KitToken: The Organic Growth Token

KitToken is a Singapore-enlisted organization that offers a utility token. KitToken means to help remote employee in Malaysia transfer cash to their homes which could be in nations like Ghana, Nigeria, Japan, India, Nepal and South Africa. The rates offered are less expensive in contrast with ordinary, regular banks and PayPal.

The present situation of rising develop innovation, for example, blockchain innovation, improvement in fintech, proficient, quick, dependable and minimal effort finance transfer and in addition the usage of digital currency by the majority. It is in the nick of time for money related industry to grasp the rush of progress as the manner in which we make improvement. KitToken is aiming to build up a manageable and stable financial ecosystem in based on blockchain technology. It uses value transfer protocol to accomplish the transfer of installments starting with one individual then onto the next on distributed premise. It likewise goes for building a decentralized system for accomplishing speedier and faster transaction to anywhere is the world. It likewise utilizes the world’s best most security frameworks to ensure that its money related system is quick and in addition secure.

KitToken has a platform called KitPay which is a payment portal like an e-wallet. Tokens purchased can be left in an e-wallet with the expectation that the estimation of the tokens will go up to make benefit. This benefit can be sent back home also.

KitToken Wallet and Its Security

The KitPay wallet provides a storage space for the KitTokens. The KitToken wallet functionalities are as follows:

  1. It assists in the creation of a new wallet address on the ethereum blockchain
  2. It assists in checking of balance and making payment.
  3. Provides an avenue to view transactions and pending release
  4. Create payment request and displays it as QR codes

Features of the Kitpay Web Platform

The Kitpay web version platform is user-friendly and secured platform with the following features:

  1. Main application: the application is client registration and login activities
  2. Admin Application: The administrators of the platform through the application manage balance and transaction
  3. Landing Page: This is the standalone page which contains general KitToken information, web login and link to download mobile applications
  4. Payment Page: This is web based form for merchants to get payment for users.

Features of the KitToken Mobile Application

The mobile app is available for download on android and IOS devices. It is secure and very easy to use. It comes with similar functionalities as the web version applications but with additional features such as QR code scanning, unlocking applications using pin code or fingerprint scanning and push notifications.

Benefits of using the KitPay Platform

  1. It is has a wallet that allows users save a large amount.
  2. It is very safe and secure means of carrying out payment.
  3. It has high transactions per second rate, which makes payment transaction faster.
  4. Token holders receive profit sharing from KitToken business earnings.

Token Information

Token name : KitToken
Symbol : KIT
Decimal : 18
Cost per token : $0.05
Total Supply : 8 Billion
For Reserve : 2.5 Billion
For sale : 3.5 Billion
Airdrop+Bonuses : 2 Billion
Contract Address :

ICO and Pre-sale information

Early Bird sale event
20th to 25th July (Bonus 70%)
26th to 31st July(Bonus 50%)
ICO sale
1st phase -August 1st to 10th (Bonus 30%)
2nd phase-August 11th to 20th (Bonus 20%)

Token Distribution
token distristion.png

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