Are you looking for the perfect investment? There are so many possibilities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market that you could lose days trying to know everything that you need to know about it.

With so many investments, it is absolutely natural that you will need some guidance. You should know that I am aware of this and my blog will always be here reviewing the best investments for you and giving you the hottest tips about the blockchain market.

Today, we are going to review a project called KUBITX.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has created a significant worldwide technological shift that has created a positive impact to our universe. The revolution of blockchain technology since 2008 have led to a new era of financial services leading to a rise of bitcoin as the first decentralized cryptocurrency, without any central controller or bank influences. The stability of the currency is issued by the fact that a consensus of millions of computers are connected to the network, driven by market forces and natural liquid flow of money. A socio-economic relationship in a decentralized digital society that use network protocols have being established for trading. KuBitX is taking advantage of this technological shift and the limited competition in the open market to create a practical token ecosystem to advanced and robust cryptocurrency trading platform designed to embrace the idea of “Simplicity” and “Accessibility,” empowering and educating people from all walks of life to embrace the technological revolution of Blockchain and invest in cryptocurrencies.

KuBitX is one of the most advanced and robust cryptocurrency trading platforms designed to embrace the idea of Simplicity and Accessibility, empowering and educating people from all walks of life to embrace the technological revolution of Blockchain and invest in cryptocurrencies. Contained within the KuBitX ecosystem are the KuBitX Trade engines, the secure KuBitX wallets and an advanced Admin dashboard for regulating the activities within the Trade Exchange. By targeting the untapped, high potential demographics for their inclusion in the Cryptocurrency market, Their goal is to become one of the most diverse cryptocurrency marketplaces for buyers and sellers. kubitex aim to achieve this by developing a robust trade engine, providing regular banking services through Their Financial Service Providers and initiating an Ambassador program to spread awareness and adoption.


Secure:  Its developers have carried out extensive benchmarking with the platforms already in use today. This has made it possible for them to ensure that they are a few steps ahead of their competitors. In addition, their security team has been sourced from some of the leading security organizations.

Scalability:  The Kubitx platform is very scalable. This means that it is always ready to accept new features, and additions meant to improve the overall user experience.

Ecosystem:  The people behind this platform are strong believers in the power held by P2P payment ecosystems. As such, they believe that it is only a matter of time before the traditional finance systems get replaced by more robust, and efficient payment systems.

Blockchain:  The Kubitx token will initially be based on ETH blockchain. However, there are plans to launch an independent chain in the near future.

The difference from other exchanges

Their platforms are highly scalable, ready to receive new features to enhance our user trading experience.

They have made broad benchmarks with the current platform, allowing them to take some steps forward, plus our security team comes from top organizations.

Their tokens were originally based on the Ethereum blockchain. But they plan to launch their own chain in the near future which will then be very useful in many cases such as the most common social, utility, administrative and governance issues in developing countries.

They are strong adherents in the peer to peer payment ecosystem, so the traditional financial system will eventually be partially replaced due to ever-destructive beliefs, censorship and enlightened societies.

Their platform brings competitive and competitive trading costs that will be cheaper and more convenient by using their own token.

Their multi-signature wallet and cold storage strategy will minimize the trader’s money exposure. In addition they have incorporated various strategies to secure funds traded on the platform.


Kubitx’s team are very talented individuals in the different endeavour with sole interest in good business and financial skills and with good knowledge of the blockchain technology. Below are some informations about the main members.

Eric Annan – Co-Founder & CEO Eric leads KuBitX as the Chief Executive Officer. He is Entrepreneur/Blockchain Educator. Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Advocate and Educator. Certified Bitcoin Expert. Former Lead Technical Account Manager at Huawei Technologies. Founder of Digitalkudi.com cryptocurrency trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana.

Peihan You – Chief Strategy Officer Digital Service and Marketing Expert. Blockchain enthusiast. Over 12 year’s global experience in marketing, project management, and digital service. Former lead of Huawei Technologies Digital Services. Equipped with an MBA from the University of Liverpool and Executive Education from the Harvard Business School

Victor Akoma-Philips – Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer Blockchain consultant, evangelist, and contribution. 18+ years multimillion dollars project management and ICT consulting experience with DELL, Cisco, MTN, and Huawei. Master of Business Administration Finance. 6 years at MTN with over 60 million RGS (Revenue Generating Subscribers).


Successful project always has a purpose to reach. These points can be read easily on a roadmap to track every progress will be through on the project, easily shown on the roadmap to track the progress of the project. As you can see following below, the Roadmap of KUBITX project looks very clear and informing. The team has planned in detail the big amount of tasks to be done and to be through.

ICO information

Token: KBX

Platform: Ethereum

PREICO TIME: 16/7/2018-31/8/2018

Price: 1 KBX = 0.00011 ETH

Accepted Payment: ETH

Soft cap: 10,000 ETH

Hard cap: 25,000 ETH


KuBitX’s idea of ​​making a better platform based on the existing model is very interesting even though the margins of creativity and innovation are still far fewer benefits and changes. This is the answer to all your questions about blockchain and crypto currency, no matter if you are an existing user or a newcomer. This platform has the convenience to organize and use facilities that will make it very easy for us to go. This is a promising design and has a strong working model as well.

If you are seeking a promising ICO for investment purpose then you can participate in the Kubitx ICO. The project is very well prepared from the technical and business side, with very extensive and transparent whitepapers and roadmap. I find that the project is very potential and worth investing. I will participate in this project to contribute to the development of the platform, I hope that the project will continue to grow, wish the project a nice success !

For more information please visit links below 

Website: http://www.kubitx.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.kubitx.io/KuBitX_Whitepaper_v1.1_En.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4628365.0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kubitx/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kubitx

Telegram: https://t.me/kubitx_official

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