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One thing that seems to always get neglected to be considered when creating new innovative social trading systems, is the lack of a accessibility to the forex market and other trading instruments, for people from developing countries. Millions of investors lost out on premium investment opportunities and traders miss out on opportunities to promote themselves honestly, professionally and successfully.

It seems evident that the top 1% of money makers and investment institutions exploit this gap in the market, leaving the ordinary citizen with a minimal ROI,or, being exposed to fraudulent behavior by scam traders. With the development of Kaching. global (Kaching) on blockchain, it became the duty of the founders to bring a New Financial Revolution to the people. Bringing transparency, honesty, accountability and professional conduct to the masses, have become the key driving forces behind creating katching. We at katching aim to create the ost complete trading investment ecosystem powered by blockchain.

Surveys endorsed by Nasadaq and Investopidia have shown that 90% of traders lose money. Katching, powered by blockchain, will address this issue with its copy-trade capabilities, where investor can connect with traders and copy them safely and securely. The following pyramid chart from tradeciety even claims that 80$ of all traders quit after only 2 years.

Taking the Dunning-Kruger Effect into account, one can also speculate how fraudulent mentors and educators add fuel to the fire when creating a false sense of security with beginner traders. With Katching on blockchain we can bring credibility back to the professional trader. We can ensure that beginner traders are connected with true professional traders and mentors.

Most new traders come into market with strong confidence, and dream of becoming rich. They might have some tertiary education and an idea of the market but not to the depth of an experienced trader. The reality is in most cases devastating, and the beginner trader loses, some, never to return to the market. With Katching on blockchain, and our social trading platform, these issues can be addressed.

It is quite self-evident that when copying top professional traders, new traders and investors are more likely to show positive ROI. With the capability of allocating funds into different investment profiles and copying multiple traders, Katching has made risk management a seamless and easy to understand undertaking for any trader or investor.

Social Trading Platforms have been around since the advent of web 2.0. A plethora of Social Trading Platform and Networks have traversed the list of the top Social Trading Platform throughout the years. Even Social Media Communities have competed with these Social Trading Platforms in order to share information like trading perfomances, signals, broker information and the like.

Although this innovation has made it much easier for the broker, trader and investor to connect and do business, it does not come without its endless list of problems. Fraudulent behavior is rife on these platforms and forums, which does not make it easy to trust, there is no true transparency. This kind of behavior has also discredited many honest traders. Third party manipulation is a big reason for this and of course the lack of accountability make it easier for scammers to operate.

The main issue is with centralized institutions where it is easy to manipulate data and other information, and the absence of accountability. So called traders with fraudulent trading history, appear and disappear with pseudonyms, and the investor is left devasted.

The solution so this fraudulent behavior is simply, blokchain! Blockchain is a decentralized system and data cannot be manipulated. Information is trackable and it brings absolute transparency and accountability to the surface.

With the introduction of blockchain and crypto currency to the world, Katching aims to utilize this disruptive innovation and take financial trading to new heights, bringing honesty back to an equal playing field. Braking down the barriers for people around the world to have access $5.3 Trillion market.


2.1) Transparency, Accountability, Safety,  Security, Speed and Trust

Using the power of Blockchain, Kaching aims to address all market needs within the Financial Trading Industry Transparency, Accountability, Safety, Security, Speed and Trust being the main needs of the market, Katching has addressed these needs by becoming the first blockchain powered Social Trading and Investment Platform.

So, how does Blockchain answer to the needs of Transparency, Accountability, Safety, Security, Speed and Trust? To answer this question, let’s look at the following diagram first.

According to Forbes.com, “The blockchain addressed the fundamental flaws of security by taking away the human factor from the equation, which is usually the weakest link. By leveraging a distributed ledger and taking away the risk of a single point of failure, blockchain technology provides end-to-end privacy and encryption while still ensuring convenience for users.”(Omri Barzilay,2017)

Moving away from centralized institutions where third party manipulation and human error are more frequent than one would be comfortable with, decentralized ledger distribution by powerful algorithms of the blockchain is a pleasant end destination.

