KuBitX is one of the most advanced and robust cryptocurrency trading platforms designed to embrace the idea of “Simplicity” and “Accessibility,” empowering and educating people from all walks of life to embrace the technological revolution of Blockchain and invest in cryptocurrencies ,they aim to offer a one-stop platform for our users. Many countries and citizens have been left behind in this new revolution called blockchain we will connect those dots and offer an excellent service using the top global organisations best practice.The KuBitX team is composed of an extremely talented and experienced bunch of professionals with significant work experience from Fortune 500 companies and “Big Four” consultancy firms. Having gained substantial insights and expertise in our respective domains, it was natural for us to work in the development of the emerging markets from where we actually belong.


Contained within the KuBitX ecosystem are the KuBitX Trade engines, the secure KuBitX wallets, and an advanced Admin dashboard for regulating the activities within the Trade Exchange.


By targeting even the remotest people for their inclusion in the cryptocurrency market, our goal is to become one of the most diverse cryptocurrency marketplaces for buyers and sellers worldwide.


Emerging markets need more awareness on cryptocurrencies. KuBitX education focus will drive more literacy levels in emerging markets with on the ground seminars and workshops.


KuBitX has identified that language barriers becomes issue for customer support, as a result – poor customer support ratings happen.


KuBitX competes with global rivals with current exchanges doing about 1.4 million transactions per second.


Our vision is one of collective growth for all market participants, both our customers and the KuBitX ecosystem, thereby contributing our share to the growth of the market itself.

The broader areas upon which the vision of KuBitX has a focus upon are:

1. Education about Blockchain technology enhancing adoption by masses – . We aim to tackle the socioeconomic hindrances to adoption. The KuBitX Global Ambassador Initiative will reach the grassroots to drive local adoption.

2. Liquidity improvement – Liquidity is one of the most important pillars of any exchange that exists. Many exchanges today suffer from a liquidity crunch leaving users stranded with their currencies. To tackle this, we plan to involve market makers to build sustainable volume on the exchange, reducing cost of transactions and simplifying the complete process.

Robust Security – Security is one of the most crucial pillars surrounding a cryptocurrency exchange. Following are the security measures taken by the team:

• We are storing the password hashes and not the original passwords in our servers.

• All user data is encrypted using the AES-256 before being inserted into the database. • KuBitX has designed a customized security architecture to ensure encryption keys are stored very well.

• Secure offline multi-signature cold wallets/vault system.

• Our system is fully GDPR compliant.

• KuBitX has developed a third-party code verification and penetration testing functionality.

Financial Inclusion – The emerging markets today especially in Africa and Asia suffer from a large chunk of their population being out of reach of the traditional banking system.Banks become controllers but here the person becomes the controller because P2P transactions are possible through their phones. The KuBitX will educate people how to take advantage of Blockchain philosophy thus enhancing financial inclusion.

5. Economic development of the emerging markets –  KuBitX with extensive strategic partnerships with the private and public sector, have designed an institutional investment plugin on the KuBitX engine to enable a higher volume of crypto trading and traditional capital trading functionalities



Our platform is highly scalable, ready to accept new features to improve our users trading experience.


Our token is initially based on the Ethereum blockchain. We plan to launch our own chain in the near future which will then be very useful to many cases such as the most common social, utility, administration, and governance problems in developing countries.


As strong believers in peer to peer payment ecosystems, we believe that traditional financial systems will eventually be replaced partly due to continuous broken trust, censorship and a growing enlightenment of the populace.


Our fees are the lowest around, it is even lower when you choose to use our native token the KBX for fees payment. Trading fee on KuBitX exchange is 0.05%, however, the users opting to use KuBitcoin(KBX) tokens as a method of payment of trading fee will get a discount of 25% compared to the original trading charges.

– Trading fee = 0.05%

– Trading fee using KBX token= 0.0375%


Our multi-signature wallet and cold storage strategy will minimize the exposure of our trader’s funds. We have combined various strategies to secure the funds traded on our platform.


We have made an extensive benchmarking with the current platforms, which allowed us to take few steps ahead, plus our security team comes from top organisations.


Token Name Kubitcoin (KBX)

  • Token Type ERC-20
  • Total Supply 500,000,000
  • Price 1 ETH = 8,909.09 KuBitcoin(KBX)
  • Currencies Accepted ETH
  • Soft Cap 10,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap 25,000
  • ETH Pre-Public Round Bonus 20%
  • Public Round Bonus 10%
  • Unsold Tokens All Burned


  • For Private Sale : 36%
  • For Founder and Dev Team : 23%
  • For KuBitX Investment Fund : 20%
  • For Public Sale : 16%
  • For Advisor and Partners : 3%
  • For Bounty : 2%




For more information Visit:

Website : https://kubitx.io

ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4570049

TrackICO : https://trackico.io/ico/kubitx/

ICOBench : https://icobench.com/ico/kubitx

FoundICO : https://foundico.com/ico/kubitx.ht

Whitepaper: https://kubitx.io/KuBitX_Whitepaper_v1.1_En.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kubitx

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kubitx/

Telegram: https://t.me/kubitx_official

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/KubitX/

My BitCointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2293100

My ETH Address: 0xEE5E677832A32f9aCf1381B05ec7f2160550c0f2


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