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We live with you in a technological age. Every day more and more interesting projects and start-ups, like this one. Krios Is a web application and mobile application designed for companies that want to conduct effective, successful and cost-effective digital marketing campaigns. Krios is a partner network and a campaign management platform that includes blockchain technologies to help connect businesses that are looking for advertising and affiliate actions with influential people with relevant demographics and professionals who offer the related services. The Krios platform integrates enterprises with the right branches to allow business owners and marketers to directly influence and attract their target in the market. The Krios network has a part of branches and subscribers that allows organizations to be effectively adjusted by the appropriate sponsor taking into account the channels of social communication, coverage, demographic data, budget, etc. This allows companies and subscribers to save time and money by automating processing and eliminating large fees through agents and agents. It also allows organizations to better reach the target market. Cryos is associated with users who want to sell their recommendations and affiliates to entrepreneurs who are looking for them. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to choose whether they want a large contributor to back up their products or services or would like many micro-oppers to cope with their work. The project is a viable solution to the problems that the digital advertising industry is currently facing. Through the use of block and smart contracts, the platform offers a safe and transparent way to conduct marketing activities on the principles of outsourcing,The goal of Krios  is to create a powerful and economical “all-in-one” solution that meets a variety of marketing needs while maintaining clarity and ease of use. Krios leads to a breach of the monopoly of the existing multi-billion dollar industry, taking responsibility for ensuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

How it works:

Companies can continue to manage and have full autonomy over their marketing efforts directly on the Krios platform through the “Create Your Campaign” section. A simple process by which a company sends a request that contains information about its product, budget, needs and time horizon. Krios compares this with professionals registered in their network, who can be selected by the company to perform the necessary tasks. The large added value of Krios is the implementation of communication channels between third parties and the advertising model. The Krios affiliate network provides a direct line of communication between the company and the desired influential, precisely designed to meet the company’s requirements. Campaigns will have their own pages on which business owners can view the work, its progress, payment of each participant, and also have a direct line of communication with all participants of the project. Krios seeks to create a platform where small companies and innovative start-ups coexist with the same opportunities as large international corporations. Tracking of the campaign is carried out through the interface Krios – user-friendly and easy-to-use for the user – this allows the company to communicate directly with the contract and pay in KriosCoin through the application.

Actual problems:

Currently, to sell property in the UK, sellers go through real estate agents. These real estate agents either charge a huge commission for the sale of property, or take an advance payment, but then do not have the incentive to sell real estate. Another problem faced by buyers and sellers in dealing with real estate in the UK is that they have to wait for real estate agents to transfer offers and messages between the two sides. In addition, when it comes to screenings, although sellers pay real estate agents for managing the sale of their property, sellers believe that they have to give the potential buyers themselves observations.
At present, the process takes a long time, because the process is outdated and needs a complete revolution. The mortgage process and the legal process are traditionally completed by individual companies using traditional methods that take months.

Solutions from Krios:

The solution to this problem is to create an online platform for the peer-to-peer platform, where buyers and sellers can carry out transactions directly without the need for an agent. Our philosophy is to give a person control to stop real estate agents, not only ripping off sellers, taking large commissions and doing almost any job, but to save time and reduce the stress that buyers and sellers experience through the process. We strive to make the whole process simple, and we will advertise every property in our local areas by targeting social networks. We also have a vision that in 3-5 years we will be able to replace the traditional legal and mortgage processes using the block chain. If you think that the current property portals, such as Rightmove and Zoopla, can realize this,


  1. Security, privacy and decentralization.
  2. Wide choice of payment methods.
  3. Smart contracts as a guarantee of fulfillment of their obligations by all interested parties.
  4. Ability to create a full-fledged specialized marketing team.
  5. Integration of advertising companies in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin on one platform.

Krios Network:

Krios network is a part of affiliated persons and subscribers, which allows very effectively to combine organizations with their respective sponsor taking into account the channels of social communication, outreach work, demography, budget, etc. This allows companies and subscribers to save time and money by automating processing and the elimination of large commissions charged by intermediaries and agents. It also allows organizations to better reach their target market. Krios is associated with users who want to sell their approvals and affiliates to entrepreneurs looking for them. Businesses have the option to choose whether they want a major influencer to create a backup of their product or service, or they want several micro-users to work on the job.

Vision and business model:

Helping companies to develop their potential with digital marketing solutions in the simplest, most efficient and economical way. Be a global platform for marketing in social networks. By 2021 our main goal is to become more than 10% of industry. Business organizations can create their own campaigns from scratch and monitor their progress to completion on the Krios platform. You can hire content managers, social network managers, advertising managers, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing directors, vloggers, influential people, analysts and much more. Each campaign will have its own pages where entrepreneurs can track the work, progress and payments of each contributor, as well as direct lines of communication with each participant in the project.

KriosCoin will be used on the Krios platform by both professionals and companies to pay for the services they need from their services. The Krios platform manages the internal registry with each user’s KRI balances. Outside the platform, Krios provides public intellectual contracts for each token, including it in the standard ERE20 Ethereum token (an external token contract). This allows KriosCoins to be available for trading on digital asset markets. The user will be able to store KriosCoin in his portfolio of KriosCoin, which will be connected to their registered account. Specialists and companies will decide which conditions will be discussed in accordance with the services provided through the platform. KriosCoins are also useful as a reward for network members and KRI owners, 10% of commissions from network transactions will be distributed in proportion to KRI among users. This facilitates a continuous stream: Professionals win KRI, companies buy KRIs for transactions, and KRIos KRI owners will receive additional KriosCoins, returning as a return on investment for all participants.

Advantages for token holders:

  • The opportunity to make an offer directly in front of the seller through the platform.
  • Possibility to organize the viewing of the property directly in front of the seller through the platform.
  • Ability to quickly and quickly execute a transaction.
  • Save money with smart contracts, reducing the need for pipelines and lawyers.
  • Protected against fraud using blockade.
  • Real-time tracking of sales status.

Use of funds:

If all tokens are sold, then it will generate 38 million pounds sterling, to which 20% will be subject to VAT. Of the remaining 30.4 million pounds sterling will be allocated funds. When users buy tokens, 50% of tokens will be purchased from the owners of tokens through our internal exchange, and the remaining 50% will be purchased from an agent that is not needed. 50% of the money that comes into our internal exchange will be used to buy as many tokens as possible from the holders of the tokens, according to the value of each token at that time. All this is done automatically and instantly to make the whole process smooth.

Selling tokens:

Ticket : KRI
ICO Start : January 8, 2018
ICO End : February 16, 2018
ICO Price of the Token : 1 KRI = $ 0.10 USD
Total number of the tokens : 650,000,000 KRI
Delivery of the ICO :
490,000,000 KRI Unsold tokens : burned
Type tokens : ERC20
Accepts : ETH, BTC, USD



Key adviser:

Road map:


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