It is then no surprise that some off the biggest technology and banking firms in the world are now investing in blockchain. According to Nasdaq.com, Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan and even Toyota are just some of these global giants to be named from a very long list.

2.2) Faster and Easier Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Especially within developing countries, there is an inherent need for easy deposit and withdrawal services. Using Kaching tokens, powered by blockchain, and a combination pf local deposit and other smart pay systems, deposit and withdrawal have never been easier. It is safe, secure, trackable and fully transparent.

2.3) The Client

Kaching has identified three key Client Archetypes; Brokers, Investors and Fund Managers (Traders). Understanding the needs of each Client Archetype, we have skillfully aadapted our services to answer to these essentials.

2.3.1) The Broker

Brokers will be welcome to create their own company profiles on the Kaching Social Trading Platform. Here they will be able to reach a bigger market and communicate easily to potential traders,even IB’s.

·        Launch your own social investment platform

·        Easier client acquisition by targeting investors

·        Increase assets under management

·        Exponential increase in volumes traded

·        Revenue sharing based platform aligning all users to a common goal

·        Expand business with fund managers and professional traders

2.3.2) The Investor

Any user any Social Media Platform can tell you that user interface and usability of the software are crucial to User Experience and Platform Functionality. The ability to easily Search (Info and Funds), Allocate (Info and Capital) and Share (Info and Experience) are therefore some of the most important priorities when thinking of the “Investor’s Experience”       Transparency

A key necessity to any potensial investor is trust. In order to build trust and a healthy relationship, Kaching will be 100% transparent using the ledger sharing power of blockchain.

·        Transactions are transparent and trackable in the decentralized network

·        Kaching is powered by the industry standard Ethereum ERC20

·        Kaching Facilitates deposits and withdrawals anywhere, anytime.    Easy Registration

Understanding that time is valuable, Kaching will speed up the process or registratiion. Registration will also be secure and safe.

·        Easy registration

·        Social sign up with facebook and Google

·        Registration via website form

·        Validation via email ID and phone   Easy Account Management

Nothing frustrates the user more than tricky management of accounts and administration procedure. With Kaching we believe in a minimalist system of managing your accounts, where we eliminate all unnecssary admin clutter.

·        Open practice accounts

·        Open live accounts directly from within the Kaching Social Trading Platform

·        Connect existing live and demo accounts to the Kaching Social Trading Platform

·        Connect easily to traders, analysts and signal providers  Easy Fund Finding

Combined with our super-fast and super easy registration and fund management, it will be easy and fast to find a fund to copy, follow or invest in.

·        View all funds available to the investors

·        Use advanced filter to view funds that meet investor’s objectives

·        Real-time advanced analytics per fund

·        Favouring preferred funds for quick access  Easy to Invest with Funds

Minimalism and simplicity is the key driving forces when thinking of the investor’s experience when using the Kaching Social Trading Platform.

·        Easy and instant subscription to funds

·        Full transparency, view all funds charges prior to investing

·        Allocate funds dynamically in investor’s base currency

·        Setup individual risk management and equity protection per allocation

·        Agree to all terms and conditions of brokers and funds beforehand    Customizable Risk Management

According to Investopedia.com, the ability to control your emotion and maintain discipline when trading or investing are the most important traits to have for any investor or trader. Many institutions would claim that in ordeer to be successful in trading and investing, 60% is Trader’s Psychology, 30% Money Management and only 10% Trading System or Strategy. With Kaching on blockchain we have made sure that this vital part of trading and investment has become a much easier and stress free task to perform.

·        investor can setup individual risk management settings per fund allocation to any available fund.

·        Investor can protect their initial investments and profits against negative returns

·        Investor can protect their allocation and investment accounts    Perfomance Analysis

A key word we like to use at Kaching is “accountability”. Using blockchain we are able to present a transparent and true account of each fund manager’s trading records.

