Knowledge of “Bounty Campaign is a multi-faceted platform with cutting-edge cryptographic technology, creating a user-centric approach to gathering information and creating people. offers a new frontier in the areas of tracking, testing and knowledge testing, as well as using the reward and incentive models described below, and provides a high level of interaction. is a platform for applauding and encouraging users to share knowledge. offers a platform that enables participants to receive immediate rewards and validation through training, experience testing and advanced technology based on Blockbunch technology. begins as a concept to appreciate and celebrate knowledge. Everyone has knowledge, and is shaped through the experience of each other’s lives, but the opportunity to share, showcase, and receive the benefits of one’s knowledge can be rare for most people. introduces a platform to praise and reward users for sharing their knowledge. proposes a platform that enables participants to gain awards and direct validation through careful learning, expert verification, and advanced technology-based technologies. is a multifaceted platform with advanced crypto technology, creating a user centric approach to information gathering and persona development. utilizes blockchain technology in two ways: applying Knowledge tokens as a source of value, and for storing valuable information to advertisers, educators, companies and other users in a transparent manner that gives trust to all parties involved. Blockchain technology and platform facilitate the valuation of knowledge and value exchange in its view.


  • The core of the platform is the Knowledge Score. The Knowledge Score and associated user personnel will track and measure the user’s knowledge of a wide range of topics.
  • Through integration with IKL platforms, educators, entrepreneurs, advocates, and others can appreciate and exchange knowledge through voluntary interaction or gamination.
  • Data curated together with Knowledge Score will tell the story and identify the opportunity in a way previously unlikely.
  • Data miners, markets, companies, advertisers and other third parties may use this Knowledge Score as actionable intelligence to target and incentivize both digital and brick & mortar campaigns.


  • Understanding Knowledge segment audience scores within the Knowledge Channel allows advertisers to tailor knowledge-appropriate messages to potential and current potential customers.
  • Advertisers see the development of Knowledge Score over time and plan more productive communication with their audiences.
  • Knowledge Stars help shape success in the Sellers Marketplace. Find and engage them as an expert product reviewers and content creators for your brand.


  • The data pool that interacts with the platform is rewarded with tokens to contribute knowledge.
  • The token of knowledge is proportionally disbursed as a reward for sharing or producing knowledge.
  • The Knowledge Token is mined not by cryptographic hashing, but by solving the question from which the Knowledge Score can be developed, or by the use of websites and applications that have some value related knowledge.

TOKEN KNW dan Penjualannya

KNW token adalah mata uang standar ERC-20 di platform IKL. Karena secara langsung menghubungkan nilai dengan pengetahuan, pihak-pihak yang mendapat insentif untuk meningkatkan dan berbagi pengetahuan secara terbuka. juga menyediakan KNW token test-net, termasuk token testnet yang tersedia bagi mitra pengembangan untuk memfasilitasi integrasi token KNW dalam implementasi lintas platform.

Token KNW ditambang bukan dengan hashing kriptografi, namun dengan memecahkan pertanyaan dari mana Score Knowledge dapat dikembangkan, atau dengan penggunaan situs web dan aplikasi yang memiliki beberapa nilai pengetahuan terkait. Kolam data mengirimkan saham pengetahuan dari pengguna mereka ke blokir pengetahuan Setelah transaksi pengetahuan ini diperkuat oleh proses meta-konsensus, kolam data menerima hadiah yang dinominasikan oleh KNW token.

Semua layanan akan ditangani melalui pembelian dan penggunaan token KNW. Ini untuk memastikan utilitas token, meningkatkan permintaan token dan menjaga ekonomi KNW tetap sehat dan berkembang.

Token yang dibuat totalnya adalah 150 juta token. Sebanyak 15 juta token disediakan untuk pre-sale dan main sale sebanyak 68.75 juta. Pre-sale dimulai dari 15 Januari hingga 12 February 2018. Sedangkan main sale dari 12 Februari hingga 8 April 2018. Token dihargai dengan $ 0,01 USD. Minimum transaksi adalah 0,01 BTC, 0,1 ETH, 0,5 LTC.

Bonus Pre-sale:

Pre-sale: 15 Januari – 12 Februari 2018 – 65%
Bonus Main Sale:
–    12 February 2018 – 26 Februari 2018 – 25%
–    26 Februari – 12 Maret 2018 – 10%
–    12 Maret – 26 Maret 2018 – 5

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