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Good day all friends. On this occasion I will share information with you all about a great platform for all of you. The platform is KONIOS. For more details let’s just see explanation about KONIOS below.

Can you imagine the stress and process you need to pass before your Fiat money can be transferred to cryptocurrency through multiple platforms? Even with many attempts, many people fail to gain a foothold in the crypto community because of the burdensome conditions, due to the high hidden costs and unnecessary cooperation between banks and states.

In addition, how long do you think the world can rely on to rely on Fiat money (Traditional Currency) with it the consequences of officers including but not limited to disclosure of personal data, as well as hard-to-manage platform handling with time-consuming and unpredictable platform operators, and different exile fees?

If your answer to the question above is to say no to “obscurity” Fiat money and status quo, then Konios project is the right project for you and me. Having identified this problem sometime ago, Konios’s team has worked tirelessly. since 2017 to start and build a platform that addresses exactly the areas of the problem. Team Konios proudly presents the solution!


KONIOS is made by a couple composed by Mikel Krasniqi (CTO) and Patrik Krasnic (CEO). This duo combines e-commerce capabilities by Krasnic and Krasniqi’s growing abilities With a group of ten other experts and 4 advisors. As mentioned earlier, KONIOS’s goal is to create a simple way for people who want to spend virtual money. The network will provide a simple path to buy and sell digital assets and melt whenever you want. The company believes that restrictions and laws are bad for block market chains as they will have the industry back from rising, so the answer is deregulation.

The platform also offers an area for posting services on the system and is paid with virtual money or paper money, which will make it more of an exchange. You can also deliver the goods if you want. You just need to take their picture and then you will be able to sell it whenever you want. KONIOS will be an ETH-based system. This means that it will be supported by the ETH block chain and implement smart contracts for transactions.

KONIOS wants to buy digital currency easier. Bureaucracy, regulation, and legislation are signs of an older financial sector that unfortunately began to eye the block market chain as well. Due to this problem, companies like KONIOS are working to make it easier for people like you to buy virtual money.

Konios Platform comes with a project focused on the following:

– F2F – Secure and anonymous cash-face transactions for currency
crypto. (cash / crypto).

– Redeem Digital changes from any cryptocurrency pairs. (Crypto / Crypto).

– nPasar Easily buy and sell commercial goods and services with cash and crypto currency. (Product, Service / Money, Crypto).

The Konios platform is relied upon to serve all individuals who need to enter the crypto community with money. This ensures anonymous and secure face-to-face system so you can take advantage of platforms without revealing individual data. The reason is to remove the expenditure of the cosmic trading office experienced in a basic exchange. Konios provides a strong and secure reason to lead exchange on platforms using uniform trading guidelines. It allows all non-crypto experts around the world to exchange their money with different clients.

Usually this is a positive sentiment or belief in a task that inspires the buyer to hold or exchange digital money forms. Because effective exchange shows exceptional requirements for data, Konios will offer data that exactly addresses this issue. Undoubtedly and effectively available to all clients. It combines the continuous messages of preferred monetary forms, exchanges options for all cash sets and inspection programs with displaced desire parameters.



How to use KONIOS?

Now, you can not use KONIOS because the system is still not operational, but will take place during 2018. Platform tokens, KON tokens will be required for you to reach the service. You can get later on airdrops or sales. The ICO platform will begin on May 1 and will last sixty days. One token will be equal to one cent. You can use BTC, USD, GBP, RMB, ETH, and KRW to pay via wallet mover or bank transfer. Four percent of the full amount will be an initial follower who can get airdrop by registering on the platform.

Platform Timeline KONIOS

The KONIOS network is planned at most in 2017, and last starts its growth by the end of the year. Sales will occur during this year and also the initial test of the Alpha version platform. If all goes according to KONIOS plan, the Beta version will be introduced in November and the system will be released in 2019. The platform chart runs until January 2020, when the token will be offered to the progress team.

Details of ICO

> Token: KON

> PreICO Price: 1 KON = 0.005 USD

> Price: 1 KON = 0.01 USD

> Bonus: Available

> Bounty: Available

> Platform: ETH

> Receive: BTC, Fiat, ETH

> Minimum investment: 10 USD

> Hard cap: 29’000’000

> Country: Switzerland

> Whitelist / KYC: KYC & Whitelist>Forbidden area: US

To gain access to Konios Platform and its functions, the numbers corresponding to Kon-Tokens must be added to Konios Wallet. Without the necessary funds, the functionality in this platform is not available. The integration of KON Token to Konios Blockchain is described in detail in Technical Documentation. It will be published soon.


Together, it is clear that the 88-percent KON distribution plan, with 88 percent (semi-public 75%, 2% face, 4% discount, 7% reward) focuses on distribution. Decrypt KON from token.

Plan to distribute the funds collected from ICO

The focus is on developing the distribution of existing funds and large-scale marketing campaigns. This allows the rapid launch of the Konios platform.

Teams and consultants


Similarly information about KONIOS. Hopefully useful and can be a reference material by you in taking the decision to be part of this extraordinary project.



Website: https://www.konios.com

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Nf6o1WJooXwv8KCe6vxxqoqmQFpIcMY1/view

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoniosOfficial

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/konios.social?_rdc=1&_rdr

Telegram: https://t.me/koniosofficial

My profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=939755

ETH: 0x79ab31AD412f95e8DA691F066f27d0Bc2736aCDC



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