Investing in cryptocurrency can be lucrative but the process of investing can be frustrating, thanks to unreliable tools. In December, TechCrunch reported on several existing trading tools that took hours to push trades through. Demand is high, but the development of industry tools lags behind the financial growth of this currency sector. This is a huge problem that Kryll aims to fix.

What Is Kryll?

Kryll is an intuitive trading platform that anyone can use.
CTO Philippe Longere and CMO Olivier Paul Collorafi were inspired to create the platform after realizing their self-made bots were too complex to share with friends. So, they created an automated trading platform.

Kryll uses What You See Is What You Trade (Wysiwyt)™ technology to make the crypto trading process simple. It’s a flow-based approach in which users can simply define their objectives on the interface, tell the system what they want it to do, and then let the magic happen.

For example, the user can designate which cryptocurrency to monitor and indicate a price increase, or any type of change, that would signal an opportunity to buy. Then, Krylll would buy the cryptocurrency when those circumstances are met. The user would also define conditions in which they want to sell their currency. Similarly, Kryll’s platform would sell when those conditions are satisfied.

In an interview with Hacker Noon, Longere explained why the platform is ideal for those new to crypto trading. “It’s easy to use and will have free testing capabilities. So people can try it easily with no risks,” he said. “We’re coming from the video game [industry] and free-to-play is something we adhere to.” Kryll’s test strategies include back-testing and real-time sandboxes.

The platform also incorporates several factors that turn your automated strategy into a successful one. It uses media opinion mining, deep learning, value triggers, and technical analysis as well as logical operators and traditional market indicators.

Ultimately, Kryll allows users to work with the industry’s most advanced tools while doing the least amount of manual work. You can orchestrate your strategy and test it without the headaches or frustration of other trading platforms.

How does Kryll work?

Using Kryll is basically a four-step process.

First, you’ll utilize drag ’n’ drop blocks to build your strategy on the visual platform. You can do this for simplistic or more advanced strategies. You’ll pull these blocks from 5 categories: market trends, trading actions, signals, operators, and notifications. Then, you’ll test your new strategy through back-testing. This process uses real market data to draw conclusions. You can also use sandbox stimulation at this stage.

Once you’re satisfied with your strategy, you’ll put it to work and it’ll keep going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can share winning strategies with the Kryll marketplace or you can mine the community for strategies that have worked for others.

The Kryll App

One of the greatest advantages of using Kryll is its companion app. Users can download and sync the app with the web platform. This enables real-time access to your dashboard and you can receive push notifications when there are new developments in your strategy. Furthermore, it becomes much easier to stay up to date with your crypto trades as opposed to logging onto a more complicated platform or service.

Other platforms and apps notify you when it’s time to make a move to either take advantage of a great opportunity or avoid a significant loss of value.
Kryll simply notifies you that action has already been taken. Even better, despite the automation of your strategy, you still have the option to interact with the platform and maintain your control over your trades, right from your smartphone or mobile device.

The Kryll Token Sale

To further boost Kryll’s capability, the platform is launching a token sale on the Ethereum blockchain for Kryll tokens (KRL). Through the use of smart-contracts, Kryll will offer KRL through the end of March 2018.

You can purchase KRL from your MyEtherWallet by logging into your Kryll account at Don’t worry — if you don’t have a Kryll account just yet, you can easily start one using the aforementioned link. After you’ve logged in or set up your account, head to the “Invest in” tab and generate your ETH address. Copy that address and then access your MyEtherWallet account.

This address is generated for your account and your account only, so you’ll receive notifications anytime KRL is added to the corresponding account.

Once you’ve accessed your MyEtherWallet account, follow these steps:
Go to

Click “To Address”: Paste the ETH address you generated on your dashboard. Then click “Amount to Send”: Enter the desired amount of ETH you are willing to send to buy KRL tokens.

Click Gas Price (1): Recommended is “21 Gwei”
Click Gas Limit (2): Recommended is “21000”

After entering satisfactory settings, complete the transaction by clicking “Generate” and then “Send”. Confirm and then verify your order when

prompted, and you’re done. Visit here for the complete guide to purchase KRL tokens from MyEtherWallet.


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