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The type of investment in the form of jewelry has been known and widely chosen since ancient times, where most people did think that gold was something that would experience an increase in selling value from year to year.

However, making gold jewelry as an investment will be accompanied by a number of weaknesses, one of which is the manufacturing costs that we must pay in the jewelry. Various types of gold jewelry sold on the market, will be subject to a number of manufacturing costs which are quite large.

The amount of this fee will usually be calculated in per gram of gold that we will buy, meaning that the heavier the jewelry will be, the greater the manufacturing costs we have to spend.

Not only from the weight, but the amount of manufacturing costs will also be greatly influenced by the shape and level of complexity of the jewelry itself. The more complicated the process of making jewelry, the more expensive the manufacturing costs will be for us as buyers.

Not only stop there, the cost of making it then becomes “lost” or not counted when we resell the jewelry we have. When we will resell the gold jewelry, then the value of the gold jewelry will only be calculated based on the weight and also the level of gold contained in it. This is certainly very detrimental, considering that we can pay a number of manufacturing costs which are quite expensive when we buy the gold jewelry.

But every investment certainly has a number of potential benefits in it, this is the reason we invest. But in addition to this, investment also contains a number of risks that are quite high, where this can cause harm to us. Because it is very important to anticipate the various risks in gold investment, so that we do not experience losses in the future. Check out some of the risks that often occur in the following gold investments:

Fake gold
This is a risk that is absolutely mandatory to avoid, because basically we do not understand and recognize the content contained in the gold that we have, both the weight and the level.

Bogus investment
This might sound like a classic story and it has been revealed by law enforcers, but there are always those who are deceived because of this. Gold investment with the lure of a number of very large profits is the thing that is to be avoided, because this is most likely a fraud.

Losing is certainly one of the biggest risks in the possession of gold, especially in the form of jewelry used by the owner, which of course will cause a considerable amount of loss.

This makes people afraid to invest in gold. but don’t worry, I have a solution to this problem, namely the Karatcoin project

The Karatcoin project was built and led by Simone orso. This Karatcoin project combines blockchain technology with gold. the aim of the Karatcoin project is to create a platform that has many functions. that is trading gold certificates, exchanging Karatcoin tokens, and saving and exchanging currencies using a gold card.

This is very interesting, with the Karatcoin gold platform trading certificate going to be safer, people don’t need to be afraid to use the Kartcoin platform. and the Karatcoin project makes a gold card, a very good idea because you can exchange currencies using a gold card like a credit card but it’s stronger. the Karatcoin platform will be a very good platform because it uses blockchain technology for security systems.


Our vision is to create a people-powered new economy that focuses on decentralized
financial services that ensure both stable and aggressive investments linked to market fluctuations, and which also fuel the financial collateral needed for future projects. At the same time, we will also create an ecosystem for developers to utilize Karatcoin tokens as a framework for various Ðapp developments, thus accelerating adoption of blockchain technology.


Karatcoin’s Platform is directly linked to operational gold mines that will receive financing to help increase their gold production. The more Karatcoin’s financing increases, so will the aggregated gold production of our mines, which in turn will increase the value of circulating Karatcoin tokens

There are 5 products that will be made by the Rustcoin project, as follows;

The karatcoin project creates a special crypto currency called DAO token with the KDC ticker for DAO cryptocurrency tokens to make payments and transactions. use crypto currency to make transactions safer because cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology. DAO tokens are coin tokens that will be created during the Sales Token on ICO sales and distributed to Ethereum (ERC20 Smart Standard Contract) • The DAO Token will later migrate to the Blockchain rust in a 1: 1 ratio after Blockchain technology is made by karatcoin if it is ready and becomes a gold token with the KCG ticker.

The karatcoin project makes gold tokens. Gold tokens are crypto currencies with KCG tickers. Gold tokens are tokens used in the Kartcoin blockchain technology. Gold token can be used to buy gold and sell gold because it has a value of 1 gram of the 99% gold standard of LBMA which is guaranteed in Safehouse Vaults. Fees and repurchases are 100% based on LBMA gold prices. You can trade fiat or gold

The Karatcoin project creates a gold card. Gold cards are purses. Gold cards are like visa cards but the difference is the use of gold cards that store gold products from the kartcoin project. this is great because it has a gold card that has a new function

Are you having trouble deciding where to invest, and are afraid of fake investments. keep calm, because I have the solution, the product of the Kartcoin project, which is the gold certificate. I recommend a gold certificate for investment because gold certificates have a limited duration of time that makes a fixed income. Each Gold Asset Certificate has a value of 1,000 USD. After the investment period, payment has been completed in the form of a gold token (KCG) that you can exchange into paper money or to buy gold. income from this gold certificate differs depending on the investment period

system accumulation plan that is investors set aside gold every month, this goal is to increase gold prices regularly. in my opinion this is a good idea to make the price of gold higher


The last Kartcoin team made a decentralized market. This exchange is named the exchange of DAPP for the use of the DAPP exchange for cryptocurrency trading. the DAPP exchange will be an ideal market for trading Cryptocurrency DAPP exchanges are also available at https://dapp.dreammy.io/

As for the advantages of the DAPP market as follows

  1. Manage your gold products
  2. Check Blockchain Transactions
  3. Vote to elect the gold mines
  4. Top 50 Cryptocurrencies available
  5. 85 Currencies supported
  6. Live trading
  7. Fast Execution
  8. 10 technical indicators
  9. Detailed Market analysis
  10. Updated News
  11. SHA512 Security encryption
  12. Multi-platform available
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PHASE 2 – 13% Bonus
Hasil gambar untuk gambar token karatcoin

If you want to know more information about our company, please contact the professional team, and give this broad question about Karatcoin, our team will answer all your questions with pleasure. Start joining and investing in Karatcoin, find many advantages in it, thank you
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