·        Track records are tracked by minute to minute updates

·        Equity study is performed on each fund to tick data analysis to study their historical performance

·        Easy visual representation through charts for beginner investors

·        Advanced real-time hedge fund statistics for advanced investors   Analyst Accounts

Braking down the fourth wall and sharing, discussing and debating Trader’s Perfomance with other investors is what Kaching is all about.

·        Analyze and track historical performance

·        Share analysis through the community

·        Share with 3rd party social media outlets

·        Allow users to view, share, discuss and post comments on track records   Social Modules

Sharing and consuming informaton via SocialMedia is crucial to brand awareness and being succesful. With Kaching, sharing information is a no-brainer, and it will be easier than ever to share information across all Social Media

·        Social Sharing:                     Share posts, updates and media on facebook, Linkedln, Twitter and other 3rd party social networks

·        Engage and Retain:             Connect and communicate to create a real and vibrant investment community

·        Stay up to Date:                   Follow users and stay up to date with latest posts and activity within the private community     News Feed

Integral to any trader or investor’s routine towards success is to be savvy and up to date with current Broker and Financial New. With Kaching we bring you the latest news updates from the most accredited agencies and institutions in the world.

·        Stay up to date with an aggregated news feed by; CNN, Reuters, Wall street journal and Financial Times

·        View a broker’s news feed and stay up to date with the latest broker news and posts

2.3.3)   The Fund Manager (Trader)

The Fund Manager is undoubtedly one of the biggest assets to Kaching. Acknowledging the Importance of the trader and the trader’s valuable time, Kaching has put a lot of time in developing an easy, powerful and efficient platform for the trader to conduct business and market him or herself.

·        Unlimited assets under management

·        Customer relationship management to view and communicate with their investors

·        Real-time reporting

·        Marketing and tracking capabilities

·        Syndication of fund information through investor network and community

·        No setup costs for fund managers and traders


Forbes.com, Mega.online and Quora.com are just a drop in the proverbial water bucket of online websites with articles claiming that Crypto Currency is faster, more secure, and more convenient than any other contenders out there. Powered by blockchain, this is a claim Kaching will confidently prove as we progress to become the most complete trading and investment ecosystem in the world.

Kaching will sport a variety of trading products. With 160 trading instruments in 7 categories; Forex, Stocks, Indices, Metal, Energy, Crypto Currency and Agriculture, Kaching will be one of the the most diversified trading platforms in the world. Combine that withthe other services we provide; Brokerage, Exchange, Payment Systems, Banking and Wallet Solutions, Fund and Venture Capital, Social Trading and R&D, Katching will truly become the silk Route of Financial Trading in the 21st Century.

3.1) Communication

3.1.1) Social Media

Learning form the best social media apps out there, and knowing that communication is an integral part of any successful endeavor or business; Kaching has put a lot of focus on creating the perfect environment for communication. Traders will be able to easily post their fund profiles, capital growth, trading progress, trading signals and other trading information to any of their favorite or preferred social media platforms. Understanding the power of social media platforms, we have to consider the following information:

One can simply not ignore surch massive nymbers. In ordeer to maximizze our reach in terms of brand awareness and market penetration, we need our clients to be able to communicate over a nymber of Social Media Platforms.

3.1.2) Internal Communication

Not only do we offer this wide reach of communication via social media, but our internal communication network will be user friendly, detailed and powerful. Clients will be able to share any kind of information to others in a simple and efficient way.

Customizing personal portfolios and how information will be distributed internally and externally will be an integral part of communication, and how it is builtinto the Kaching platform.

3.2) Allocation of Funds

Most current Trading Platforms will, not be able to offer you the option to diversify your fund allocation when it comes to investing in multiple trading instruments. With the Katching Ecosystem, you will be able to allocate your capital into different investment streams so as to manage your risks better and not have all your capital in one proverbial egg basket. Diversity and investment customization is part of what Kaching wants to offer to the market.

