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Kwhcoin is a blockchain-based solution for an effective and network-based incentive platform to integrate renewable energy and energy sources that are distributed into the grid. More importantly, we are developing a model to compensate for the value of distributed energy sources at the grid edge leading to an advanced energy network that everyone can access without the barriers to enter. The energy sector is in the most significant transition since the start of the power grid. The United States is served by an extraordinarily complex and effective electrical system with a fossil power plant in a centrally located factory strategically positioned as a core reactor. The three major parts of the transmission, and distribution of systems – work together to bring reliable and affordable electricity to virtually everyone in America, thus providing essential services for security, economic development and the nation’s social connectivity. However these are very expensive and carbon intensive at all distribution points and generations and almost get rid of us all from access to the value chain. There are many estimates but McKinsey’s value of current (grid) grid, transformer, transformer and pole current (depreciated) values, ranges between US $ 1.5 to $ 2 trillion and replacement costs will be EXCEED $ 5 TRILLION dollars. The environmental impact of such large investments in fossil fuel energy sources begins to be reflected in our natural environment and geopolitical turmoil.
Future Cryptocurrency
Contributors receive tokens to add new data to the system, which in turn is purchased by other users. All contributors are immediately rewarded with internal credit for adding new data to the system. These credits can be spent in the system
By 2015, U.S. electric utilities spent $ 103 billion on capital expenditures to maintain and improve the grid. Distributed energy resources can be combined to deliver services to the power grid dramatically reducing costs and improving energy efficiency.
KWHCoin’s solution is to build a decentralized network of energy sources by connecting it through blockchain technology. Export energy is converted to KWH tokens and transferred to users’ digital purses on peer-to-peer energy trading applications – Grid

The KWH team will leverage blockchain technology and the use of smart contracts to build a decentralized network of distributed clean energy resources.KWHCoin BLOCKCHAIN
Blockchain and other distributed ledger technology systems are the underlying protocol used to secure KWHCoin and the execution of energy transactions on the platform.
This technology will enable the safe and secure transmission of energy data and ownership information by transacting all details in a public ledger, processed by decentralized computers all around the world.
As a morally and socially conscious community, we plan to implement blockchain technology with renewable clean energy, to provide millions of people with electricity and weaken the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. We will build new business models and institutions using decentralization and autonomy as the guiding principles. We strongly believe that the centralization of our social, political, economic, governmental and financial institutions are suppressing individuals in their attempts to create a better future for themselves.
We want to help governments and people in developing countries escape corruption, establish property rights and vote effectively, all while gaining access to decentralized global energy and financial markets. Our goal is to serve the 2.1 billion people lacking electricity and the 5.1 billion unbanked around the world.
We will implement our unique new blockchain infrastructure and tools to bring people access to our decentralized clean energy community.
Emergence and Agility
Social Consciousness

KWH Distribution 10% of all initial coin offerings and ALL profits generated related to Kwhcoin will be donated for microgrid development and grid technology investments in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, the Caribbean and 1.2 billion worldwide without access to reliable energy sources. 2. 5% Kwhcoin will be allocated to presale to raise capital as business opportunities are delayed behind the meter with commercial energy, industrial and residential energy efficiency projects. 3. 53% of the token offer will be used to raise funds for 4 product offerings related to the launch of Kwhcoin as a decentralized renewable energy economy. 4. 5% will be allocated to pay business and administrative expenses using Kwhcoin as a form of payment for services rendered. 5. 27% of generation tokens are allocated to Founders, principals, core developers, and humanitarian partners for compensation and to launch infrastructure for social impact ecosystems. KWH SUPPLY? Early coin offerings are set to create a total supply of 195 million KWH tokens to launch a sophisticated energy and sophisticated energy distribution network.

The KWHCoin Token will consist of distributed energy source data which is not shared from multiple sources to generate tokens using the following model:
Energy-Saving Token
Energy Storage Token
Motor Vehicle Token
Request Inquiry Token
Mikrogrid Token
Combined Heat and Power Token
Humanitarian Token
STATEMENT: KWHCoin is working on final settings for decentralized Apps development with multiple partners to develop comprehensive apps to handle estimated transaction volumes from platforms. More detailed technical analysis will be published before ICO in the revised white paper will include technical application details.

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