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Stepping into the world of investments and trade might be as daunting as it can become. The analytics, research, data, risks and other such elements need years and years of experience to understand completely. The team of Luxcess is aiming towards evolving the field of investment and getting in more people to participate. The word derives from amalgamation of the two words, Luxury and Success, which is the dream of Luxcess to bring about luxury and success in the lives of everyone. Luxcess believes in building a team, community who stand behind this ideation because of which Group was further added to Luxcess to represent the same.


The main characteristics of Luxcess group: With the new project coming in, Luxcess believes that there are four things that make the project stronger and defines the project as one of a kind. The first one being something that Luxcecss always believes in system. The team has developed a system that works of diversified portfolio styles of both, old and modern. This helps in providing long term and safer incomes. It works on the basis of strategy, technique and teamwork, which is bound to give out best results.

The second and most important aspect of the new project of Luxcess Group is the teamwork. They take into consideration all kinds of opinion and point of views and put forth a solution with the combination of all. Thirdly, Luxcess Group with this new project is working towards complete transparency wherein, the platform which is called Royal, will give out complete control over the investors capital which will ensure least possible risks. Lastly, Luxcess group belives in keeping up with the trends as they are a young and innovative team. Accepting the advanced technology of blockchain which future-proofs the platform.


The expansion of Luxcess Group: With the idea blooming so well, Luxcess group plans to expand with new offices all over the world. As the team feels that even with everything available on the internet and digital world there is a significant need for human contact to build the trust. With more offices by 2020, Luxcess Group will be available to answer any questions or personally choose the right investment option for you. They are planning to expand in places like Los Angeles in USA, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Beograd, Zagreb, Milan, Berlin, Ljubljana in Europe, Moskow in Russia, Sidney in Australia. In Asia, Luxcess Group will be expanding its horizon in Dubai UAE, Bangkok, Singapore, etc. You will be able to visit their offices for any basic information.


The Royal platform by Luxcess Group: Luxcess Group is coming with a platform for the investment purposes which will help you invest with mere clicks. Based on the blockchain technology one can be sure that it is transparent, quick, accurate, reliable, and completely secure. With complete control over your capital at all times you can always take decisions for yourself contemplating the risk factors. There is also a mobile application coming soon to make it all the more easy. The platform has zero fee and one can sign up for free as well making it usable for anyone around the world.


The Luxcess team created the Royal platform where you invested your tokens after the purchase. At this point, you decide whether you have invested the token in the Hold or LXC index. Royal Luxcess Hold is an option where you store and store your markers safely. Then you get a profit or lose it, depending on whether the price of the token increases or falls in the official stock market. You can at any time transfer your token to the Royal Luxcess Trading or take it off and put it in your wallet. Investing tokens in the Royal Luxcess Trading gives you additional opportunities to make a profit. All the lxc tokens you invest in trading will be scattered in your existing portfolio. Profits and losses will be recorded in the internal combined index of LXC, and your results will be based on it. The LXC index shows the percentage of productivity growth or profit generated in the full portfolio of the Luxcess Group. Thus, the ideas and platforms are designed in such a way as to ensure quick and rapid use, since everything can be done with a few clicks of the mouse.

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