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Persona represents the solution for identity management, aligned with the latest data protection regulations. Its scope is to empower the individual and grant them the control over their personal data as well as the means to secure access to their private details. This product is aligned with the GDPR requirements and provides a safe mean to keep, share and process data.

Persona leverages the blockchain features, allowing a company to offer KYC services to third party as well as benefiting from each other’s services. The verification process has 2 levels:

  1. The professional KYC. It represents the process that an individual goes through when they engage any entity that requires an identity verification process.
  2. The community KYC. It represents a common effort, where people are encouraged to validate each other’s identity. By empowering community checkup, we believe that we will make people evangelize further the blockchain, while permitting them to update their details.

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Given the fact that there are two components of the product, layered on top of each other, Persona is safe to use. When registering with a provider, the physical presence of the individual is a prerequisite in order to share their data with the company. Persona is composed of three segments:

  • The blockchain which holds the transaction data and IPFS for storage
  • A web app and dashboard for the individual to use
  • A mobile app which helps data management

The mobile application’s security is based upon:

  • PIN-based login
  • Optional fingerprint scan

The Web application’s security:

  • 2FA Authentication

Once the user creates his identity, the data stored is secured by the cryptographic algorithms of the blockchain. By saving the user data on the blockchain and not in a centralized application/server, Persona offers the first CaaS (Customer-as-a-Service) solution on the market. All documents uploaded by the users are encrypted using their private key before uploaded and distributed through the IPFS. When documents are shared between members for notarization, the file will be decrypted by the owner and shared directly with his counterpart.

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Persona will use the Distributed Ledger Technology for managing user permissions, approval transactions and proof-of-identity. The Persona Blockchain that has the following characteristics: –

  • DPOS blockchain with 51 delegates forked out of the Ark ( blockchain;
  • The blockchain will be public and will feature interoperability with other blockchains through Smart Bridges;
  • Persona will integrate natively, at a blockchain level, an IPFS-like solution for sharing documents and files between users.

The Token Sale for Persona will take place following the phases:

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The seeded number of tokens will be 100,000,000. The price for one PRS token during the sale is $0.2. There are 70,000,000 PRS allocated to the sale, split into one Private Sale and a three-phase Public Sale. Persona will accept three tokens: Bitcoin, Ethereum and ARK. The tokens received during the TGE will be distributed to their escrowed respective wallets.

Make sure you participate in Persona ICO, please look for more information in the following links.;u=999472


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