Platforms Designed to Combat Peer to Peer Scams

Best wishes to all cryptocurrency If you are interested in joining the KUVERIT project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here’s the review:
You need to know that fraud & defect insurance products are a global problem that often happens now, and the Kuverit application offers solutions to overcome these global problems. Because the Kuverit platform refused to be lined with rings leading to the crypto room, while 7 billion people waited.
So, with global fraud reaching 3 trillion pounds per year, what is a feasible solution? The following are some of the solutions:
Global fraud is reaching epidemic levels with annual economic prices of more than £ 3.2 trillion. The UK economy alone loses more than £ 110 billion to fraudsters every year. Fraud professionals urge organizations to focus their resources more on fraud prevention, estimating that doing so can add £ 44 billion annually to the British economy.
Kuverit is an innovative solution from the project developer under consideration, which combines peer-to-peer networks and blockchain technology into a single entity. Such integrated systems will contribute to eradicating fraud between two people who are interested in gaining mutual benefits.
Kuverit’s main innovative solution will be to combine peer to peer guarantee trading, designed to eradicate peer to peer fraud, with the first fully independent blockchain insurance company in the world, designed to protect everything for everyone, everywhere.

Number of activities

Customer Smart Insurance
According to the latest research, it becomes clear that users prefer blockchain technology, rather than live conversations with each other to conclude agreements on paper or words. This is Kuverit’s undoubted superiority.

Instant Payments
Because blockchain technology is used, there is no need to pay through the banking system (third parties).

Because smart contracts are used instead of paper contracts, all agreements are protected at a high level. It is not possible for one person to change items. For this purpose, it is necessary to involve all representatives through an agreement.

Before you sign a possible agreement, you need to know the people you can deal with in the future. The Kuverit application provides this opportunity, because all customer information is stored in the database. This means that cooperation with dishonest people is interrupted at the initial level.

This image will give a look that is guaranteed to eliminate risk
We also conducted Research for Insurance that 37% of insurance customers preferred to use smart technology rather than talking to agents. because civilization is living following technological developments in the age of smartphones where consumers demand speed and efficiency.
So the Kuverit Smart Insurance Application will meet consumer expectations and most importantly build a modern insurance application without friction by utilizing the blockchain to support instant payment and decentralized claim processing systems.
Scammers are getting smarter, so protection should be better. and here are the precautions that are needed to handle Fraud:
  • P2P Fraud Protection
  • Protect yourself
  • Protect Your Friends
  • Protect your family And
  • Protect the Vulnerable
And again the Kuverit Application has the advantage of allowing you to check the reputation of strangers before dealing with them, it will also protect you from financial losses if the transaction deteriorates.

Token distribution

Usage continues

Sales Token
  • I am the ERC20 Token
  • Starting – Dec. 24 2018 (00:01 GMT)
  • Number of Tokens For Sale – 2,525,252,525
  • Ended – Dec 24, 2019 (00:01 GMT)
  • Token Exchange Value – 1 ETH = TBD I, 1 BTC = I TBD
  • Acceptable Currency – ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP +++
  • Minimum Transaction Amount – $ 100
  • Christmas Sales – 0-25 December 2018 – 70% Discount
  • New Year Sales – Dec 25 – Jan 1 -19 50% Discount
ICO Stage
  • ICO Phase 1 – 4 Months – Bonus 25%
  • ICO Stage 2 – 3 Months – 20% Bonus
  • ICO Level 3 – 2 Months – Bonus 15%
  • ICO Phase 4 – 1 Bulan – Bonus 10%
  • ICO Phase 5 – 1 Bulan – Bonus 5%
  • ICO Level 6 – 1 Month – Bonus 0%
  • ICO Price Per Token – $ 0.99



For more relevant information about the Kuverit project or to reach social networks and sales crowds, please refer to the following reference sources:

WEB SITE:   https://www.kuverit.io/

WHITEPAPER:  https://www.kuverit.io/ white / Kuverit_Limited_WP_Dec_2019.pdf

FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/kuverit

TWITTER:  https://twitter.com/kuver_it

TELEGRAM:  https://telegram.me/Kuveritico

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