KVANTOR – New Level of Freedom For Economic Transactions

KVANTOR project

The platform is designed to provide:

  • A fast and secure solution without difficult external controls;
  • Expansion of the banking system with the ability to work with the most modern financial instruments and crypto currencies;
  • Commodity trading market: direct payments by cutting traditional channels, digital guarantees, factoring, and other opportunities based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Project Objectives and Ideas

  1. The objective of the KVANTOR project is to provide real freedom to global market economic agents.
  2. To use advanced residential technology;
  3. To make quick transactions for competitive and acceptable prices that are not controlled by cartels and companies;
  4. To reduce costs for the clerks soldiers, lawyers, «contract management specialists» and publishing some unnecessary documents;
  5. To transfer capital simultaneously (in many cases, automatically) to the point of development, which provides the greatest advantage with minimal risk.

This platform will allow for reduced delivery time to minutes, transaction expenses and error risk – almost to zero, and the volume of required documents – down to the barest possible. By using KVANTOR, currency and commodity exchange will be able to provide services to their clients based on future technology, and banks will become not only financial institutions but full business partners.

Main Products (service) of KVANTOR Platform:

  1. Interbank transfers: Fiat currency transfers and digital instruments between banks. Consumer: Bank.
  2. Banking services: Money transfer, clearing, bank guarantee, factoring, etc. Consumer: The client client of the bank participating in the KVANTOR ecosystem.
  3. Trade service exchange: Agricultural exchange (meat, fish, corn), commodities and exchange of raw materials (oil, coal, gold) and currency exchange (fiat currency and digital instruments). User: Broker, manufacturer, and purchaser of goods.

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Essence Token

KVANTOR digital tokens are licenses for non-exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity (software) and earnings of such income on an exclusive terms. This opportunity is implemented through partner program mechanisms with the help of KVANTOR.KEY software (hereinafter referred to as K.KEY). KVARK digital token is a license to use the results of intellectual activity (software). Under the license agreement, the KVANTOR token holder may purchase / sell the KVARK token as the key required to use the software. Exclusive rights are reserved for Rightsholders (Licensors). Licensee receives usage rights within the scope set by the license agreement.


KVANTOR Token is the account unit for K.KEY license holder. Owner 1 KVANTOR token can receive 0.0000000% of KVANTOR.TECH software product sales (hereinafter referred to as Rightsholders): Kvantor.Node, Kvantor.Bank, Kvantor. Markets (hereinafter referred to as Products). The owner of the KVANTOR token obtains the right to issue and sell licenses for Products from Rightsholders (accounting units are KVARK tokens) in accordance with quotas designated by the Partner Program rules. For example, the owner of a 10% ICV KVANTOR token receives an opportunity to sell 10% of the total number of licenses available to all members of the partner program. The productivity of the K.KEY program is directly proportional to the number of license keys owned by the holder (the more KVANTOR tokens it has, the higher the quota for licensing sales for the Product).

Info Token

Token: KVT
Token Price: 1 USD
Tokens for sale: 80,000,000 KVT (80%)
Supply of Token: 100,000,000 KVT

Investment info

Hard hats: 42,500,000 USD
Receive: ETH, BTC, LTC, FIAT
Restricted country: United States

Road Map

I quarter • the project is initiated
II quarter • top and middle management hired, base of the development and sales team formed
III quarter • formation of the team completed
• key technological partners determined
• technological and methodological basis of development of the platform finalized
IV quarter • major regional promotion partners determined
• beta of Interbank transfers function released

I quarter • commercial version of Interbank transfers function released
• agreements with regional promotion partners executed
• support structure of developed services formed
II quarter • first contracts for provision of interbank transfers service signed
III quarter • beta of Banking services function released
IV quarter • regional «anchor clients» serving as basis of development of the platform and generation of income determined
• beta of Exchange trading services function released
• commercial version of Banking services function released

I quarter • commercial version of Banking services function released
• first contracts for provision of banking services signed
• The Client Club for clients’ feedback and strategic planning of development of the platform established
II quarter • beta of Exchange trading services function released
III quarter • commercial version of Exchange trading services function released
• first contracts for provision of exchange trading services signed

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their sales crowd through the following links:

WEBSITE: https://kvantor.com/
WHITEPAPER: https://kvantor.com/docs/whitepaper_ru.pdf
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/kvantorcom
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/kvantor_com
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/kvantorcom


Bitcointalk Profile Link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1795848



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