The popular school of thought which tries to always maintain that no “man is an Island” remains valid and very much applicable in virtually all spheres of life. Human beings relate with one another in various forms in order to enhance their living styles, strategies, capacities as well as mental growth.

Even various nations of the world interact with each other to enhance their economic growth, improve on their security, transfer and exchange their technologies as well as the transfer of intellectual properties for the overall human capital development of their citizenry. These interactions between different entities are also experienced in different technologies that abound in the world.

The digital and internet technology can be a vivid example of a mutually interactive activity between two different technologies, without the internet or digital technologies, complimenting each other, their full potentials wouldn’t have been achieved and used to solve the modern needs of mankind as well as making life easy. The blockchain technology is regarded as the next more secured version of the internet technology where transactions are undertaken in a trustless and transparent fashion without much worries by participating parties.

However, it is quite disappointing and unfortunate that the majority of the numerous different blockchain networks that abound and their associated DApps lack the capacity to communicate and interact amongst each other……what a sad one!! Although one may attribute the cause of this state of non- intercommunication of blockchain networks to the present infantry stage of the blockchain network, nevertheless, this isn’t a strong defense because for a technology to witness massive growth and wide acceptance, the different versions, components and applications of that technology must have a window for effective interactions amongst them.


Introducing KardiaChain which will Facilitate the Interactions of Distinct Blockchain Networks

For there to be massive drive in the use and adoption of the blockchain technology, there needs to be an interface that allows the interactions and communications of most if not all the blockchain networks alongside the DApps that are associated with them without undermining the individual or distinct characteristics of the various blockchain networks that are interacting with one another.

The KardiaChain blockchain network represents the long-awaited blockchain network that serves as a channel for establishing the connection between various and different blockchain networks for the purpose of effective interactions.


#KardiaChain blockchain network being an avenue for interoperability of blockchain networks allows the individual interacting blockchain networks to maintain its own block validation consensus method in order to maintain their standard security measures of protecting their immutable records stored on its blockchain network.

When trying to alter the original settings or foundations of any blockchain network, there is the likelihood of encountering fork and security challenges, in order to avoid this ugly scenario on the KardiaChain blockchain network, KardiaChain blockchain is designed to conform with the operations of its partnering or affiliated blockchain networks, therefore, it becomes easier for the participating or affiliated blockchain networks on the KardiaChain blockchain protocol to avoid these aforementioned issues that characterize changes to the original settings of a blockchain network.


One of the ends uses of the blockchain network is the Decentralized Apps (DApps), prior to the coming on board of KardiaChain blockchain, DApps only operate on their native – developed blockchain network. With the KardiaChain blockchain facilitating the interactions between different blockchain networks, the same interactions equally take place between DApps of the different blockchain networks that are interacting over the KardiaChain blockchain.

Hence, by the provisions of the KardiaChain blockchain, DApp developed in blockchain A can equally operate optimally in blockchain B provided that both blockchains A and B are inter-communicating with one another on the KardiaChain blockchain.

The KardiaChain blockchain makes available simple API tools to DApp developers for developing cross-platform blockchain DApps while KardiaChain blockchain saddles itself with the duty of maintaining the cross-platform blockchain interactions of the DApps.

Striking Features of KardiaChain Blockchain

Kardia blockchain rolls out user-friendly smart contract creation templates for those with little or no knowledge of smart contract programming which enables them to create their own customized smart contacts with just a few clicks and drag/drop actions.

Decentralized Dual Master Nodes:
KardiaChain blockchain makes it possible for access to the records on KardiaChain and that of other chains operating on the KardiaChain blockchain concurrently by the master nodes, this record can be sent to or fetched from the KardiaChain blockchain in a very secured manner void of any compromise of the records.


KAI is the native utility token on the Kardiachain for settling of payments between two or more users of the KardiaChain blockchain platform. KaI holders are not entitled to shares, rights or any interest on the KardiaChain, its distributors nor its affiliates.

RoadMap of Kardiachain


For more information on KardiaChain, visit the following media channels:

Website: https://www.kardiachain.io/

Whitepaper: http://dl.kardiachain.io/KardiaChain-WhitePaper-English.pdf

Official resources of the KardiaChain project:

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/kardiachain

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: https://t.me/KardiaChainAnn

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kardiachainofficial/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/@kardiachain

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@KardiaChain

REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/KardiaChain

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kardiachain

GITHUB: https://github.com/kardiachain

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