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DCI is the first-of-its-kind cross-investment ecosystem that unifies the classic asset classes with the tokenized ones to offer limitless investment opportunities to everyone, including individuals/businesses from any background and knowledge.

The investors (both private and institutions) can invest in a range of tokenized and classic asset classes, ETFs, hybrid funds, and so on.

DCI ecosystem, being a one-stop shop for all digital investments, leverages the capabilities of advanced technologies like Blockchain, AI, Robo-advisory, machine learning, and risk rating to offer a simple, secure, and trustworthy trading environment to investors along with a complete 360-degree view of their private and institutional portfolio.

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Being the most popular blockchain project this year, DCI ecosystem is making every possible attempt to simplify the investment process for everyone, including individuals, institutions, third-parties, and government.

To answer all the investor’s whereabouts related to DCI and its ever-increasing market popularity.

Here Is The Answer!!

Here is a detailed explanation of all the unique features and functionalities that are integrated into the DCI ecosystem, which makes it a go-to fund management ecosystem for everyone.


Tokenization is a highly unique and innovative function of DCI ecosystem that allows the investors to transform their real-world assets (e.g. gold, real-estate, and bonds) into digitized ones with an immediate market marking function.

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Adding to this, tokenized assets can also be sold be the investors easily on the DCI ecosystem without worrying about liquidity.

AI/Machine learning & Robo-advisors

DCI Fintech, Robo, AI

The Robo-advisors on DCI offers smart investment advice and drive the investment portfolio (risky, balanced, and aggressive) of investors after assessing their investment goals, risk appetite and market trends.

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DCI ecosystem understands the modern day investment needs of upcoming investors (e.g., High net worth individuals, tech-savvy millennials, and so on ); hence it has integrated cutting-edge technologies like AI, machine learning, and Robo-advisory everywhere in the ecosystem to offer personalized investment advice to investors and also assist them in optimizing their investment portfolio.

Look How DCI Ecosystem Solving Investment Portfolio Problems with Robo-Advisory, Watch This Video:

Stellar Blockchain

DCI ecosystem uses Stellar blockchain to offer a highly secure, reliable, and scalable trading environment to investors; Stellar offers a decentralized exchange as an out of the box feature, which has allowed DCI to achieve the cross-chain transaction capability.

DCI Uses Stellar Blockchain

The investors of DCI ecosystem will be able to sell their digitized assets instantly without using any external exchanges for the same, which means DCI ecosystem will act as one point of reference for investors to buy, sell, and create newly digitized assets.

Haskell Programming

On the technical front, DCI uses Haskell functional programming language for writing smart contracts as it understands that security is a critical aspect in case of digital assets.

Haskell Programming

Unlike other investment projects or ITOs which uses non-functional programming languages like Go and Solidity, which are Turing complete, but has potential security risks, DCI opted Haskell for the robust and secure development environment.

Smart Contracts

DCI uses the distributed ledger technology for taking advantage of its decentralized, distributed data storage capabilities along with smart contract feature.

DCI smart contract

The usage of smart contract feature allows the DCI to process thousand of digital transactions faster in a secure and tamper-proof manner.

You will find all information of smart contract here but first you need to register on the website to read about the smart contracts.


DCI also has a well-developed ‘custodian’ framework for both the private and institutional investors that allows them to protect their investments and adopt DCI at a faster rate.

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Who can Join DCI ecosystem?

DCI is not only directed towards the wealth management or investment management sector, but it is also targeting several other individuals/business from different niche industries that frequently require financial services.

DCI Ecosystem Who Is It For?

In this Blog, you will know who can join DCI Ecosystem and who is it for?

The individuals include private investors, private or public sector companies, large financial institutions (e.g. banks), third -parties and governments.

Summing Up…..

Therefore, all the functions (AI, robo-advisory, Stellar blockchain, smart contracts, and so on) of DCI ecosystem are interconnected and also works in a synchronized manner to offer a completely safe, secure and trustworthy trading environment to everyone.

Complete Detailed Image Of DCI Ecosystem

DCI Ecosystem Solution

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