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Coin Tycoon 

loans with no hidden fees, without a closed contract, with the best interest rates



Most companies do their ICO, but because of low quality marketing, demand for coins is suffering and investors are losing out. Permanent marketing is required to maintain demand and, therefore, token prices. The people who stand behind ICO should have a clear and specific plan to help their investors.

Tycoon coin – a coin that grows forever at the price of a coin

TycoonCoin, token, abbreviation – TTC, different from the conventional high activity kriptokotokenov on the market, personal Project headliners will participate in the auction, thereby increasing the value of the coin.
The same will be done by others. The result of this will be an auction between TYCOON LIMITED and your TycoonCoin token market, and you will be black, according to the developer.
How do people want to get out of the gray masses of other tokens?
  • First, Tycoon’s coin team is doing constant marketing, creating the ideal background for the project.
  • Second, project leaders have allocated their personal funds to support sustainable project marketing.
  • Marketing focuses only on the digital environment, the company has the best digital marketing, which plays a key role in making the right direction when it comes to marketing strategies.
The second method is the most important method that TycooCoin runs. 95% of the revenue earned by IGA (Income Generating Activity), goes straight to buy tokens from their total sales and “arsons”.
TycoonCoin massively purchases tokens from you, and then burns tokens. This reduces the total number of tokens and encourages rapid price increases. Reducing token delivery results in a deficiency which, in turn, helps all tokens become PROFIT.

How are the revenues being spent?)

In the graph below, the coin tycoon command shows the income distribution associated with the revenue (IGA). 
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Revenue from repurchasing their own coins will bring in more than 90% of revenue!
Coin Tycoon team issued a loan with no hidden fees, without a closed contract, with the best interest rate, you can get a loan or borrow money from anywhere in the world. 
You can borrow more than 60% of your depots.
People have a really cool site where you can find all the necessary information.If 
you can not find anything you can contact 24/7 project support, for communication with a specialist you can write a project letter info@tycooncoin.io or fill out the Form at  https://tycooncoin.io/#contact  .  


Also follow the links below and subscribe to project channels on social networks:

Company website:  https://tycooncoin.io/#
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1929500

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