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Get to know Agrivita. Here the company is here to offer people to become members of the community of Agrivita, which is an agricultural organic farm in the course of ICO. Here people can invest in tokens, which return profit to people every month. If people want to become a member of Agrivita community people have to buy AgriCoin tokens during the Pre-ICO period 01/02/2018 till 09/02/2018 and the ICO period 15/02/18 till 15/03/18.

Agrivita project

Agrivita project is the concept of an organic agricultural farm based on the principles of EuroLeaf, which is a European organic farming standard. The organic infrastructure with closed eco system is planned of being established on the basis of the functioning eco farm certified in accordance with EuroLeaf: growing plants and food, poultry breeding and dairy products manufacturing. The official website of Agrivita is

Growing plants

Plant growing is performed in 3 stages:


· By the selection of raw materials such as: seeds, fertilizers, etc. Special attention is drawn to seeds; those should be at least from the first reproduction.

· Monitoring constantly is carried out: regular soil and raw materials sampling for quality appraisal.


· Land cultivation: Only dragging and crop rotation execution methods are used to tackle weeds not by using the other chemical substances.

· Sowing: 90% of sowing areas are assigned for growing plants in accordance with EuroLeaf approved technology. And the rest of the sowing areas are assigned for growing seeds, thereby providing the farm with its own raw materials.

· Fertilizing: The Company will use only organic fertilizers. Chemicals will not be used to protect plants.


· All crops are gathered at warehouses equipped and prepared for storage of organic products. Their premises are thoroughly cleaned and no chemical are used therein.

· Traps and ultrasound system is used to get rid of pests instead of poisons.

· Processing and packaging procedures are carried out in sterile conditions.

Breeding: Breeding is performed in 3 stages:


Animal selection: The authorities were very careful about choosing which animal to breed in the farm. Key parameter was adaptation to natural conditions of the region of breeding.


Animals are going to be kept in natural condition:

· Keeping the cows loose.

· Constant care of and monitoring over animals.

· Organic feed that is produced in the company’s own farm.

· Growth hormones and other hazardous drugs are not used.


· Products are processed stored and packaged in special premises, equipped and cleaned for organic production.

· Specialized equipment is to deliver products.

Agrivita today

Today Agrivita is an operating multi-functional eco farm. The project team of specialists was very cautious about selecting the location for this eco farm. Tests for key environmental component values were done in specialized laboratories of Lomonosov Moscow State University:

· Soil tests for main agrochemical characteristics, presence of heavy metals, pesticides, radionuclides and chemical contaminants.

· Air test for carbon dioxide emission and pollutant carriage by air.

· Water tests for nitrates and for heavy metals salts.

ICO conditions

By taking part in ICO people can join Agrivita community. Main objective of the community is to create a professional ecological cluster in Russia. Ecologically friendly products grown at Agrivita eco farm will be delivered to members of Agrivita community. The products will be also available for all the other people, whoever wants to eat healthy foods products.

ICO Objective

The company’s objective is to attract 1.5 million AGR due to crowd investing to expand production facilities of Agrivita organic agricultural farm. Collected funds will be used for construction of organic infrastructure.

Benefits for investors, who purchased AGR tokens

· Clients become a participant of the project.

· Investments in tokens secured with real goods like products grown at Agrivita farm.

· Ability to convert AGR tokens into cryptocurrency at any time.

Interest payment

Paying interest is full automated by recording program logics in smart contracts in a block chain, which cannot be affected by any external factors.

Limitless token issue

No one will have any limitation on buying tokens until there is token available for buying. People can buy as much token as they want. The more token they get the more interest they will get in the future. ICO is limited as well as the maximum number of tokens. After the issue of the maximum number of tokens, the contract will stop giving tokens.

ICO timing

ICO is strictly limited in time. No token can be issued outside the timeframes, as well as no ether transaction will be accepted by ICO smart contract outside provided timeframes.

Loyalty program

Anyone who has purchased tokens will become a participant of the Loyalty Program.

1. Beginning from 15/05/19 monthly interest of at least 4% per annum will be accrued AGR token holders. Payments shall be made every 30 days.

2. Beginning from 15/05/19 participant will be able to exchange AGR tokens to Agrivita eco farm products via the website or a mobile application. On the other hand, they exchange AGR tokens for cryptocurrency.

Distribution of collectable funds

All funds that have been collected will be used for the development and expansion of Agrivita. The investment structure is shown below:

Agrivita team

The Agrivita team is built with all the professional people who are experts in their own fields. Here is the short list of the members and their ranks.


Information presented in this document is not intended for distribution in countries where ICO or cryptocurrency use is against the law will cause trouble for Agrivita and themselves, thus they are requested not to buy AGR tokens. And the company will not be responsible if they are guilt by the law of their country.

To be concluded, by purchasing tokens customers confirm that they have read this document and have no complaints about its content. Customer can guarantee profit if they join the community of Agrivita. As the company uses fresh products to get the full efficiency. On the other hand the team is working their best to ensure success. More reasons for the people to choose Agrivita.

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