Kvantor Financial Platform.

Kvantor ensures that company to make business more directly, therefore serving as a financial platform that uses the blockchain technology to create a decentralized environment in which economic entities can make transactions. The platform provide access to the most modern financial assets and tools to help you and to a marketplace in which you can trade different types of commodities via digital channels and are able to trespass the bureaucracy of the system. Simple procedures are involved to usher in new levels of economic freedom to market play and facilitates the decentralization of all financial relationships between counterparties, opening up a seamless channel for the exchange of values without third-party mediation. Kvantor platform  eliminate of third-party players in any transactional exchanges to reduce the cost of transaction drastically and expedites the interaction.

The platform offers features like mutual settlements without having a SWIFT number and too much outside control and an enhancement of banking systems based on the blockchain technology provided by the company. Kvantor targets banks, raw material manufacturers and traders to bring about true economic freedom to the global market, enabling users to leverage cutting-edge technologies for all settlement, reduce transaction speed of exchange from days to mere minutes at competitive and attractive rates. Using Kvantor , currency and commodity service providers are now able to provide their clients with a state-of-the-art service delivery through a transparent, secure, and tamper-proof technology.


– Interbank transfers for foreign trade: Transfer of fiat currencies and digital instruments between the banks from different countries.

– Banking services: Money transfers, clearing, bank guarantees, factoring, etc.

– Exchange trading services (for Brokers, manufacturers and purchasers of goods) :

– Agricultural exchange (meat, fish, corn), commodities and raw materials exchange (oil, coal, gold) and currency exchange (fiat currencies and digital instruments).


Kvantor works both as a SaaS and as a “box” solution. The companies on the platform will be free to interact with each other and it can also work as a “box” in which it can be a simple solution for when you need the ability to connect to the platform by using the API. Kvantor offers privacy to the users about the transactions that they made, as only the involved parties are able to see the information of the trades that they have made in the past and all the other information is protected.

Interbank transfers are one of the main features of the company. The blockchain helps to prevent hacking or any other type of interference at the transactions. Also, all the money transfers use a protocol that works in a similar way with a SWIFT system but in a faster and easier way.

The platform can also be used for commodity exchange. All the transactions are made via smart contracts and the blockchain offers a good way to protect yourself from having to deal with a lot of paperwork and problems because the transactions happen all at once with smart contracts.


1. For companies:

• Direct settlements with contractors in national currencies (avoiding traditional channels and protocols of monetary circulation)

• Convenient marketplace with automatic execution of transactions, complementary services (logistics, insurance), electronic arbitrage

• Verification of the counterpart — the platform’s architecture allows to check counterpart’s status and reputation beforehand without any violation of information confidentiality, which is the high priority here

• Usage of financial instruments (financial guarantees, factoring, etc.) and complementary services (insurance, etc.) based on new technologies — automatically executed smart contracts — for transaction security

• Sufficient decrease of financial and time expenditures for execution of transactions

• Trading of assets/liabilities in decentralized mode

• Protection of confidential information from unauthorized regulators.

2. For banks

• Automatic clearing of mutual obligations

• Independence from centralized payment systems (provision of alternative channel, which may be used for either all or specialized transactions/clients)

• Engagement of new clients by means of provision of innovative banking services demanded by small, medium and large businesses

• Protection of confidential information from unauthorized regulators.

3. For government

• Protection from control of economical operations exercised by IMF, NSA and other unfriendly institutions/regulators

• Execution of all operations on the basis of consensus of the stakeholders

• Increase in national monetary aggregates and decrease of actual operations in foreign currency, increase in the country’s financial stability

• In prospect, creation of a governmental settlement platform and uniting on its basis of interested entities and political blocs.


Token: KVT

Token Price: 1 USD

Tokens for sale: 80,000,000 KVT (80%)

Supply of Token: 100,000,000 KVT

Hard hats: 42,500,000 USD

Receive: ETH, BTC, LTC, FIAT

Restricted country: United States


5% Partners of the project

15% Founders, team, initial investor

80% Beneficiaries of the KVANTOR project


Q2 2018

The selection of higher- and middle management has been completed, the backbone of the development- and sales teams has been formed.

Q3 2018

Team formation completed.

The key technology partners are identified.

The technological and methodological basis of the developing platform have been finalized.

Q4 2018

The key regional partners for the platform’s promotion have been identified.

The Beta-version of «Interbank transfers» functionality has been released.

Q1 2019

Commercial version of Interbank Settlement Service is released.

Agreements with strategic regional partners are sealed.

Support infrastructure is formed

Q2 2019

First contracts for the provision of Interbank Settlement Service are signed

Q3 2019

Beta of Bank Services Package is released

Q4, 2019

Regional key clients are defined.

Beta of Services of Exchange Trade is released.

Commercial version of Bank Services Package is released.

Q1 2020

Commercial version of Bank Services Package is released.

First contracts for the provision of Bank Services (from the Bank Services Package) are signed.

Consortium of Clients with the aim of getting customer feedback and facilitating strategic planning for the development of the platform is formed.

Q2 2020

Beta of Services of Exchange Trade is released

Q3 2020

Commercial version of Services of Exchange Trade is released.

First contracts for the provision of Services of Exchange Trade are signed.


Arsen Bakhshiyan – CFO

Mikhail Chekanov – Product Development

Stas Sorokin – CTO

Mikhail Petrov – CIO

Aleksey Losev – CEO

Valentin Esipov – Legal

Ivan Anisimov – Business Development (EMEA region)

Elena Kartseva – Business Development (CIS region)

Alexandr Bishnev – Business Development (Eastern Europe)

Artem Timonin – CMO

Alexander Vasilyev – Business Development

Nikita Zuev – Financial Analyst

Kirill Belkin – Lead developer

Nikita Lukhmenev – UX/UI Designer

Vitlaliy Levashov – Back-end developer

Tatyana Gudyma – Frontend developer

Kseniia Fedosova – Project Administrator

Stanislav Drozdov – IT Support

Pavel Shalaginov – IT Support

Kind Regards, ensure to join this incredible project.


WEBSITE: https://kvantor.com/

WHITEPAPER: https://kvantor.com/docs/whitepaper_en.pdf

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/kvantorcom

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/kvantor_com

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/kvantorcom

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