KNOWLEDGE started as an idea for fulfilling and praising information. Everybody has learning, and is molded through their individual educational encounters, however chances to share, feature, and get the advantage of one’s own insight can be rare for a great many people. acquaints a stage with cheer and reward clients for sharing their insight. proposes a stage that will empower its members to accomplish a prompt reward and approval through gamified learning, check of skill, and bleeding edge promotion tech based innovation. is a multifaceted stage with ground breaking crypto innovation, making a client driven way to deal with data social affair and persona building. influences blockchain innovation in two conduct: to execute its Knowledge token as a wellspring of significant worth, and to store data of significant worth to publicists, teachers, ventures and different clients in a straightforward way that offers certainty to all gatherings included. Blockchain innovation and the stage encourage the valuation of information and the trading of significant worth in see thereof.
At the core of the platform is the Knowledge Score. Knowledge Scores and associated user personas will track and measure the user’s knowledge on a vast set of topics.
Through integration with the IKL platform, educators, employers, advocates, and others can value and exchange knowledge through voluntary or gamified interactions.
The data curated in conjunction with Knowledge Scores will tell stories and identify opportunities in a way that has never been possible before.
Data miners, marketplaces, enterprises, advertisers and other third parties can use these Knowledge Scores as actionable intelligence to target and incentivize both digital and brick & mortar campaigns.
Understanding the Knowledge Score of audience segments within the Knowledge Funnel allows advertisers to craft knowledge-appropriate messages for potential and current customers.
Advertisers see the progression of Knowledge Scores over time and plan for more productive communications with their audiences.
Knowledge Stars help to shape success within the Sellers Marketplace. Discover and engage them as product reviewers and expert content creators for your brand.
Data pools that interact with the platform are rewarded with tokens for contributing knowledge.
Knowledge tokens are disbursed proportionally as a reward for sharing or generating knowledge.
The Knowledge token is mined not by cryptographic hashing, but by solving questions from which Knowledge Scores can be developed, or by usage of websites and apps that have some associated knowledge value.
The platform provides an online Seller Marketplace offering advertiser products and services available in exchange for Knowledge tokens.
Ecommerce stores and their products are linked to advertiser campaigns and content within the platform.
In order to jumpstart the Marketplace and ensure users can enjoy tokens earned, we have established relationships with merchants that will provide a catalog of 300,000 products.

KNOWLEDGE has started their own bounty campaign in December 2017 and it will last until the end of March. By participating in bounty campaign, you can help the creators of the project by attracting other potential investors through marketing and promotional activities.

Bounty campaign consists of: Signature Campaign, Social Media Campaign, Translation Campaign and many more. Terms and conditions and other essential information about the campaign, you can find on the KNOWLEDGE bounty campaign web page:

Furthermore, the other way to become part of this project is by investing in KNOWLEDGE tokens (KNW). Tokens are ERC-20 compliant. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) started in January 2018 and is going to last until ¬¬¬April 2018. In that period, you will be able to buy KNW tokens at the price of 1 KNW = 1 USD. All about the Initial coin offering and other information regarding purchasing of the token, you will find on KNOWLEDGE official web page:

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