KLICKZIE – Monetization of the Global Consumption of Goods and Services

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The marketing industry has undergone dramatic changes with the influx of technology in recent years, but none has had such an impact on the industry as the blockchain. The KlickZie team wants to disrupt the way we use imagery by creating a new global cryptomarket based on the trillions of pictures and frames of video that pour out of smartphones and are shared around the world. This imagery is already everywhere waiting to be monetized. They are a group of multidisciplinary professionals from different technology areas with deep and broad experience in imagery and image solutions, supported by cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals and software developers.

KlickZie is a company that together with its team of professionals with knowledge of the sector where it develops and in view of the great boom that Blockchain technology has had in recent years, have made the decision to venture into this field and have launched their project with the aim of combining it with companies in authentication of smart phone images, interaction in social networks based on images and augmented reality marketing.

KlickZie is a Blockchain platform that allows Users to find and make money from sharing images and videos via smartphones, as well as rewards from advertisers who place ads on the KlickZie platform. Also place for making transaction with whole world goods and services provider.

Klickzie comprises of two platforms namely; KlickZie’s Augmented Reality based ArK platform (the “ArKnet”) and KlickZie’s Activation-based trusted imagery platform:

These two platforms implement the cryptocurrency transaction activity in the KLK ecosystem.The KlickZie ArKnet platform enables sellers of goods and services to deploy Augmented Reality interfaces, which consist of digital information belonging to the seller, that advertises and facilitates the sale of the sellers goods or services using geo-located interfaces branded ArKs that serve the world’s goods and services commerce market.


KlickZie aims to be a currency of exchange for trade in goods and services, providing secure protection against fraud, theft and counterfeiting in the cryptographic world.

How does the KlickZie platform work?

ArKs are interactive floating images (ArK Symbols) that can only be viewed using the Augmented Reality view developed by the ArKnet application using the imaging camera of your smartphone.

Both buyers and sellers who can access an ARK symbol provided in a store or any advertising establishment which is contained in your advertising image, being on your smartphone the application can access the ARK provider’s page where you will find related information about the store, whether images, videos, daily offers, social media or any coa that the store wants to promote.

Users who wish to make inroads must download the KlickZie application on their mobile device whether iPhone, Android or other smartphone, and it is completely free. The KlickZie technology activates the images and videos created by the smartphone by selecting the images invisibly with the KlickZie marking technology. The software captures available images and metadata related to the image event, storing them in the KlickZie cloud.

The KLK cryptocurrency will be the means of operational change in the KLK ecosystem. KLK will begin its operation as the digital currency KLK20 in the Ethereum block chain. In order to generate profitability for the KLK ecosystem, the KLK coin will be supplied in the cryptographic accounts of the users in support of the buying and selling activities carried out on the Activated Imagery and ArKnet platform, the supply will be made under intelligent contracts. Through the digital currency KLK, KlickZie aims to be a currency of exchange for trade in goods and services, providing secure protection against fraud, theft and counterfeiting in the cryptographic world.

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KlickZie App

The KlickZie platform consist of a downloadable KlickZie imaging software package, and a KlickZie support cloud. The KlickZie imaging software will take over the smartphone’s imaging functionality with powerful C-code. While not an “app” in the usual sense, we will often refer to this software as the KlickZie app.

In a process we call activation, the KlickZie app will transform the imagery created on the user’s device, and will securely store a copy of the transformed imagery on the KlickZie cloud. Together with the KlickZie cloud and under the control of the Imagery’s owner, activation will enable the usage of the imagery together with its certifiable level of trustability, for any purpose. In activation, the device’s imagery, together with any metadata associated with the imagery’s creation, will be specially, robustly and highly undetectably marked as it is made, so that wherever the imagery goes and whatever happens to it will be discoverable by KlickZie but essentially by no one else.

The purpose of the app is to allow people to start making money with photos they take as well as to protect photographers and people using the app or involved in the distribution of imagery.

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KLK Token Details

The klk20 an ERC20 compliant crypto token issued on the ethereum blockchain,is the currency of the klickZie community of smartphone users worldwide. The KlK20 cryptocurrency enables, vía klickZie patented smartphone technologies, smartphone user participation in the 48 trillion world household consumption of goods y services, and participation in the monetization of the untapped valued in the trillions of their own smartphone pictures and video.

Token Details

  • Ticker: KLK
  • Total supply: 1, 000, 000, 000
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Fundraising goal: $150, 000,000
  • Available in token sale: 50%
  • Implied market goal: $450, 000, 000
  • Token sale date: 01/15/2018

One billion KLK20 cryptotokens will be generated and distributed, 50% to token purchasers in this token offering, and the balance reserved for distribution as follows:

  • 18% for technology development.
  • 10% for development partners in the goods and services commerce sector.
  • 2% for software bug bounties.
  • 20% for distribution in proportion to time to the Company’s more than 1,800 shareholders.

Road Map

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Q1 2018

  • Project initilization
  • Token and technology evaluation.

Q2 2018

  • KlickZie Network Implementation
  • Initialization of KlickZie network, implementation of prototype KlickZie web-app, and basic imagery ownership mechanisms.
  • Alpha release
  • Network observation functionality.

Q3 2018

  • KlickZie Improvements #1
  • Verification and marking improved algorithms.
  • 2nd Alpha Release
  • Functional update, transactions speed up, web wallet.

Q4 2018

  • Token Sale Phase 1
  • Sale for company investors and other interested parties

Q1 2019

  • KlickZie Web App
  • ArKs virtually seeded worldwide

Q2 2019

  • Token sale phase 2
  • Release of KLK20 trading
  • Release ArK content templates for business selling


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For more information, please visit:

Website: https://klickzie.io/
Whitepaper: https://klickzie.io/pdf/klk-whitepaper.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5084097
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tautachrome/
Telegram: https://t.me/klickzie
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tautachrome_Inc
Github: https://github.com/klickzie
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tautachrome

Author: JigaMola
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1847143


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