Knowledge: Share your Brain and Get Rewarded

When we were born, the concept of “knowledge” and “learning” seemed alien to us. No reason for it to not be as it was one of the toughest things to do back then. Slowly and gradually time passed and we started adopting these heavy concepts. It happened so because the fact ‘Knowledge is Power” was injected in our brains. Learning became a necessity and gaining more and more knowledge became a requirement. This happened so because the important of gaining knowledge got more indistinct. Getting rewards and prizes for the knowledge that we take up today became significant. And also, why not get rewarded for sharing our minds? After all, the more knowledge is shared, the more it continues to expand. This brings another notion. Presently, the demand of education and knowledge is increasing day by day. No more taking up studies is limited only to books. People look to gain knowledge for their upliftment and enhancement in the near future. And “getting benefits and rewards” for the same just add the cherry to the top. Well, why not do something good and get something better in return?

Keeping this apart, have you ever wondered about one thing? Why are we often fascinated by things that bring rewards to us directly? Say, for winning a big competition or for playing your favorite game? Well, its not that you didn’t work hard in college, you surely did. You did the best you could to get yourself registered in the good books of the teacher and this process takes a hell lot of time. So, the question is, “why is knowledge not addressed in the same manner as everything else”? Getting the reward for watching a TV Show is better but for sharing knowledge is not? How is this fair? Isn’t this a little nonconcrete? Knowledge should be rewarded directly and not intellectually. To bring this fact into attention comes Knowledge. An open ecosphere that helps in wiping off the problem by rewarding “YOU” for the ocean of “KNOWLEDGE” that you have.

Solutions Offered functions with a simple agenda in mind and that is to spread knowledge and its importance to everyone. To help with that, comes up with the solution of Knowledge score.

With the help of Knowledge Score, it will become easy to track and find out the amount of knowledge that a user has about a specific topic. Knowledge Score will then outstretch the process that will sum up stories and will show the mirror to the users that will reflect their brilliance. This innovation was never possible before.

The integration of the platform offers an advantage to everyone who is engaged with The advertisers, engineers, and different enterprises can share their knowledge with one another. Also, aims to provide benefits universally and looks forward to the development of the environment.

The several other use cases of Knowledge Score are:

  • Rewards for the Employees
  • Integration of Academic Technology
  • Application Adoption
  • Crowdsourcing the information of Experts
  • Philanthropy
  • Announcement of Public Service
  • Responsibility for the Community

And much more are still lying around. Knowledge Score is the base of that brings in all the options for the users to filter as per their need.

ICO Details

During the ICO, the total tokens that are to be created are 150 Million. However, the main sale will use 68.75 Million tokens only. There are bonuses for early birds too. The Main Sale is currently on the go and will wrap up by April 8th, 2018. All the funds and services in the platform will be taken care by KNW token. With this, the token utility will surely rise and so will the demand of the token.


  • Private sale dates: December 5th → January 15th 11:59am
  • Pre-sale dates: January 15th 12pm → February 26th 11:59am
  • Main Token sale dates: February 26th 12pm → April 8th 11:59am
  • Sale method: CAP Sale
  • Token value: $1.00 USD
    Crowdsale cap: $65 Mln
  • Currencies accepted: BTC, LTC, ETH and Wire Transfer
  • Minimum TX size: 0.01 BTC, 0.1 ETH, 0.5 LTC

Pre-Sale Bonus schedule:

  • January 15th 12pm — January 29th 11:59am→ 50%
  • January 29th 12pm — February 12th 11:59am→ 40%

Main-Sale Bonus schedule:

  • February 12th 12pm — February 26th 11:59am → 25%
  • February 26th 12pm — March 12th 11:59am → 15%
  • March 12th 12pm — March 26th 11:59am → 5%
  • March 26th 12pm — April 8th 11:59am → No Bonus



  • 70% Token Sale
  • 17% Meta-Mining Reserve
  • 6% Team
  • 6% Reserve
  • 1% Bounty


  • 53% Technology
  • 18% Biz Dev & Partnerships
  • 12% Sales & Marketing
  • 18% HR & Operations
  • 5% IP & Legal
  • 6% Reserve





It is well and truly said that “knowledge has no end”. With this innovative platform, this becomes even more clear. Today, having knowledge is close to having power and who doesn’t like power? The benefit from will reach out to everyone who is in need of an opportunity. Lots of scopes are sure to open up too bringing more than required chances for one and all. Now that you have all the knowledge about, how about knowing it more better for your own good? Not a bad idea, is it?





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