3.3) Risk Management

By utilizing the ability to allocate funds easily and securely to other fund managers, or copying multiple traders, it maximizes the efficiency of managing one’s own risks. Based on expected profit, you will also be able to build your own Risk Profile.

3.4) Leverage Trading with Crypto Currency

Leverage trading with crypto currency and all other forex products will be possible in the Katching Trading Ecosystem.

So what does this mean for Crypto Currency? Margin trading with crypto currency allows users to borrow money against their current funds to trade crypto currency “on margin” on an exchange. In other words, users can leverage their existing crypto to increase their buying power.

3.5) Fighting the Depreciation of Fiat Currency

To paraphrase from the article on Spectator.co.uk, by Lionel shiver; “What makes crypto currency extraordinary is that the currency is limited in quantity, thus functioning more like precious metals.”

Keeping rare crypto currency is cureently one of the only ways we can flight against the depreciation of fiat currencies

3.6) Conclusion

One thing that we can be sure of at Kaching, using the blockchain engine, we aim to offer in fastest execution for any task in the Kaching Ecosystem. We want to offer our clients the choice to customize their own financial interests and build towards financial freedom.

We assure absolute transparency as all transactions are recorded by the blockchain system. There will be no transaction fees and no third party manipulation.

Having your investment on blockchain and owning CryptoCurrency, one can be assured that such funds or capital cannot be seized by any third party or institution, as it is not controlled by any Centralized Federal Reserve. Using the Blockchain Platform, it is also virtually impossible to be hacked.

Kaching is a world first in Financial Technology, offering you the most complete and secure Social Trading and Investment Ecosystem.


Derek Sandheinrich – Fintech Expert / Advistor

Derek is a globally incisive and passionate entrepreneur who is consistently results-oriented and a strong analytical thinker. Innovative and extroverted while possessing eminent interpersonal skill, and has an established reputation for delivering efficient solutions to abstract issue. He has great experience with financial markets, international environments and business development. Currently CEO at Lancaster System Limited and Vice President of Business Development at Kenmore Design LLC.

Stephan Roos – CEO / Co-founder

Business consultant, marketing expert, international strategist. With 10 years of deep experience in conducting global business, Stephan has given speeches for international and start-up corporations in Taiwan, China, South Africa and South East Asia. He is an inspirational leader with business acumen, understanding of technology, the ability to drive multi-skilled team with a strong bias for execution and collaborative working. Stephan ensures to establish strong engagement with participant, deepens investors retention and loyality.

Simon Bolvig Mark – Social Trading Expert / Advisor

An expert in providing disruptive and innovative solutions to the Financial Industry. His experience at TradeSocial, a fintech company that creates a trading platform connecting key players from across the financial industry, would greatly contribute the development of Kaching to become the finest, most complete and integrated ecosystem.

Tahsin Haykal – Brokerage Expert

Tahsin is an experienced Brokerage Director with a Demonstrated history of working in the capital market industry. Skilled in Business, Securities, Asset Management, and Deal Closure Thasin repeatedly seek to maximize the value offered to clients through providing innovative solutions to getting a proper brokerage setup.

Tung Phan – Chief Human Resource Officer

Tung has over 24 years of experience, in which more that 14 years at manager level, in administration and HR management in the well-know multinational companies and the foreign representative offices namely Jone Lang LaSall, Ernst & Young, Coca-Cola, JSM Indochina, Gedeon Richter. She has gained extensive experience in supporting the companies regarding to administration work such as establishing the presence of foreign business and investment entities, from starting to operating.

At Kaching, Thung is responsible for directly managing the project’s long-term human resource development program and project beside other recruitment and training activities.

James Thai – Technical Expert

25+ years of leadership experience in IT transformation, Innovation, and emerging technology. Former Delivery manager of IBM Vietnam. His precious technical project group would surely assists the development of Kaching ecosystem.



