Yes, the new week is coming, and welcome back to your blog. Today, I will introduce you to an extremely interesting and potential project, the Karatcoin project.
Today, gold has become an investment, a prime concern, and is growing rapidly. Of all the commodities, gold will become a means of exchange and payment, in the universal sense, a path leading to a revolution in the economy.
The decentralized area is novel and is defined as a project still in its infancy, but with tremendous development opportunities in most areas of the economy. Karatcoin combines concentration and decentralization, creating a platform based on Blockchain technology. To link directly to gold mines (where there is development and precious minerals, in this case gold).
Karatcoin enables open and public authentication of all documents stored in the decentralized database through the Proof of Asset (PoA) protocol, developed in the EOS Blockchain block, by integrating IPFS ( Inter Planetary Files System) to track the entire authentication path


  • Unlimited geo – Once gold is converted to gold coding, you can change it in any country. Shipping costs and related taxes are minimized to raw materials at origin.
  • Physical Gold – Physical gold material can be stored in an arc and to maintain a gold certificate in your pocket on Karat Blockchain, gold is safe from political influence, and finally made increase the value of it.
  • DPOS Consensus – This fee will be used as a refund to investors, not to operators. This will increase security, reduce power consumption and speed up the testing time (10 seconds).
  • Generate Fixed Income – Gold Certificates are reliable investments. Our certificates give you 2 half year coupons with up to 6% income.
  • Advantages of Gold Mining – Choose the gold mine to finance and engage in interest-based activity from financing sources for selected mines.

Features on the DApp of Karatcoin:

  • Fast execution
  • 10 technical indicators
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Vote for gold mines
  • There are 50 leading electronic currencies
  • Update news
  • Secure encryption SHA512
  • 85 currencies are supported
  • Direct communication with Blockchain in the Web:
  • Manage your gold products
  • Check out Blockchain transactions
  • Direct deals
  • Cross platform available



– About the token:

  • Especially KCD tokens will be created during the sale and deployed on Ethereum. And will switch to Karat Blockchain (KXC) in a 1: 1 ratio when Blockchain is ready.
  • Karat Blockchain (KXC) The 
    EPC will give the owner the right to vote on all Karat Fund activities (including the selection of sponsored gold mines), as well as fundraising activities and activities that Funds provide for participating mines and surrounding communities. It will also be used as a stake to confirm blocks on the blockchain

– Allocated tokens:



– Karatcoin has a strong team:

Karatcoin’s development team consists of members with IT skills, marketing, application development, sales, management, human resources management, communications, blockchain … the strongest, with many years of experience. in the areas where they were active. Together with experienced consultants, the development team is well prepared to provide a perfect platform for the global market. The main team consists of 11 professionals and engineers, and a team of talented consultants

– Karatcoin has breakthrough ideas, materials and websites are beautifully designed, reasonable:

  • ICO website: https://karatcoin.co/
    A beautiful, eye-catching and visually appealing  interface, containing all the necessary information about the ICO as well as the development direction of the project. Show the professionalism of the Karatcoin team in project operation.
  • A detailed white paper covering 93 pages of Karatcoin is available at:  https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/karatcoin.co/files/docs/KC_WP.pdf
    It contains information about the project. , development team, road map, development direction, operation and ICO. This white paper is designed very nicely, the information is illustrated in detail and clear. This illustrates the great effort that the Karatcoin team has put into this project.

– Route:

Karatcoin has a brief but very clear and detailed roadmap that clearly demonstrates the purpose and determination of the Karatcoin team in the operation and development of the project.


It is expected that Karatcoin will expand its operations beyond the world. I believe that with the potential, transparency, security and advantages of Karatcoin, Karatcoin will have a solid foothold in the trading floors in general and the crypto world in particular.
Personally, I highly value this project. I think I should invest in it. With high liquidity in the market, it will automatically raise prices, this is a very favorable signal for investors to buy these codes in the early days of the ICO, the price is still cheap. LLG tokens can be accepted in most of the leading trading markets, which results in relatively large discounts on deals.
If you want to invest in Karatcoin, this is a good time to invest. Join now, visit  https://karatcoin.co/  for more information, and remember to buy it right before every token is sold out.

Readers interested in this project can learn more about the project by:


  • Telegram:  @Nhosa
  • Bitcointalk username: Nickzy 
  • Bitcointalk profile:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2446601
  • Email: Nosayaba1997@gmail.com
  • ETH Wallet: 0x414029c45613c5703ef38762d2e5ce9623560c7c

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