Hallo my friends will talk about Konios project, to be more clear let us consider the discussion below:
we talk with this Platform has many functions where you can exchange the fiat for each crypt and vice versa, keeping in mind that you can exchange it with people who also use the platform, use it anonymously and safely using Blockchain.

You can also trade on your trading platform.
Other platforms offer services such as the sale of goods in crypto or fiat currency, it becomes possible to earn a currency or crypto fiat, promoting its business on the Konois platform.
Is not that a good idea.
People in the world Crypto currency now has the opportunity to make purchases on the Internet using crypt when they want to quickly and easily.
They also offer rewards for loyalty to the users, it will definitely be used extensively specifically for such crypt-like people like us.
More and more money and new people will come to know that now they can use crypto currency.
Konios   develops and program the platform for all crypto fans around the world so they can enter the world of crypto with cash. Easy access to onios platform only requires smartphone and Internet connection.
This transaction is conducted on the basis of the principle of exchange, developed in Switzerland, without the use of banks or other intermediaries.
F2F exchange with other platform users. The transaction process is precisely structured and conforms to the highest security requirements. It’s created by five security keys, and participants exchange with just four clicks on their smartphone.
To ensure transaction security and low cost, we have developed our own block scheme, which checks and registers all transactions and actions on the local platform.
This serves as a basis for the use of all crypto currency funds without paying the appropriate commission fees. Smart Contracts monitors and verifies transactions and all processes on the platform.
 Active platform users will benefit from our rewards system. It also enhances platform security and supports the recognition of exchange procedures worldwide. After each transaction, the valuation is given by exchange partners. Assessment provides an idea of ​​the professional behavior of exchange partners. The compensation and penalty parameters stored in the Smart-Contract sort out the wrong behavior and reward users for their positive contributions
In addition, because of the continuous growth of crypto-competition cryptography community is increasingly recognized. Instead, state authorities become more attentive through the increasingly violent crypto-social community, and increasingly stringent rules are adopted. Intervention by the state is the first step towards public recognition. Future cryptothermings of the future require solutions to simplify management. So no age group or social minority is excluded from the crypto community.
Because possible economic changes in cryptothermia are subject to slow adaptation, broad masses must be introduced to the crypto community in a sensitive, simple and safe way during the transition period.
 With this in mind, Konios’ team has been working tirelessly since 2017 to start and create a platform that focuses specifically on this problem area. Konios Team is proud to present the solution.
ICO is currently being done with a large wave of responses. For clear and clear information about ICO details, the pictures taken below are made of white paper.
Founder platform:
Mikel Krasniqi
The Technical Director (CTO) established his first project at the age of 18 years. A strong sense of innovation and continued use. Full Stack Developer 6 years of software development experience.Active as a developer in BMW Finance in the field of payment processing.
Patrik Krasnic
CEO (CEO) Pengusaha dan pendiri e-commerce. Pengalaman 7 tahun dalam e-commerce dan pengembangan penjualan. Memiliki pengetahuan praktis yang luas dalam penerapan platform teknologi informasi dan penempatan produk.
Jürg Bühlmann 
Mitra Konsultan Hukum di BÜHLMANN KOENIG & PARTNER AG. Spesialisasi di bidang kontrak dan hukum perbankan, serta teknologi berdasarkan blockchain.
Helge Kiessler
Konsultan untuk pembayaran internasional Managing Director Retiarius GmbH. Pengalaman 25 tahun dengan pembayaran online. Spesialisasi dalam kartu kredit dan pembayaran online. Investor Awal Crypto dan investor FinTech
Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, klik tautan di bawah ini:
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1929500

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