Konios Project Initial Coin Offering 


Type: Pre-ICO
Category: Payments
Verified team: No
Whitelist of investors: Yes
KYC of investors: Yes
Goal of funding (Soft cap): 100.000 USD
Goal of funding (Hard cap): 29.000.000 USD
Tokens for sale: KON
Token price: 1 KON = 0.01 USD
Minimum purchase: 10 KON
Maximum purchase: 100.000 KON
Airdrop program: No
Bounty program: No
Have escrow agent: No
Have working prototype: No
White paper: Open
Currencies: BTC, ETH, USD, EUR, CHF, RMB, KRW
Platform: Ethereum
Location: Switzerland
Website: http://www.konios.com


Our mission is to provide the world’s easiest access to the crypto community. There is currently the possibility to obtain cryptocurrencies in exchanges with Fiat money (traditional currency such as Euro, US Dollar or Yen) by bank transfer or credit card via various online platforms. Nevertheless, many people fail to gain a foothold in the crypto community. The required disclosure of personal data, as well as the laborious handling of platforms with time-consuming registrations and the unpredictability of platform operators, present laymen with major and unpopular challenges. In addition to these aggravating conditions, there are often high hidden fees and a necessary cooperation between the respective banks and states. The introduction is often described more simply than it really is in the real implementation. The Konios project puts an end to all these problems.


Due to the continuous growth of the crypto community, the cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more recognition. Conversely, the state authorities, through the increasingly louder crypto-community, become attentive and increasingly strict regulations are being passed. The intervention of the state is the first step towards general acceptance. The future omnipresence of cryptocurrencies requires a solution for easier handling so that no age group or social minority is excluded from the crypto-community.


Most of the global population lacks a platform where you can participate in the world of crypto without a bank. This hurdle excludes a huge mass of people who actually wants join. The crypto community is known for its openness to newcomers. It supports you at the start and with countless videos and documents, it helps you to master the entry and dive in successfully. The first phase of the Konios project is dedicated to bringing as many people as possible into the crypto boat. The added value for the crypto community from many new users means stability and confidence in the technology. This natural supply into the still young system enables healthy growth and strengthens the foundation of the crypto movement.
Newspapers, TV and radio will produce fewer negative headlines, as the interest of their readers, viewers or listeners will no longer be negative. By taking the first step with the F2F transactions, opinions are no longer “produced”, but they evolve through the acquisition of knowledge and active exchange with local people. The influence of external forces such as the media, for example, is deprived of the breeding ground for devaluations and replaced by knowledge.
Our transformation to decentralization not only enables direct communication between people, but also the technological connection of machines and means of payment. The numerous and still rapidly growing number of cryptocurrencies are strongly influenced positively in this adjustment. Access to the areas in which the underlying technology specializes can develop and establish itself independently of the Top 5. The Konios platform lays the foundation stone.

Konios Blockchain

The Konios Blockchain serves Konios in the area of transaction validation, transaction data storage and Smart-Contract handling. In order to connect the multitude of tokens and coins on one platform and to transfer them quickly, securely and decentralized, the step to our own blockchain is indispensable. For the Konios users, who also transfer small amounts of money, the fees for the respective coins are way too high and therefore a large part of humanity is excluded from the crypto market. With the Konios Blockchain we want to not only handle these transactions quickly, but also settle small amounts with minimal fees.

Why is an own Blockchain Needed?

The currently existing blockchain solutions deal with the problems that arise during their project. Konios has the clear goal of giving all people access to the crypto market with cash, securely and easily. This goal includes security measures, decentralized validation, legal requirements and user-friendly operation. These activities and tasks are specific to the Konios platform. With the own blockchain, the tasks defined in the project framework are integrated into the blockchain programming. The Konios Blockchain serves the purpose of decentralized validation and process handling.

Konios Token

The Konios Token serves as an access point for using the platform. In order to gain access to an exchange, such as for F2F transactions, the corresponding number of KON-Tokens must be added to the Konios platform. Without this, no service on the Konios platform can be used.
The Konios team establishes a platform that is equally used worldwide and connects people from all cultures, religions and ethnic groups to make the most valuable thing to the simplest thing.
The rethinking requires a lot of preparatory work. The ICO of the Konios platform is intended to catapult implementation into the next sphere. The Konios team offers all potential users, interested parties or participants the opportunity to obtain the Konios Token KON at the ICO. The KON token is based on the decentralized Ethereum market standard “smart contract” ERC20 token.
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Token distribution


ICO 75.00%
Presale 2.00%
Airdrop 4.00%
Rewardsystem 7.00%
Advisor 2.00%
Team and Founder 5.00%
Konios Inc/Foundation 5.00%

 Bonuses and discounts

1. Lot: 35%
2. Lot: 20%
3. Lot: 10%

Funds allocation



Patrik Krasnic

Founder – CEO

Mikel Krasniqi

Founder – CTO

Patrick Dobler De Souza

Chief Marketing Officer – CMO

Vera Neidl

Chief Financial Officer – CFO

Cihan Demir


Uwe Harro Hieniger

Developer Logic & Audit

David Tackett


Mike Russell


Waldemar Nickel

Developer & Network Security Specialist

Kushtrim Gojani

Mathematics & Algorithm

Jeremy Sun

Government Relations China

Marko Zorko


Ivana Ljubica

Patent & Content
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