Token standart: Ethereum ERC 20 token

Token name: KachingCoin (KAC)

Decimal: 18

Number of token: 247,000,000

Kaching Coin (KAC) serves as a mechanism for transferring value in the Kaching Ecosystem. 50% of the total amount of tokens will be release in the Pre-ICO and ICO phase.

6.1 Token distribution schedule through ICO

The graph above shows the priece of KAC will be sold during the ICO. The will be 8 round (from round 0 to round 7) with the price increasing after each round to give the incentive for the inverstors to purchase early. The table below also describe the concept.

6.2 Distribution of funds


Deposit and Whitdrawal

Deposit and Withdrawal fees are some of the biggest burdents for clients when trading and investing. Bank and payment processors usually charge 5-8% per transaction. Fees and expenses are the prime reasons why most treader and investors barely make any profit in the financial markets. For that reason, Kaching Coin (KAC) is considered a utility token for the trader or investorto make deposits and withdrawals on the Social Trading Platform, Kaching.global, with zero transaction fees. Moreover, KAC is also accept anywhere within the Kaching Ecosystem. There are numerous place that you can utility your KAC, from the Kaching Academy to the Broker, Kaching Exchange and Katching.global. Kaching is the most complete and comprehensive Trading and Investment Ecosystem powered by blockchain, using Kaching Coin will save client substantial amounts money on transaction fees.

Subscribing for Production and Services

One of the principle uses for KAC will be subscribing for product and service. KAC is used for subscribing to membership, educational programs, seminars, and number of other product and services in the ecosystem. As an alternative to waiting 3-5 days plus confirmation from the providers, using KAC is automatical, fast, secure and convenient. KAC is ready to be utilized in lightning speed so the client can enjoy his or her products or service. For merchants, using KAC also brings tremendous advantages such as preventing transaction fraud, lighting speed execution and transaction cannot be reversed or cancelled.

Exchanging with Other Crypto Currencies

There are many asset which can bring high return but little which can easily liquidated. Without the ability to convert to fiat money or other high-liquidity assets, then profit has no use. Kaching Coin solves this problem with providing two solutions. Firstly, with the internal exchange, KAC token holders can easily exchangenwith others. Secondly, global crypto exchange, token holder can exchange their KAC not only with other holder but also with other major crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, etc. this will create high liquidity and convenience for token holders in case they want to liquidate their assets fast.


Holding of crypto currencies in general and holding KAC specifically can bring remarkable benefits. Crypto currency is considered of fiat currencies, simply because the amount of crypto currencies is limited and cannot be printed nor can it be faked. Collecting KAC as hobby or even sending it to friends or family as a gift highly recommended.

Transfer Funds Fast, Secure and Zero Transaction Fees

With the power ofblockchain technology, using KAC is the fastest way for all transactions won’t take days, like in the case of wire transfer, it will only take seconds or a couple of minutes to complete. The decentralize network also assures that there will be no fraud or chargeback, there will be zero fees charged when using KAC for any transaction in the Kaching Ecosystem.

Dividend Earning

Every year, KAC holders will secure a portion of dividends from the profits of the platforms, academy and profits from venture capital. The dividends being paid out can be as much as 50%, while the rest will be retained earnings and will be reinvested for expanding the ecosystem and usability of the token.

Bonuses and Incentives

Joining the KAC Ecosystem also means that you will receive many bonuses and incentive. From participanting during the ICO rounds or referring your friend, family and peers, we have the bonus and bounty policy which is described more detailed in other section.



The Kaching ecosystem will become the most complete investment ecosystem powered by blockchain, which provide tremendous value for each and every participant. The Kaching coin (KAC) will be the center, and the source of power of the ecosystem. Each individual section will also fairy contribute to the appreciation of KAC value.

Ecosystem Participants

1.      Kaching Social Trading Platform (Kaching.Global)

Issues that asset managers must deal with are challenging. Operating a financial fund requires specialized knowledge in finance, computational skill, marketing costs as well as other expenses. Thing are herder for potential yet relative small fund and traders, as they are usually being overlooked due to the lack of information Channels and PR campaigns. This leads to limited access to investor capital and there for narrows their income potential.

