Kryptoin ETFs – Blockchain Based Exchange Traded Funds Platform

Kryptoin ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is a blockchain based platform which allows to create a digital token that makes a value of a combination of cryptocurrencies on the same set of blockchain nodes which is integrated to their application. They are integrating the blockchain technology because of eliminating risks of security and transactional process from the traditional ETF ecosystem. They are making the decentralized system where with the help of smart contract they are fulfilling a specific requirement of an exchange between an ETF issuer and Authorized Participant. The aim is to create an ETF token system which allow users to use this token for exchange or trade under the Kryptoin Trading Desk.

Components of Kryptoin ETFs Ecosystem
The main components of an ETF exchange ecosystem are –
Five User Levels which is defining roles and capabilities.
Capability of assembling a Creation Unit (CU) and composing an index.
Providing MegaWallet Application which provides the capability to connect all the blockchain nodes and to create wallets for each user has been devised and implemented. This MegaWallet and the blockchain nodes will allow the system to create addresses for each user and to store these coins in their account.
They enable all the transactions between users and records them on the database under the blockchain.

Advantages of an ETF System
The ETF trading system is totally different from Closed-End Fund (CEF) system. They are offering Kryptoin Blockchain 10 under the index forum where they will track the index consisting of the top 10 largest capitalized and liquid cryptocurrencies.
ETFs can track every performance of an underlying index, commodity or basket of assets. This is very helpful to the users who want to or need an exposure to certain markets and do not want to purchase the individual assets. From this, users can avoid large dealing costs and save their time.
From Kryptoin ETFs, users can simply purchase a single token which will track the fortunes of all the coins in the index.

The Team
Donnie Kim – CEO – Mr. Donnie completed his graduation from The University of Western Ontario in BSC Biology and D.C Medical from Cleveland Chiropractic College. He started his career as a CEO of Artcube Inc., is a largest digital media network in Canada. Presently, he’s a Managing Partner at 888 Auctions Inc., and joined since 2011. He’s having expertise in Marketing, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Digital Marketing etc.

John Tracey – CFO – Mr. John completed his graduation from University of Waterloo in Accounting & Finance, Economics. He’s having expertise in Consulting, Management, Financial Sector, Tax etc.

Tariq Ali Asghar – CIO – Mr. Tariq is a Ph.D. holder and did his graduation from such reputed universities like MIT, University of London and Boston University. He started his career as a President at FinanceFlix in Ontario. He’s having 2 decades of outstanding experience in the Financial and Technology Industry in USA, Canada and Internationally. Also having expertise in Digital Marketing & Innovation, AI and Blockchain Technology.

Token Matrix
Token – KRP
Hard Cap – 144,311ETH

Social Media Reach
Facebook – 3k+ Followers –
Twitter – 4.7k+ Followers –
Telegram – 43.1k+ Members –

The Social Media hype is good, but they are not much active on their Telegram Group.
The Website is explained in well-framed where the Whitepaper is a bit too technical and hard to understand. The Token Matrix detail is not available properly on both website and whitepaper.
There are 7 core members in the leadership team who are having expertise in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Financial Sector, AI, UX/UI Developer and Blockchain Technology.
They have 3 advisors on board who are having expertise in Business Analytics, Consulting & Advising, Investment Banking and Blockchain Technology. One of them is having working experience with JP Morgan for 4 years.
The Roadmap is well-framed with their milestones till 2020 where the MVP is not available right now.

For Detailed Information
Website –


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