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Blockchain Restructure Your Credit Life

About Koala’s life

Koala life is one-stop solution for the issues of the collection of data, circulation of data and obtaining credits from the users. With its blockchain technology, the Dapp of Koala Life helps in the completion of credit connection between the people and people, people and assets and people and institutions. Whole system is based on the decentralized network which provides qualitative collection with security. To reconstruct the credit life, Koala life has a great decentralized solution that can make your data mining secure and safe. The main advantages of Koala life can be recorded as follows:

· Record credit in blockchain technology

· Complete the user portrait

· Koala ecosystem is fully responsible for the data authorization.

· Right assets are confirmed on the block chain to achieve digital circulation.

· There is no need of multiple participation in the data sharing.


This technology is becoming a revolution in these days. This technology is more fast and secure. Incoming future will have a lot of cryptocurrencies and you will know more about it.

Block chain Technology can provide us:

· Transparency

· Decentralization

· Faster transaction

· User-controlled networks

· Minimal transactional cost

· Security


This Dapp can be downloaded to use for your Android as well as for iPhone. Both applications are easy to install and use. Some important Characteristics features:

KYC verification: KYC verification includes information about name, mobile number, and identification number. For more police identification, there is need to upload identification card, face recognition and live detection.

User Portrait: The portrait of the users is unique and will reflect the data like assets, credit, shopping habits. The entrance of the data in the portrait is done by users and determined by the algorithm.

Data Mining: With the help of Dapp, users can enter in the world of blockchain. Here, Data mining is done with an efficient way. Data mining is one of the important user incentives in koala life to encourage users to fully authorize their personal data to help better construct portraits and make it more convenient to apply different labels to different people.

Wallet: Koala’s wallet has impressive structure and advantages as compared to other wallets. In this wallet, users can receive and send tokens, manage transactions and transfers money. It is a very simple design which we can apply in our daily routine. Yes, it is simple, but it contains a lot of useful functions which can speed up and secure your life.

Moreover, koala life Dapp is based on the innovative technology which can provide security and compliance to the users. The main function of this Dapp is to bind digital assets to bank cards. If you want to come in the world of cryptocurrency the you can download the koala life Dapp and apply your digital currency to all kinds of transactions and activate your digital assets.



As one of the important user incentives in koala’s life, the POV (Proof-Of-Value) consensus scheme was adopted. Give and increase the power value based on the user’s various value behavior activities (such as real-name registration, follow-up login, authorization data, etc.), and generate a token (KALC) to reward the user. Koala’s Life hopes to encourage users to carry out more valuable behaviors and more comprehensive authorization to authenticate personal information and data through data mining, thus helping to better construct portraits and build a trust ecosystem.


Based on the characteristics of blockchain not tampering, mixed consistency, and self-management, combined with the trust ecosystem of Koala’s Life, it reshapes the user’s true uniqueness. When users or financial institutions use the retrieval service, the system will submit the complete and unique authorization and information directly, eliminating the cumbersome procedures and improving their efficiency and safety. They also have a healthy and healthy financial service and order.


Koala’s life is only used as a platform for information integration. Borrowing users can set their own interest rates and borrowing amounts on the platform, waiting for investors to bid within 24 hours. Each user’s assets and each transaction information will be recorded in the blockchain, the data can not be deleted and falsified, the platform is fully automated, avoiding the mistakes and moral hazard generated by manual review. Financial services, wealth management, insurance, bills and other financial services will be provided to holders of digital assets. Financing side: providing mortgage and credit financing services, covering BTC, ETH, EOS, chain and other mainstream trading currencies Financial management: provide financial management products such as fixed income,


With the improvement of the trust ecosystem and the increasing and active users, Koala’s Life will launch a series of blockchain games such as hot games, competitive quiz, and quiz, using the prophecy mechanism to provide fair protection for all kinds of game quiz. Events will be organized on a regular basis, users can participate in winning rewards, and Token (KALC) can be redeemed in the Koala Mall.


Decentralized dating services, visitors need to verify through the trust ecosystem to ensure that all users are real people in the real world, not fiction. Through the user’s portrait, without directly revealing the underlying data, the user is provided with various labels based on the real world, so that all users can intuitively understand the behavior and characteristics of the other party in the real world. At the same time, the data generated by the user during the whole process of dating and dating is processed in a chain, which cannot be tampered with, and the user can directly check whether the other party has a large number of abnormal behaviors.


Download Introduction

Koala’s Life is a decentralized Dapp that helps people, people and institutions, people and assets to complete trust bridging; through blockchain encryption technology to better manage behavior data for users, to create a data ecological value trust platform, heavy Constitute human trust in life!

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The R&D of Koala’s Life DAPP completed


Version 2.0 of Koala’s Life DAPP pushed credit loan sector opened


Blockchain game & Prediction Quiz Opened


Digital currency pledge loan sector opened


Digital money Fund & Financial Management section opened


Create a data asset exchange and cooperate with the world’s top public chain to improve the trust ecosystem.

Website: http://kalc.io/

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Telegram: https://t.me/kalcofficialgroup

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