KitToken is subjected to develop a sustainable and stable financial eco-system based on blockchain


Every generation always seems to have a new development which drives her affairs. The 21st century has had a few of such that have actually been game changers. There was the era of the gold rush, the dawn of the internet and now the advancement in technology. Blockchain technology has been a groundbreaking opportunity to the 21st century. It can be said to be the gold of the century. KitToken makes utilization of the quality tradition to culminate P2P financial trades. It will construct a decentralized stage that will be deprived of commix-up, with a particular true objective to pass on more expeditious trade tradition. Since the blockchain natural framework needs the best and present structures have colossal troubles that have been noted by customers, thusly KitToken is connected in such way to proffer perpetuating replication for blockchain advancement.
What is kitToken
nonessential exertion bolster trade and withal the utilization of computerized cash by the ascendant part. It is without a minute to preserve for financial industry to get a handle on the surge of advance as the way in which forward.KitToken is subjected to develop a practical and stable cash cognate eco-structure in perspective of blockchain.It utilizes regard trade tradition to achieve the trading of portions beginning with one individual then onto the following on disseminated start. It furthermore goes for building a decentralized stage for achieving more expeditious and snappier trades over the edges. It furthermore utilizes the world’s best most security structures to assure that its cash cognate organic framework is brisk and secure.

To make an ecumenical network of KitToken® clients who execute KIT as method of installments utilizing KitPay®

KitToken will encounter capable security refreshing and blockchain astute contract test to the conception of the security system afore dispatch.
KitPay stage will incorporate people of sundry blockchain development to culminate the trading of mazuma. Capable has conferred their chance to ascertain the trustworthiness of the stage while diminishing cost.
KitToken and KitPay is made on Ethereum blockchain and running on the key Ethereum center point.
• An ascertained and secure condition
• Linking merchants and individuals
• Low cost, expeditious and vigorous trades
• Profit sharing among holders
• Business practices maintained by vigorous assets
• Ecumenical restraint and mazuma trade advancement
KitToken techniques
•Bridging the gap among shipper and customers
•To make a system of shippers and customers; including items and expert centers, subsidiary organizations, air peregrinate and amicability, and furthermore enlightening organizations to agnize KitToken as a portion methodology worth 1.5 trillion.
•To influence Malaysia’s first blend encryption to arrange kenned as a portion pack.
Care and cull
•Create and propel care among KitToken proprietors through the driving force and airdrop plot.
•Recruit 1 million regional KitToken proprietors and support the trading of mazuma from shared for 2.5 trillion dollars
Advantages and amendment of the framework
•Create novel high-regard stretches out that integrate to the kittoken proprietors’ pay from 3% to 5% consistently
•To expand the customer associate with checking and puissant headway
KitPay is a decentralized situation that will enable customers to make snappy, secure trades. Token holders will have the quality worth of their tokens through POS structure, and furthermore share in advantage sharing of KitToken cash cognate returns.
KitToken presaged an astronomically decentralized budgetary circumstance where people will have the competency to execute without fear, with just a tick.

first tenth August 2018 (ICO stage 1)
Reward KitToken: 30%
eleventh – twentieth August 2018 (ICO stage 2)
Reward KitToken: 20%
Delicate Cap: $5 Million USD
Hard Cap: $175 Million USD
Least Contribution: 0.2 ETH or $100
*Refer individuals to purchase KitTokens and get 5% referral reward
Pre-task and Operating expenses= $2.5 million USD
Travel Agency= $4.25 million USD
100 Laundromats= $5 million USD
Oil bunkering= $10 million USD
Neuroscience center= $127.5 million USD
Kitpay vendor integration= $25.5 million USD
Advanced education programme= $75 million USD
Versatile outlets= $5 million USD
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Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 06.38.04.png
For more information
ANN Thread:
Bitcointalk username: Timzbrand
Bitcointalk URL:;u=2040852
Ether address: 0xC7Ee1071822E818Be0e55AefD4BD3Ea033192609


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