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Monthly funding support:
Moon Funding is a one-stop solution for creating your business from scratch! I breed money and share ideas. We will expand it / fill the void. The fund wakes it up. When a project achieves profitability, it often receives a dividend. You can trade your position in real time in our market. If you want to sell ideas and disappear at any time, you can do whatever you want. Once your business is fully formed, you can graduate our system completely and bring it to the rest of the world. We are a full service solution! It’s all you need to write down your ideas and rules. And we can even make it easy.

Its mission is:
Difficulty of employers and removal of barriers to entry
Use the crowd to brainstorm / collaborate on business ideas / plans.
The first incentive offer, crowdfunding will help you to move.
Real-time free market transaction document
Deliver unprecedented level of operational transparency
Control the businessman and the crowd!
Provide complete service solution for business development and operation
Crowd safety nets
Project success

  • Source of income
  • Transaction fee
  • Down payment balance
  • Include promotions / house ads
  • Subscription / Successful Installation Costs
  • Salary staff working hours
  • Registration fee

Additional information and opportunities to join us:
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