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The ICO Konios venture

The advancement group began the ICO Konios venture in 2017. The possibility of ​​the venture is to maximally improve the trading of cryptographic forms of money in the biological system. Trade will be made between the members face to face, barring any intercession, utilizing accessible specialized means and giving an abnormal state of security.

To complete the trade, just a cell phone with the comparing application is required, the trade tasks have five degrees of assurance. The procedure of trades is very basic and incorporates just four ticks. Security will be given by data squares, which are the premise of cryptographic cash. Working with Smart Contracts in the framework will likewise add to the security and authenticity of trade exchanges.

The Konios stage has been working since 2017 to reinforce the ideas of the biological community of the Etherium and the innovation of the Blochechan. The stage gives:

activities for the trading of cryptographic cash of any sets (Exchange),

safe Face-to-Face innovation of moving money into an advanced cash (F2F standard),

reasonable, agreeable and simple to complete the deal and buy of merchandise, administrations, and so on., did with the investment of money and computerized cash (Marketplace),

anchoring of slanting tasks with the assistance of an arrangement of investigation, guaging, slant following and warning (Trading) instruments,

the stage keeps up a record on the states of namelessness of measurable, social and geolocation information,

Access to information for stage members is free,

inside the framework all settlement activities will be checked, yet the states of secrecy will be saved,

the usage of settlements is done by Smart Contracts on the states of decentralization,

The tote can be utilized inside the framework, as well as outer association or portable application.

Focal points of the Konios stage

Giving a sheltered, basic, quick, solid and unknown procedure of Face-to-Face money trade.

No costly commissions for any exchanges.

Opportune arrangement of a la mode data for dealing with your record with the point of sparing money investment funds or acquiring wage from them.

Accessibility of vital data for any stage member.

The Crypto money is increasingly incorporated into the business circle and into our every day life. The procedure of decentralization of monetary streams enhances the nature of administrations around there, decreases the cost of commission expenses to banks and other money related foundations.

The market for cryptographic money is open. Particularly for the individuals who utilize this framework out of the blue. Development of the hover of members in the cryptographic money showcase builds the level of unwavering quality and the fortifying of computerized cash in the settlement framework. Hence, a group of authorities chipping away at the advancement of the undertaking Konios take every essential measure to include new members in the biological system.

In spite of the conspicuous points of interest of the biological systems of the cryptographic cash showcase, the level of contribution of world capital is still little. Subsequently, the undertaking of ICO ventures for the not so distant future is to expand the repost and draw in new individuals to the positions of members in eco-stages.

Calculation of client activities by versatile application Konios

On the off chance that there is a need to trade any sets of computerized monetary standards, the client should first plainly decide the points of interest of the trade (the measure of trade, cash match, wanted rate, and so on.). When you download the application, utilizing a channel with this data will help essentially accelerate the way toward finding the required advanced cash.

The entered parameters enable you to channel the dealers by geolocation and show the rundown of accessible members prepared for the vital trade exchanges. The purchaser has the choice to choose the Seller from the offered list or – by showing the accessible merchants utilizing the card.

The purchaser sends a demand for buy to the chose merchant.

This is the initial phase in closing an arrangement on the Konios application.

The second phase of the finish of the exchange is the affirmation by the Seller of the demand for buy if he is happy with the terms of the Buyer. Affirmation is completed on the cell phone. In the meantime, these sums are hindered, the Smart Contract is enacted until the point that the Parties make the F2F exchange and affirm it in the framework.

The third phase of the exchange. – F2F. The two sides meet. Utilizing the QR-code, it is conceivable to distinguish the two sides of the exchange. The purchaser pulls back money from the record, passes it to the Seller (the gatherings must deal with the examination of the genuineness of the assets). At that point comes the respective affirmation of the exchange.

From that point forward, the Smart Contract naturally finishes the exchange. The tote of the purchaser records the Crypto-money.

After consummation of the exchange, every member will get a stamp about the assessment of activities. The nearness of such checks later on will build the level of certainty of members in exchanges.

This is only one case of exchanges in ICO Konios. The biological community accommodates an entire control framework to bar the likelihood of carrying out a wrongdoing (illegal tax avoidance, trafficking in precluded products, and so on.)


Details and conditions of ICO: 
Name – Konios Token.

The designation is KON.

The cost is 0,01 US dollars.

The maximum volume is 5 000 000


  1. Lot – 2 billion tokens.
  2. Lot – 600 million tokens.
  3. Lot – 300 million tokens.

Cryptographic fayuta – military technical cooperation, ETN,



  1. Lot – 35% of 700 million tokens.
  2. Lot – 20% 120 million tokens.
  3. Lot – 10% 30 million tokens.

Beginning on 01/05/2018.

Duration – 2 months.

The total number of tokens is 3 billion 750 million tokens

Distribution of tokens

Tokens are distributed according to the principle of decentralization of 88% – for sale (preliminary sale – 2%, Airdrop – 4%, loyalty system – 7%, main stage of public sales – 75%).

The distribution of funds received from the company ICO is planned according to the following scheme:

Making a determination, it tends to be noticed that the Konios venture has every one of the conditions for improvement. This stage has extraordinary prospects. Accordingly, speculators will not the slightest bit be frustrated with the returns from their interests in Konios. This task has a reasonable advancement plan, great prospects, a dependable security framework and agreeable administration conditions. It stays to wish speculators brisk and considerable incomes, and the undertaking – improvement and thriving.

All the important information can be found here: 
Official website: https://konios.com/

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3128951

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoniosOfficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/konios.social/

Telegram: https://t.me/koniosofficial

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16mcH4-5EN-An63WHIgdir6fgX6MSx4cO/view

My Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1839483


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