Kryptobits provides new financial services in Blockchain technology

Good afternoon, if you want to participate in the Kryptobit project, it’s a good idea to read reviews that will help you see mission visions.

What is Kryptobits?
Kryptobits is a highly innovative block-chain ecosystem for banks and financial services. Kryptobits are a combination of encryption and combination together on a single platform. Kryptobits uses Blockchain technology to solve traditional banking problems.

This allows you to connect directly with other banks and move and manage your money faster, more reliably and transparently than the bank can provide. The main purpose of ICO is to obtain the high performance benefits that users participate in and provide for the large electronic money business.

Why choose Kryptobits?
Kryptobits provides new financial services in Blockchain technology in a fast, affordable and easy way. With the “Instant Money” feature, you have complete control over what you can get instantly from anywhere in the world without a fee. Today, the number of digital orders increases exponentially and requires a fast-paced banking system. It’s time for a next-generation banking platform. Kryptobits, Blockchain Banking. Easy travel, investment, credit needs, and money management.

Simple, fast, transparent and accessible to everyone. Kryptobits builds at least a system without intermediaries. Digital or traditional. It can be used by anyone, anywhere. Finance, e-cash purchases and credit card withdrawals are also available.

Incentives for token holders
Kryptobits provide many incentives for users to keep their marks. You can get a good deal by increasing the number of tokens, especially the 4 levels.
Bronze discount, transaction fee 25%
Visit KartoCoin Airdrop.
Card Acquisition
Silver Level
50% off transaction fee
Access to air drop
Access to KartoCoin
Manual Acquisition Card Acquisition
Discount 75% transaction fee
Access to air drop
Manual transaction access to KartoCoin
Purchase access card for trading card again
Diamond Discount 100% Transaction Fee
Access to air drop
Access KartoCoin to access trading manuals
Access to mining systems
Buy back cards
Token Sale
We will initially provide kryptobits tokens (KBE) through smart contracts over the Ethereum network.
A total of 1,802,500,000 tokens will be released at Kryptobits, which will enable 1,442,000,000 tokens to be used through this system, leaving the remaining tokens for economic and legal development of development teams, mentors and infrastructure.
At this stage, unsold tokens are permanently burned. In other words, Kryptobits tokens are no longer generated.
The distribution of 1,442,000,000 Kryptobits tokens to be offered for sale is described in the following table by step, quantity and expected date.
Token Sale Details
Beginning = May 17, 2018 (12:00 PM GMT + 2)
End = August 24, 2018 (GMT + 12: 00PM)
Number of tokens for sale = 1,442,000,000 (80%)
Total tokens = 1,802,500,000 (100%)
SOFT-CAP = 4 million €
Hard cap = 100 million €
Accepted currencies = ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, FIAT (EUR)
Minimum investment = 100 TOKENS
Token: KBE

Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 1,802,500,000 KBE
Price: 1 KBE = 0,1 EUR
Soft cap: 4,000,000 EUR
Hard cap: 100,000,000 EUR
Quantity: 200,000,000 KBE
Start: 17.02.2018
Completed: 05.06.2018
Quantity: 1,242,000,000 KBE
Start: 05.06.2018
Completed: 24.08.2018
From June 3, 24.73%
Since June 18, 18.62%
July 3 14.9%
About the team:
Onado Montblanc
CEO and co-founder
Mario Jose Palma
CTO and Co-Founder
Luis Alfredo Gonzalez Montbard
COO and co-founder
Daniel Paloma
Co-founder and managing director
Product Development Director
Alain Argou
Technology Management
Pablo Alon
Project Management
Security Coordinator
Carlos Callejo
Block Chain Analyst
Albert Carbon
Full Stack Block Chain Developers
Full Stack Block Chain Developers
Sergio Torres
Block Chain Designer
Web developer
Antonio Diaz
Graphic design and video
Mariana Kashiv
International Communication and Customer Service
Eric Morera
Digital Marketing Consultant, UX and CRM Expert
Carrefour Etcher
Digital director
Oscar Valdivia
Talent and marketing project manager
Alvaro Villa
Social Media Marketing Manager
Joseph Sarnets
Community Manager
Content marketing expert
Diego Rios Padrun
Legal counsel
Cisco Esterpa
Legal counsel

Commercial and Communication Manager February 2018
DLT Gibraltar License Application.
Start of Kryptobits trading platform development
20th of July 2018
Start of PRE-ICO
June 2018
The beginning of Kryptobits Exchange development.
June 5, 2018
Start ICO
July 2018
DLT license acquisition.
Presentation of Kryptobits deal.
Kryptobits Deal Execution.
August 24, 2018
ICO ending.
November 2018
Kryptobits Exchange Presentation.
December 2018
Running Kryptobits Exchange
Karto token presentation
Carto-token execution

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