It was found that large numbers of people abandoned their changes on the streets and even contributed impulsively to charities on a regular basis.
Charity is something that people do regularly, but the most surprising thing is that technological progress has not been fully applied to charity, the only exceptional case is the role spent by monasteries two hundred years ago, and this method is now accepted by philanthropic foundations.
The associated P2P internet platform and blockchain technology intrusion contribute to solving major problems in the industry, and also provide a strong impetus for further development.
Here are some ways that blockchain platforms can offer help.
• Donors will be able to monitor transactions to ensure that their funds are properly spent, as expected.
• Charitable organizations will also be able to demonstrate fairness, clearly showing how they use the funds they provide.
• The payment system will be simplified, and issues related to crypto currency conversion will be resolved.
• Transaction costs can be reduced through the automation of all processes.


There is no doubt that there are major developments in how to donate, but even for this purpose, charity branches can not overcome the main obstacle, namely lack of trust.
Donors, many of whom are private companies, face the issue of trust, sacrificing, because there is no way to ascertain whether the funds will receive out on time.
It was also found that most donated funds were kept as administrative expenses, which are usually used for charitable foundations.
Operating costs are also a big problem, as most individuals and businesses usually have to spend their good intentions in the end to cover transaction costs for transactions.


Long-term charity chains consisting of banks, NGOs, state agencies and law firms will be equipped with distributed book technology. Using a blockchain platform can provide a digital mechanism that will be used to record and view any transactions.
This new technology on a larger scale will also facilitate the development of a direct financing platform. Philanthropists also benefit greatly from automated intellectual contracts, as this will allow grant recipients to use their funds once they successfully overcome so many conditions.
The growth of the charity industry will increase significantly due to the huge benefits that blockchain technology can offer.


The charity aspect there are several available blockcheynov projects, and some of them include cherr.io, care, cleansing, bcharity and so on. D. The project is only in a niche or local business, which does not work outside the philanthropic industry.
The Humancoin Foundation will be able to integrate the charity industry, crypto currency market and e-commerce in one project.
This type of ecosystem will be able to provide new incentives for donors, offering them the opportunity to take advantage of the many loyalty programs available around the world.


• The conversion of the Humancoin token will be very easy to convert to any point, mile, bonus, and coupon. The owner of this token will be encouraged to store tokens for a long time, there will be a fixed request for a token.
• The popularity of the marker will grow as the number of partners and the amount of cooperation in the Humancoin network grows.
• Affordable proof of charity, which is mining, will enable projects to scale hundreds and thousands of times.


• This will be the first block link that could ever be an aggregator of the global e-commerce loyalty program.
• Signs will have a unique advantage in developing a loyalty program with partners that create strong emotional resonance because of their relationship to philanthropy.
• Instead of competing with other existing programs, the Humancoin token will be integrated easily into existing systems, only the required conversion rate is required.
The main advantage of a devastating human coin is that a blockchain project will be the first time a project will have the potential to turn into a set of global aggregator loyalty programs, which will appear in e-commerce because of the support to be received from the charity sector.


• Humancoin will be an open platform for P2P, which enables donors to receive direct donations. This project will not be tied to any organization, because there are so many charitable organizations around the world.
• Use of artificial token received will not be required for charitable operations. Each project based on the platform will provide a convenient specification for the type of fiat currency or crypto that he wants to use.
• The most popular crypto and currency currencies are easily managed by the Humancoin platform. There is usually no limit to projects and even users when using currency.
• The priority of this project remains integration and compatibility with existing popular market solutions.
• There will be a 5% limited fee for horticulture to raise funds, and this will be used for future platform support, but the commissions billed by existing charities can reach up to 20-30%.
• The platform will be able to use the most functional and easy-to-use interface functionality.
• If a donor wants, he or she may decide to leave funds in a pool of people, the system will automatically allocate money for projects with the highest rating of the platform community.
• The first platform for professional recruitment will be Humancoin.
• Additional options will also be available on the platform, so users can also pay for the Humancoin token, in which case additional benefits will be highlighted.


Humancoin names are the token of ERC20, they are also a lucky draw prize, and they are part of the international loyalty program.


The humancoin icon to be purchased during the sale of markers will have a lottery value of loyalty award, which means that they can be used to get discounts from Humancoin partners, and they can also be sold in crypto-exchange.
At the end of the sale of the marker, influenza markers will be available for purchase, and they can also be obtained or obtained in equal parts in each donation in half with a weighted average exchange rate.


This is an existing P2P platform and ecosystem where donors, recipients and e-commerce players will participate.
This platform interface allows participants to instantly post donations in any country with a popular currency, which will track transactions and to design charitable projects.
The Humancoin platform has been specially designed to facilitate the interaction process, and this will largely be done between philanthropists and beneficiaries.


Pre-sales will be held from 1 July to 15 August 2018.
Token sales will take place from 15 September to 1 November 2018.
It is expected that tokens will grow $ 1 per minute.
Softcap will be $ 6 per minute.
Hardcap will be $ 26 per minute.
The tokens available for sale are 3 055 000 000.
Pre-sale will be 150,000,000 with 50% bonus.
In the first stage the sales of tokens will be 945 000 000 with a bonus of 35%.
The second stage for token sales will be 960 000 000, and he will get 20% of the bonus.
The third stage for token sales is 1,000,000,000 with a 0% bonus.
Any other tokens that remain unsold will be burned.
Token will be allocated to a private user account, and distribution will be done after the token sale, and it will be listed in the popular crypto swap list.



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