Investors are also exposed to many risks, including and corruption from unethical funds and trader. The most rampant fraudulent behavior is Ponzi Schemes, where the operator generates returns for older investor through revenue paid by investors, rather than from legitimate profit made from financial trading.

Professional trader are not exempted from fraudulent behaviour as there are many cases of fund manager entering traders just to accelerate their commission and fees earned from investors. While news of fraud and scams are widely broadcasted every day on multimedia, it creates fear and hesitation for hard-working investors.

As the investment choices of investors are relied on some certain individuals or organisations, chances of being scammed, getting low profit are considerably high. A secure and transparent social trading platform will be a perfect solution that answer to the needs of both the investor and tracker. Kaching will drive a new revolution in the financial industry by increasing the ratio of winning in a fraud-free environment. By taking advantage of a sharing economy, the majority with limited investing capital or knowledge will be empowered to easily invest in profitable fund or traders, in a simple, transparent, authorized, diverse all-in one social trading platform.

Fund managers and trades can easily access various instruments of the financial markets and make the most of the platform management tools. They can have their own trading profile which is available in public and appraised by other participants. This would cut the risk of fraudulent behaviour, yet still strongly integrate potential investors with prominent fund or traders all over the world.

2.      Financial academy

Financial literacy is the understanding of the way money works. It is crucial to any individual, and not difficult to learn. However, the majority of people still struggle with debt, low pay checks, or overspending in their daily life.

One of the biggest issues in schools today is the lack of financial education, causing the younger generation to be trapped in an endless loop of working and debt paying. As personal finance is not cut and dried, it largely depends on each individual case; this makes difficult for mass approach. While financial contexts, or investing for the future are relatively strange aspect for the majority.

Generating the next successful trader is considered an irreplaceable part of our trading and investment ecosystem. Kaching Financial Academy will provide comprehensive, up-to- date financial course giving our student positive money consciousness and a unique edge to conquer the financial markets. Graduated student will also get the chance to apply for the Kaching internship program, which will grant huge opportunities for novice traders to do apperenticeships at top fund in the world.

3.      Brokers

Choosing the right broker which is honest, highly reputable, and well regulated is always an issue for traders. This is due to the fact the large brokerage firms require restricted regulations for new clients, which is usually not feasible for most retail and newcomers with a series of attractive promotions, bonuses and commissions. Problems then arise regarding questionable pricing, order execution practices, and delayed withdrawal; some even manipulate clients’ accounts to prevent them from winning.

All of these give issue can be addressed if the playing field is fair and transparent, where the power is evenly spread among user. Therefore, by making Kaching the first decentralized brokerage, customers can experience a completely different brokerage service in many manners:

·        Fair investment society for all participants

·        Speedy deposit and withdrawal by using blockchain

·        Transaction free when using KAC

·        Transparent, fraud-free

·        Readily and friendly customer support

4.      Kaching Crypto Currency Exchange

The incredible speed of growth in the Crypto Currency Market has created great demand for trader and investors to surf the ‘Crypto Trade Wave’. When an investor is ready to invest in Crypto Currencies, problems arise in many aspect. One must be familiar with different crypto-exchanges as Crypto Currencies are traded on multiple exchanges. Each exchange has its own distinct interface, as well as strict regulations and verification processes which cause frustration for most investor at an early stage. Moreover, many of the large and prestigious Crypto-Exchanges stop receiving new clients, as their platforms are overloaded and thus leading investors to end up with other low-quality exchanges. Another problem is the lack of liquidity; investor may be in a profitable position but would find it is hard to liquidate their digital assets due to the scarcity of other market participants. All things considered, the given obstacles can negatively affect the overall trading result of any inexperienced private investor.

Without a doubt, exchanges are an essential part of the growing Crypto Currency Ecosystem and a well-designed and user-friendly service like Kaching will be respondsible for the increasingly large numbers of people purchasing and using Crypto Currencies. While other crypto exchange will be in full operation with these outstanding feature:

·        Low exchange feed

·        User-friendly, superior customer support.

