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Reality overview

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have created a remarkable technological change around the world that has had a positive impact on our universe. The revolution of blockchain technology since 2008 has led to a new era of financial services that led to a rise in bitcoin as the first decentralized cryptocurrency, without any central or image controllers. enjoy any bank. The stability of the coin is given by the fact that a consensus of millions of computers is connected to the network, driven by market forces and the natural flow of money. A socio-economic relationship in a decentralized digital society using established network protocols for transactions. KuBitX is taking advantage of this technology shift and limited competition in the open market to create a real-time token ecosystem for advanced and powerful e-currency platform. To embrace the idea of “Simplicity” and “Accessibility,” empower and educate people from all walks of life to embrace the technological revolution of Blockchain and invest in electronic money.

What is KubitX?

KubitX is the blockchain cryptocurrency trading platform which is designed to provide more simplicity and accessibility to financial services and also they are trying to carry out an invester program which will help people to know more about cryptocurrency at Blockchain technology. If we talk about the problems that current capital exchange faces, then the first one is lack of mature ecosystem. Basically, there is the liquidity problem when dealing with fiat currency which creates volatility in the system and this leads to losing money. In this next one is security issues that customer faces when dealing in cryptocurrency exchanges such as cyber attacks. Lastly, if we talk about the knowledge about this cryptocurrency and Blockchain then people are still unaware of this technology and there’s need and demand to learn and educate them.

KubitX has taken all the mentioned problems into consideration and has come up with the exchange platform which will provide three wave authentication process for more security, then they are reducing transaction cost and simplifying the whole trading process which will further reduce the liquidity problem and then they are also providing us with a platform which will provide all the knowledge about cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.


If we look at the features of KubitX exchange, the first thing that surprised me is the processor speed of the platform. As announced in the whitepaper, the processing speed can reach over 12 million transactions per second, faster than any trading platform. Along with that is the extremely low transaction cost, almost zero (0.05%). Perhaps, this is the trading platform fastest on the world. The second thing must to mention is that it supports fiat withdrawals. Currently, cryptocurrency is emerging and many trading platform are also developing. However, there are very few platforms support fiat money. KubitX will support the exchange between of crypto and fiat money as well as deposit and withdrawal operations. The next one is it was API and financial intergration. So they are introducing advanced API feature and even users to use this application platform very easy and they are also trying to connect and help themwith various third-party custom API. This platform will also integrate banking services to improve the problems of liquidity. The next one is security mission. This platform is providing us with security that is three web authentication process and also they are indicating other features like SSL certificate, DdoS protection and multi-firewall protection to all the customers. And the last feature is customer support.This platform is basically customer centric platform which will help them assistance 24/7. It include multiple channel support. There is detailed FAQ and tutorials and also product page feedbacks on customers remark.



Development team



I found this is a wonderful project, very well prepared in many aspect. The team and advisory of this platform has good experience in Blockchain , cryptocurrency, IT, software development and cyber security. They already have partnership with WDM international modulus and UMS conferences. The roadmap and white paper of this platform is very well written and transparency. In other side, I found a few shortcomings of this project. The MVP is still not available and also the social media hype is extremely low. However, overall, this is still a promising and worthwhile investment. Evidence is that the project has very high scores on the prestigious ICO sites such as ICO Bench, ICO Track and Found ICO.

If you have any opinions about the project, please leave below the comment section. Thank for reading!

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