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Kind time. 
At present, there are many problems with existing exchanges:

  • The interface is incomplete. Ordinary people, go to the exchange and don’t know how to buy or sell cryptocurrency how to build your personal homepage, there are users without navigation assistance.
  • Safety. I think everything is clear. You have all heard of a lot of hackers, and many users have lost a lot of money.
  • Use fiatom to operate . Frequently occurring problems when purchasing/selling cryptocurrency in legal tender. If this is a big problem, it is usually not clear how to turn your legal currency into a cryptocurrency.

Inspired by these questions, the idea of creating KuBitx has appeared ! 
I want to tell you about the first real GLOBAL Exchange KuBitX.
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Please note how cool the site looks –  https://www.kubitx.io
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Let me tell you that it is still a stock exchange. 
KuBitX is one of the most advanced and secure platforms for trading (buy/sell) cryptocurrencies . Its main idea is the simplicity, accessibility, addition and training of people from all over the world. 
The group wants to make sure that absolutely anyone, even those who first heard the word “Blokcheyn” or “cryptocurrency”, can communicate, learn easily, understand and buy such things as cryptocurrency. 
The exchange plans to work with many banks to ensure maximum user convenience.

The ecosystem KubitX includes:

  • Trading engine KuBitX
  • Secure KuBitX wallet
  • Advanced management panel where you can manage your funds

just now……

Features of KubitX:

  • High scalability. The KubitX platform is ready to accept new features and features for the convenience of users.
  • protection. KubitX has done a lot of analysis on the current platform to create better security measures. In addition, the protected KubitX team is the “local” of the best companies in the world.
  • Blokcheyn. From the beginning, the KBX token will be on the Ethereum block. In the near future, the KubitX team will launch their own blockbuster!
  • ecosystem.  The KubitX system will be decentralized .
  • Low commission. In fact, KubitX’s commission is very small. The standard commission for trading is 0.05%. If you use KBX tokens, your commission will be 0.0375.
  • Minimize risk. Multiple subscription wallets and cold wallet storage will significantly reduce risk. We combine various strategies to protect the funds of its users.

Compared with other popular exchanges

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More than 12 million transactions per second! This is a lot compared to other exchanges. By using the Goland language and the features provided by the language, we can see the speed of such transactions. 
Have a small commission, mobile app and legal currencyand the ability to deposit and withdraw money , KubitX can be the best exchange in the world!

Now let’s talk about…


  • The pre-sale will start on July 16th and will end on August 31st. Hurry up: D.
  • Soft hat – 10.000 ETH
  • Hard hat – 25.000 ETH
  • Accepted currency – ETH

KBX token

  • Title – KBX
  • The type of token is ERC20 (Ethereum)
  • Decimal – 18
  • Algorithm – PoS
  • Total token – 500,000,000

For more information about the team, the percentage of tokens allocated, and the funds collected, you can find the questions you are interested in on their official website –  https://www.kubitx.io .

In addition, the project has a good rating in various ratings.
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So, I want to say, we did see an advanced communication, its friendly interface wanted to attract a large audience, even the first person to hear the word “cryptocurrency”. This is commendable! Moreover, technically, the KubitX exchange is just above other exchanges. 
I believe and really want to see the success of this global stock exchange.

Project Website –  https://www.kubitx.io
ANN on Bitcointalk –  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4628365White
Paper –  https://kubitx.io/KuBitX_Whitepaper_v1.1_En.pdf



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