·        Strong cooperation with top banks in the world, customers can be assured about liquidity when in need of exchanging to fiat currency.

·        Highly secured crypto wallet. Your crypto securities will be strored in a cold wallet to prevent hacking. By implementing smart contract and technology, we will automate the digital asset trading processes, bypass third party centralized institutions, while making investements transparent, simple and secure as they are supposed to be.

5.      Banking and Payment System

A payment system is any system used to settle financial transactions through the transfer of monetary value, and include the institutions, instruments, people, rules, procedures, standarts, and technologies that make such an exchange possible (Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 2000)

Our payment system based on the Smart Contract innovation plays a vital role in the circulation of KAC in the ecosystem. The banking and payment system includes:

·        Gateway to deposit and withdrawl KAC in the blink of an eye

·        E-wallet to receive, Store, and spend KAC

·        Internal transfer

·        Transaction free

·        Highly secured

·        Borderless money transferring

6.      R&D department

We are witnessing the dawn of the Technology 4.0 Era, with the rise of countless outstanding technological breakthroughs. In order to constantly reinforce the Kaching ecosystem, our R&D department is positioned as a pioneer in researching and applying future technology such ass Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Thing (IoT), and more.

By establishing a strong connection with the top universities in the world, our R&D department commits to conduct deep and valuable scientific research aiming to create both invention and innovation, so in the future to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the Kaching ecosystem.

7.      Investor

From the investors’ point of view, the social trading platform provides various investment choices with clear expected return and risk profile for different individuals. Investments can be made via the Kaching website or the Kaching app.

Investor roles consist of:

· Search funds/traders which suit their investment criteria in terms of risk and expected return

· Proceed the funding process using Kaching

· Receive interest, give feedback

· Funds and trades could find sufficient room for collaboration to expand their funds

8. Funds/Traders

The proven result and consistency of fund managers and traders will be the obvious reason or main factor people will use to decide whether to copy their trades via the social network. Fund managers of traders can freely set up their own monthly fee based on past performances or their personal preferences. Dedicated fund managers or traders could even develop different investment strategies to attrack more subscribe/ Nevertheless, due to the “social” factor of the Kaching network, fund managers and traders will also get additional followers when being active and supportive on their trading channel.

Fund Managers and Traders roles consist of:

· Manage their funds consistently with their trading and money management strategy

· Receive bonus when being profitable

· Promote the Kaching ecosystem by traffic via promotion of their trading channel.

9. IBs

Kaching offers an attractive Introducing Broker (IB) program which brings great opportunity to receive significant compensation for introducing new client to the ecosystem. If you want to increase your revenue and be a successful IB, contributing to Kaching will increase your income and can provide more privileges.

One of the most daunting parts of being an IB persuade clients to keep using the service. Hence, it is very important that the IB can cooperate with a great service provider. Kaching network is created in order to increase the wealth of people, thus encouraging them to participate longer in the system and bringing continual revenue for the IBs.

IBs roles consist of:

· Introduce customers to join the ecosystem.

· Receive bonus from Kaching referral program.

10. Tournament and contest

As the saying goes “Practice make perfect”, there is no better way to sharpen your trading skill than competing with peers and bringing home the reputation and reward. Kaching seasonal trading competitions are not only a great money-making opportunity for contestant but also for audiences.

Throughout the competitions, contestants can be better off in many ways:

· Enhance trading skill to a higher level

· Learn from other traders’ style

· Receiving Rewards

· Gain fame for their trading profile

· Receive the opportunity to work with prestigious funds around the world.

More Detail Info About Kaching at:

Website : https://kachingcoins.io/

Telegram : https://t.me/kachingcoins

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Kachingcoins/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/KachingCoins

Reach me on

Bitcointalk Username: milobubu

Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2091970

ETH Address: 0x533330b7Aa38D23FEF62e4894d5f5d8680405696


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