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Wow! The future has reached us earlier than we thought. Science and Technology continues to amaze as as the days pass by. Humanity has been faced with a lot of problems that need to be solved and with the induction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), new improvement comes after day by day. There are so many things that have been predicted to happen some decades to come but Science always proves itself wrong sometimes. AI is widely known by many people all over the world but. with the increase in production of Artificial Intelligence (AI), few people ever thought that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) could be developed anytime soon. This is because AI itself is still under evolution in the Tech world.



You may ask what an AGI is. AGI is the advanced form of AI, and according to Tech World
, it is an emerging field aiming at the building of “thinking machines”; that is general-purpose systems with intelligence comparable to that of the human mind (and perhaps ultimately well beyond human general intelligence). AGI allows a lot of different AIs to be interconnected on one platform, and that is what Kimera Systems has been able to develop the world’s first ever prototype.

Many are the things written in theory, but a few are the things that have been brought into reality. A new breakthrough has come again regarding the future of Artificial Intelligence. Kimera Systems have created the world’s first ever AGI called Nigel. Nigel can perform extra functions more than a normal AI could, and that is the essence of an AGI. An AGI should perform extra functions in the same way as a human can perform complex tasks. According to Tech World, the concept to create Nigel came about in 2005 but was made ready in 2016. This means a lot has happened over the course of the past decade.
Nigel can perform numerous tasks as indicated by its creator, Kimera Systems.
An article by Daily Mail, UK was also talking about how Nigel would be able to assist people in making political decisions. According to them Kimera’sfocus was to make Nigel become able to read and write as a normal grade school student.

So This brings us to the fact that has Nigel already started working? Well, Nigel has been tested several times by Kimera Systems on various platforms. In this review by Android Headlines it was stated that Nigel was able to perform one function called the Transfer of Learning. Nigel was able to silence people’s phones at churches, workplaces, playhouses and so on, and that was because users of the Nigel app at a movie theater silenced their phones so Nigel needed to silence phones at appropriate places (an awesome intelligence indeed). Kimera Systems have really brought the future earlier to us than we thought.

Kimera Systems plans to hold a webinar on May 3, according to NBC. You can visit NBC to find the registration link and register for the webinar.


Kimera Systems have always been thinking of the future of this new exceptional technology. In view of that they have sought future development plan from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Rochester Institute of Technology will raise the AGI created by Kimera Systems. Source. The focus of this initiative is to enhance research into AGI and also integrate the Nigel Algorithm into the appropriate courses for students. This indeed is a future that we are lucky to have now.

Kimera still has more plans for the future. You can get more info about the current focus of Kimera on:



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