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Cryptocurrencies have been tremendous since their inception. Such has been their impact that they have and continue to gain exponential growth capped off with huge market capitalization that currently runs into billions of dollars. Cryptocurrency transactions have proven to be highly advantageous against conventional fiat money transactions in the sense that transactions involving digital currencies are faster, decentralized, involve lower transaction fees, and many more. Also, the fact that it is now possible for cryptocurrencies to be exchanged to fiat money through bank transfers and via the use of credit cards on various online platforms is a joy to behold. However, more can be done in terms of increasing awareness on the use of cryptocurrencies. It is thought that the use of cryptocurrencies is still way below its potential and more value can be accrued to cryptocurrencies should more people adopt it. Looking at the possible reasons that could hinder the growth of cryptocurrencies, they range from the volatility and unpredictability of associated with cryptocurrencies, as well as the enormous time it takes for one to get registered on the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and many more. More needs to be done in this regard to make the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies as seamless as possible. To this end, an innovative team has come together to develop a unique platform called KONIOS.
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With the KONIOS platform cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for fiat money in a secure and transparent manner. Also, the KONIOS platform has plans to implement a Face-to-Face (F2F) method of exchange to solve the issue of high transaction fees by eliminating intermediaries. It should be noted that the KONIOS platform has a decentralized system that optimizes its performance. For more information on this project, please visit the KONIOS website at https://konios.com/ .

The Konios token (KON) is a utility token that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The Konios ICO begins on the 1st of May 2018 and will last for a period of 60 days or until the hard cap is achieved. KON tokens have a total supply of tokens is 5 billion. The accepted currencies in the ICO are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Fiat( USD, EUR,CHF, RMB,KRW). Methods of payment are through the following methods: wallet to wallet and bank wire.

ICO – 75%
Reward System – 7%
Team & Founder – 5%
Konios Inc. – 5%
Airdrop & Supporter – 4%
Presale – 2%
Advisor – 2%

Development – 54%
Advertisement – 25%
Liquidity – 10%
HR & Marketing – 5%
Administration – 5%
Legal – 1%

January – Develop and formulate the idea of the KONIOS platform.
March – Develop the solutions of the exchange principle of Face-to-Face (F2F) operations platform.
July – In the Projects, join new team members.
September – Develop and launch the Whitepaper for all.
October – Develop the main website in the web world.
November – This Platform gets strong support from the Advisors.
December – Development starts over the platform until November 2018.

January – For the last team member Completion of whitepaper and inclusion are developing.
March – Develop the Android app and develop the Ads bounty program.
May – Launching the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) operations on the market: Release the KONIOS app over this platform.
November – KONIOS platform launch the beta version for the people, also start the reward program for the people as well as the advertising activities.
December – Announcement for the KONIOS platform

February – KONIOS develop the beta versions of the treading operations.
March – Launching the advertising activities
April – Announcement for the KONIOS platform
September – KONIOS Blockchain technology integrated and migrated the KONIOS platform operations.
December – Announcement for the KONIOS platform
January – Release the KNO token for the team.

Patrik Krasnic- Founder, CEO
Mikel Krasniqi- Founder, CTO
Mike Russell- Konios platform Developer
Marko Zorko- Konios platform visualization
Kushtrim Gojani- Konios Platform Algorithms & Calculations
Ivana Ljubic- Konios platform patents and advertising
Jeremy Sun- Konios platform China & Government Relations
Patrick Dobler de Souza- Chief Marketing
Vera Neidl- Financial and investment consultant
Harro Uwe Hieninger- Konios Plattform Logic & Auditorium
Waldemar Nickel- Konios platform network specialist
Cihan Demir- Konios platform Software Developer
David Tackett- Konios platform Software Developer

With the aid of the KONIOS platform, the cryptocurrency ecosystem will be at its best. I, therefore, urge everyone to participate in its ICO event and share in its uniqueness.

Should you require more information on this project or want to connect with other unique participants, please feel free to click on any of the following links:
Website: https://konios.com/
Whitepaper Link: https://konios.com/#whitepaper-sec
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3128951
Telegram Group: https://t.me/koniosofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/konios.social/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoniosOfficial

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