AI-Based Decentralized Arbitrage Trading

About Coinect
Recently, the emergence of new technologies as well as storage capacity and information processing have led to an unprecedented proliferation of trading instruments known as cryptocurrency. This natural and artificial demand for this asset class has created the need for an international trading platform where a growing list of digital instruments can be converted into basic financial instruments. The current level of trade infrastructure development allows private investors to participate in the cryptocurrency market. However, the growing institutional liquidity of this platform and the increasing capitalization of digital instruments have led to a classic approach to long-term investment losing its appeal.
Stabilization of relative prices of the most popular assets forces market participants to use intelligent systems in trade, designed to minimize the influence of external factors on investment returns.
Taking into account the needs of our clients and following our own basic ambitions, we are ready to draw your attention to next-generation investment products, designed to provide an improved return on investment in crypto instruments in any kind of market situation.
In particular, this is the next generation automated trading system based on a decentralized arbitration algorithm. The program uses a machine learning algorithm, which became the basis of its success over long intervals. At the same time, the trading system continues to study independently and is at an intellectual level unattainable by other systems.
Coinect   is a Cryptocurrency trading platform that uses artificial intelligence technology to create smarter and more profitable trading platforms.
Coinect   ‘s recent rise in popularity of cryptocurrency instruments and platforms for their circulation has developed and launched a unique decentralized trading system through which it is possible to receive and utilize growing returns based on investment size and ranges from 20-50% per month. Factoring in potential systems to minimize potential risks through algorithms, the attractiveness of the product economy outperforms all known ways of stock exchange investing.
Main feature
  • We noticed that our team will support this project at a 20% tariff ONLY from profits earned from trading using our system.
  • We add COI token bonuses, to everyone who will support our project ICO at an early stage.
  • As a result of our ICO, we are building a decentralized AI-based investment system with transparent conditions and automatic payments based on blockchain technology.
The main advantage of Coinect
The financial results of arbitration opportunity execution do not depend on the 
direction of movement of crypto instrument market. 
The reason for the arbitration situation is also unimportant. The selflearning algorithm eliminates the need for online risk management and inputs from other incoming parameters.
Advantages of our system
Our system was developed in Ethereum (also known as Ether), an open-source platform 
used for the creation of decentralized online services based on blockchain technology.
The choice of platforms is not intentional, nor is it of interest in the platforms of many  major 
software developers  such as Microsoft, IBM, and Acronis; Lufthansa and S7 airlines; and 
the international charitable organization UNICEF.
Profitability and risk
Optimum investment returns are achieved in cases where the arbitration chain / series of operations are performed with assets already owned. Adequate investment volume allows the use of a growing number of platforms and eliminates the need to pay commissions on money transfers and cryptoasset transfers between exchanges.
The program’s capabilities are unlimited and allow for unlimited processing of arbitrage transaction chains simultaneously, provided that previously obtained cryptoassets are available.
The system identifies and implements additional arbitrage opportunities for assets not provided for the current transaction chain implementation, which exponentially increases the percentage of total profits.
ICO Coinect
During ICO we will issue 25,000,000 COI tokens.
ICO Start Date 06.25.2018 
ICO End Date  07.24.2018 
Number of Published Tokens 25 000 000
All tokens not sold during the ICO period will be canceled after the end of the ICO. 
1.250.000 (5%) token of the specified total will be set aside for the reward program
The token purchase assumes a monthly dividend payment to the owner of 80% of the total profits derived from investments in the arbitrage trading system during the reference period. The remaining 20% ​​of the profits are transferred into the trading system fund for the developer and used for efficiency maintenance. Only profit from arbitrage conversion is taken into account in dividend calculation.
We work with some cryptocurrency exchange. The main ones are listed below.
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