What is Kimera?
Kimera is combining powerful Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain to enable devices to proactively make peer-to-peer connections across any industry. Other ICOs are using blockchain to disrupt a single industry, but Kimera’s technology will decentralize the entire global digital network and change the very fabric of human life.
Kimera has created the world’s first Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Unlike traditional AI, which is limited to one field or set of tasks, AGI can do virtually anything across any industry. Kimera’s vision is to use this technology to move humanity forward.
At Kimera, we’re empowering humanity to tackle the greatest problems we face. As we decentralize the entire global network, our AGI will be able to connect information from around the world, and find new solutions for our problems: Everything from day-to-day issues, to solving the greatest challenges of humanity
These are the rules an AGI should follow.
We don’t program our technology: We raise it. To raise our AGI properly, we need to give it a clear direction.
  • Better Humanity
  • Assist people with everyday life.
  • Created for and controlled by humanity.
“Artificial general intelligence is the only human invention that CANNOT be designed to solve a specific problem – it has to be raised.”
At Kimera, we envision a future, where people are surround by truly intelligent devices that assist in every day life. We want to see a future where technology enables us to accomplish anything, even tackling really big challenges. Our vision is to use artificial intelligence to move humanity forward.
  • A future where AI assists in everyday life
  • Move humanity forward
Our AGI can already do a lot of impressive things, but for our vision to be a reality, our AGI needs to fully understand the world. This understanding will come from sensor data from trillions of connected devices teaching the AGI about humanity, our goals and challenges. But currently there are only about 20 billion connected devices worldwide, and that is not enough for this AGI to fully learn about the world. The present-day digital economy disproportionately empowers middlemen like Facebook and Google and hinders the rapid growth of more connected devices.
  • We need sensor data from trillions of devices to teach AGI more
  • Modern digital economy empowers middlemen
To achieve our vision, AGI will enable devices, networks, and software to understand an individual’s life and goals, and proactively establishing peer to peer connections. In this way, we can decentralize the global network, and give users power over their own data. This gradually removes our dependency on middlemen and moves the revenue and power back to device manufactures and network operators, incentivizing new connected devices. Once this AGI learns what we need and why, it finds solutions to our challenges by using devices and apps around the global network to bring us closer to our goals. It will help us do anything from getting a cup of coffee, to finding cures for cancer.
  • Use AGI to establish peer to peer connections across the globe
  • Reduce dependencies on middlemen
  • Give power back to device manufactures and network operators to drive trillions of new devices
Users will experience their devices becoming more intelligent. Their devices will begin to automate themselves, and proactively make peer-to-peer connections. Users can choose to share part or all of their devices’ sensor data with the AGI network. They will be paid in KIMERA tokens every month for the sensor data they share.
Developers will experience a decentralized reverse app store model. The AGI in the network will proactively find users who need their app in real-time and deliver it to them. The AGI will also merge pieces of content and apps together to deliver super-personalized services. Developers are paid in KIMERA whenever their apps are used.
Network Operators & Device Manufacturers
Network Operators & Device Manufactures facilitate exchanges of sensor data, purchases between users and app developers, and other exchanges on the AGI network. Each time they participate in one of these exchanges, they get paid in KIMERA tokens.
These unique aspects of the Kimera token economy will quickly attract millions of users and developers, as well as large network operators and device manufactures.
Board Representation
Kimera token-holders will have a strong voice in the decision making of the company. Kimera’s board of directors will have two seats where only token-holders can vote.
Token Buy-Back
Users will be given the option to pay in fiat currencies for AGI transactions, but that currency will automatically be used to buy Kimera tokens on the exchange, and those tokens will be used to complete the transaction. This automatic buy-back system will create a unique ecosystem that should put a positive pressure on the token value.
Tokens are Backed by Intellectual Property
As our AGI technology learns and grows, so will our token usage. Because Kimera tokens are backed by our IP, there is also a theoretical floor to the token value.
Artificial General Intelligence is one of the most powerful technologies ever invented. We are using proof of consent Blockchain technology to ensure that no government or powerful group can take control of the AGI through targeted deceptive learning.
Kimera plans to have tens of thousands of AGI nodes around the world within 2-3 years. This will prevent any one government or company – including Kimera – from being able to use AGI maliciously and teach the AGI false information. For the AGI as a whole to learn a piece of knowledge, at least 50%+1 must be in agreement. This means that no one person or group of people can maliciously teach the AGI false things to exert power over others. This is why Blockchain technology is actually critical to Nigel AGI.
Users earn tokens every month from being active in their everyday life. Developers earn tokens when their app gets used.
The KIMERA token will be used to complete and incent transactions that will improve our AGI’s knowledge of the world and ability to help users and humanity. As users generate sensor data, they are paid for that data in KIMERA tokens. Software developers, content creators and network operators are also paid in KIMERA tokens for the pieces of the ecosystem they create and the value they add. Transactions in the Kimera ecosystem between developer, users, network operators will be in KIMERA tokens. When buying services on apps, users will be given the option to pay in fiat currencies, but that currency will automatically be used to buy KIMERA tokens on the exchange, and those tokens will be used to complete the transaction.
The Kimera AGI technology and its token economics is about developing a future model for humanity – a model designed around each individual, not the 1%ers. The token distribution represents a carefully designed model to drive the token economy at a micro-scale and allow us to scale.
Token Details
Pre-Sale Start Date:20 April 2018
Public Start Date:15 June 2018
End Date:15 July 2018Soft Cap:50 Million
KIMERA TokensHard Cap:1 Billion KIMERA Tokens
Pre-Sale Discount50% Discount
Minimum Contribution:0.5 Ether
Maximum Supply:2 Billion Kimera Tokens
Token Sale Percentage:50%
Mounir Shita and Nigel Deighton researched artificial general intelligence (AGI) and future economics
First AGI Prototype
Telecom Council of Silicon Valley nominates Kimera as the most disruptive startup.
2016 – 2017
Worldwide BETA testing, first “transfer learning” detected
Q1 2018
Private Presale sells out in 24 hours
Q1 2018
Rochester Institute of Technology partners with Kimera
20 Apr 2018 – Pre-ICO Sale begins
Discount #1 – 75% (Cap 2,000 ETH)
20 Apr 2018 – Pre-ICO Sale begins
Discount #2 – 50% (Ends 15 June 2018)
15 June 2018
Public ICO
15 July 2018
ICO Ends
Mounir Shita: Chief Executive Officer
James “Jamie” Whitley: Chief Operations Officer
Nick Gilman: Chief Sales Officer
Carl Johnson: Head of Product
Stephen Hall: Head of Engineering
Gabriele Viebach: Head of International Relations
Miika Mantyvaara: VP of Business Development
Simen Burud: Senior Software Engineer
Will Mayall: Senior Database Engineer
Frank Torres: Senior Software Engineer
Morgan Ferguson: Chief of Staff and Science
Adam Peer: Head of Marketing
Kartik Gada: ICO Advisor & Stanford Lecturer
Shahar Namer: ICO Advisor, CEO of The ICO Rocket
Rebecca Leach: International Business & Political Advisor
Faris Mubarak: Marketing Consultant, CEO of Tribe Media
Zikria Haqiqi: Marketing Consultant, Creative Director of Tribe Media
Josh Watson: ICO Marketing Advisor,COO of Tribe Media
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