Konios: Safest Exchange Platform

The Konios platform offers the safest exchange platform for cash & cryptocurrencies worldwide.Our solution for locally and digitally exchanging all FIAT and CRYPTO currencies with everyone is unique. The globally uniform exchange principle is decentrally secured by the Konios Blockchain.

Worldwide, $ 7.7 trillion in cash is in circulation. With the Konios platform we will fill up the crypto world!

The Konios Platform lays the way for newcomers to enter into the crypto world without the need to register or knowledge of Trading Platforms. It is easy to use and everyone is able to get in the game fast & safe! The same way it is easy for crypto holders to cash out any crypto currency they own!


New Cryptocurrency Exchange will roll out an improvement in the crypto world. Meet Konios Platform, a Swiss base trade, wherein you can trade/exchange your fiat to cryptographic money effortlessly without the inconvenience we typically get on purchasing cryptos, “the banks and everything” . How can it function?

It has numerous Features, Its a stage where you get the chance to trade your fiat to cryptos and tight clamp versa through up close and personal choice, which means you can trade it to individuals who are utilizing the stage as well, utilize it namelessly and in an anchored way utilizing blockchain. You can exchange too in its exchanging stage.

What’s more, it likewise offers administrations like offering merchandise in cryptos or fiat, Earn cryptos or fiat by advancing your business in Konois Platform, isn’t that astounding? Individuals in crypto world presently get an opportunity to shop web based utilizing cryptos at whatever point they need. Quick and simple.

They offer devotion grant for clients as well, it will unquestionably be generally utilize particularly for crypto individuals like us. More cash and new individuals will pour in realizing that they can utilize cryptos effortlessly now.

It is safe to say that you are astonished too that it offers such a significant number of administrations for us?!!

The swiss group did incredible employment on seeking after this venture settling an issue we right now encountering now. This venture will profit every one of us. So Join in and take an interest.

Konios will have their ICO on May 1, 2018 so don’t miss the prepare!! Spare the date and get your Bonus!

Website: https://konios.com/


Telegram: https://t.me/koniosofficial

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