KIMEX EXCHANGE decentralized binary options platform based on Blockchain

Kimex is a decentralized parallel shape that is controlled by a blockchain arrange. He attempts to exhibit a wallet for merchants and a purse with advanced cash and a phase for the BO business. For the most part, traders tend to lose money when the agent association with which they work close the store. This is a circumstance that various shippers expected to overcome starting in the relatively recent past. Vendors who need to use the Kimex stage can safely rest, understanding that each one of their advantages are protected and properly given. The blessed thing about this stage is that the Kimex arrange in like manner can not get to the shipper’s advantages, since they will be secured in the ETH square chain.

Issues experienced by merchants:

The BO business is a multi-billion dollar industry. For example, agent associations BO, working in Israel, could record an advantage of $ 5 billion of each 2016. How is this possible? Everything considered, at whatever point you buy BO from any united trader, it infers that you truly bet your bet against the bet on the stage. Along these lines, the agent will pick up what you lose. This speaks to an issue, since this suggests vendors share in a redirection that isn’t sensible. A merchant or stage can without quite a bit of a stretch use an agent, controlling trading costs. Esteem organization suggests that expenses will be traded support of the stage. Exactly when this occurs, the representative won’t have the ability to pull back resources. As needs be, this will suggest that the merchant could win a particular game plan, anyway they were still on the losing side, as they lost their money.

Kimex attempts to show a response for the P2P publicize. In this decision, merchants will have the ability to set down their bets against bankrollers. Of course, proprietors of KMX tokens will get money as trade costs paid by merchants and not from shaving stocks, like the case with various stages. One of the upsides of working with this stage is that vendors are guaranteed a payout. All portions must be issued as canny contracts. All portions must be made to the ETH address, ensuring that no individual or association can square representatives from pulling back. Plus, merchants are certain of full straightforwardness. It is typical that the stage will be truly sensible. This will be expert by acquiring asset costs from the blockchain arrange. Along these lines, it is hard to trick agents by controlling expenses.


As other projects in this kind of market, KIMEX, in particular, powered by Blockchain need more time to access to traders and investors.It is the time to show its value to become prevalent around the world, not just in recent developed countries.

KiIMEX PROGRESSKIMEX project is established and developed in 8 steps:

January — February 2018: there is a gathering between the establishments of KIMEX and their accomplices.

15, August 2018: KIMEX is made open.

1, September 2018: ICO battle begins.

Walk, 2019: Binary Option stage fueled by Blockchain is open.

June, 2019: Introduction to the interior trade showcase.

December 2019: KIMEX electronic wallet will be presented.

Walk 2019: KIMEX application on cell phones will be presented.

October 2020: the up and coming office in Singapore will be set up.

Creating KIMEX group:

There are 6 experts and advocates in fund and innovation perspectives who have taken a shot at Blockchain for a long time. They are:

Adam Son — Founder and CEO.

Gideon Huynh — Founder and CTO

Jully Bridget — Chief Marketing Manager.

Pearl Dương — Senior Software Development.

Diminish Tran – Product Manager.

Phi Hoang — Blockchain engineer.

It is certain the KIMEX is a leap forward in the money related market. With a witticism ” pioneer”, it is better, quicker to accomplish benefits. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to end up a speculator in 4.0 centery?



Adequate monetary forms: ETH

Least exchange sum: 0,01 ETH

Add up to number of tokens accessible available to be purchased: 150,000,000 KMX

Pre-Sale Start date: August 15, 2018

Open begin date ICO September 1

Open ICO Date Start: fifth of September


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