Tautachrome, Inc. is public emerging company in the blockchain/crypto-currency sector and the augmented-reality/real-imagery technology sector. The Company has high-speed blockchain concepts in view aiming to couple with the Company’s revolutionary patents in smartphone-image authentication, imagery-based social networking interaction, and augmented reality marketing.

The Company has developed patented and patent pending technologies using smartphone apps and blockchain technology to automate frictionless KLK cryptocoin-based transactions between consumers and the more than 100 million businesses in the global multi trillion dollar goods and services commerce sector.

Tautachrome is launching the KLK cryptocurrency to support a global trade in goods, services and digital information made possible by its newly patented KlickZie technologies, and required to support the immediacy, transparency, security and global reach of this commerce sector. The KLK cryptocurrency will begin life as an ERC20 compliant cryptotoken designated the KLK20 token on the Ethereum blockchain with planned and likely migration in a one for one swap to a cryptotoken on a faster blockchain, or in a one for one swap to a cryptocoin designated the KLK coin on its own high speed blockchain.

KLK is a cryptotoken on the Ethereum blockchain to provide Augmented Reality mediated transactions between the world’s smartphone users and the world’s large, small and micro goods and services providers.


The word ecosystem has become a concept used in many contexts, including in the context of an economic ecosystem. This is how we think of the KLK crypto ecosystem in this whitepaper. It is an economic ecosystem whose currency, that is its money, is the KLK cryptocurrency, whose community consists of the users of KLK currency and whose environment consists of the KLK transactions that take place among the users. The community in the KLK ecosystem is a free community of people who join by choice not by the force of law. Most economic ecosystems today are based on national currencies (fiat currencies) whose communities are ordered into existence by fiat, that is by the force of laws in the specific nation.

KLK cryptocurrency is intended to accomplish the five bulleted things below, all of which are good, and some of which can only be done with crypto money:

  • Provide the three central functions that all money must perform in every economic ecosystem: 1.) be a medium of exchange for the trade of goods and services, 2.) be a measure of value for such trades, and 3.) be a store of value, available for future trades. Other functions of money, such as the extension of credit and the provision of deferred payment in a transaction, flow from these three functions. KLK currency supplies the three central functions of money as well as the basis for all other derived functions.
  • Provide blockchain strong protection from fraud, theft and counterfeit in the recording and acceptance of KLK transactions on the blockchain. The provisions of these protections is what the KLK blockchain is for.
  • Provide means for earning KLKs deriving from what people are already doing. The ArK and Activated Imagery apps are designed for this exact purpose.
  • Reflect the real value of the goods and services whose trades result in KLK earnings. KLK denominated rewards are provided in proportion to the value of the trades for which they are given. The proportion is adjusted by the damping algorithms calibrated by the Real Trade Activity of the KLK ecosystem as described in paragraph 1.4 above.
  • Provide growth in KLK value, not because of scarcity in a growing population of users, but because KLKs serve their community well by being earnable from the trading activities that people are already doing, and being usable worldwide with “click/done simplicity” via a frictionless blockchain.

The KLK cryptocurrency is beginning its life as the KLK20 cryptotoken on the Ethereum blockchain. At this time we expect that the usage levels in the KLK ecosystem will outgrow the capacity and cost effectiveness of the current Ethereum blockchain to support. However, because the current Ethereum blockchain is slated for substantial improvement in the near future, this capacity and effectiveness shortfall might be avoided for a time. In addition other blockchains such as BCH are also slated for near future improvement with the addition of smart contract features that could be implemented to accomplish the activity envisioned for the KLK ecosystem. If the KLK system moves to another existing blockchain, the KLK20 token will migrate one for one to a token on the other blockchain. If the KLK ecosystem eventually requires its own high speed custom blockchain, then the KLK token in existence at that time will migrate one for one to a KLK coin on its own blockchain to live there for all time.


1st quarter 2018

Project initilization

Token and technology evaluation

2nd quarter, 2018

KlickZie Network Implementation

initialization of KlickZie network, implementation of prototype KlickZie web-app, and basic imagery ownership mechanisms

2nd quarter 2018

Alpha release

Network observation functionality

3rd quarter, 2018

KlickZie Improvements #1

verification and marking improved algorithms

3rd quarter 2018

2nd Alpha Release

Functional update, transactions speed up, web wallet


Token Sale Phase 1

Sale for Company investors and other interested parties

2/2019 & 3/2019

KlickZie Web App

ArKs virtually seeded worldwide.

2nd quarter 2019

Token Sale Phase 2

Release KLK20 trading. Release ArK content- templates for business selling.

3rd quarter 2019

KlickZie marking

Sign up business ArKs.Release proto ArK app: look at store ArK; get KLK awards.

4rd quarter 2019

Token Sale Phase 3

KlickZie in-phone protection. Release ArK Hi-Def geo-stabilization

1st quarter 2020

KlickZie full beta release.

ArKr Functionality: ArK2ArK, Full ArK placement

2nd quarter 2020

Token Sale Phase 4

KlickZie mass storage and bandwidth solutions for ArKs and KlickZie Activated Imagery

3rd quarter 2020

Finish preparation for KlickZie and ArKnet global rollout


50% Token Sales

20% Tautachrome Shareholders

18% Team

10% Partners

2% Bounties

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