the considered psychoactive substance at fight of people with such strong to diseases, AIDS, cancer, various eye diseases and many others.

About the project

The Jibbit platform is an ecosystem of the alternative medicine created for introduction which by the nature is capable to cure those diseases before which the pharmaceutics is powerless.

The considered project will allow to find full independence and legality of the market of cannabis in the medical purposes. So turnover of cannabis will gain independence of influence of financial systems which exists now.

JIBBIT – absolutely legal business used in the medical purposes. Cannabis will act as medicine in this case. Thus society will be exempted from fakes of medicines by producers replacement with cheap analogs of medicines and fraud.

Medicinal properties of hemp became known in the 19th century but only now thanks to the JIBBIT team society has managed to create the safe market of cannabis for painless and effective medical therapy. Cannabis has been studied by the British scientists from for that time still of colonial India.

Team of the project

The team of the considered platform wants to draw special attention.

More than two tens developers of the considered platform are reflected in Whitepaper of the JIBBIT project. In the list of command for positions of the manager for public relations Herman Kutzer is recorded. The last has long-term experience of journalism of finance.

The following not less famous character in the world of blockchain – Marko Heyse the heading department of sales of tokens. Each member of the team deserves special attention of investors they are a part of the Jibbit project creating an ecosystem for introduction of cannabis to the world of cryptocurrencies.

How does it work?

The massive project working in three directions is created:

The trading platform of JIBBIT Market Place allowing to get various accessories necessary for patients when using cannabis for treatment of an illness. Also the system of discounts for consumers will work in the platform. Payment will be made as traditional currencies USD, EUR, and the cryptocurrencies of Jibbit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero which long ago have proved.

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The service for delivery of JIBBIT RUNNER which is carrying out delivery of a package of goods Jibbit which are represented in chamber of commerce islyuchitelno by the authorized employees.

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JIBBIT DOC – Network of patients, druggists, highly skilled staff of medical institutions who provide full anonymity of patients and accompany a full course of treatment with substance.

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JIBBIT – the project which has touched on an issue of legal use of cannabis in the medical purposes. The platform of an osnovn on Blockchaine technology will allow to cope quickly safely and effectively with the illnesses progressing today in society.

On the truth the unique project the strongest team with long-term experience in the medical sphere to the sphere of journalism and finance.







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