LabelsCoin is a one-source copyright exchange platform based on blockchain technology with a range of related services. Combined, this facilitates copyright transparency and related royalty exchanges – allowing fair and transparent retribution to music creators. LabelsCoin blockchain is built on a copyright matching engine that will verify

LabelsCoin blockchain is built on a copyright matching engine that will verify the status of the music against the license model, violation, plagiarism, redistribution rights, and means.

Vision Labels Coin

The Vision of Creation of LabelsCoin and future business models and strategies consists of three components:

digital currency,

an online music recognition system that provides real-time royalties to music stakeholders and

patented industrial device.

Destination LabelsCoin

Purpose LabelsCoin builds a solid global music utility – an advanced blockchain that will be used throughout the Music industry to create profit, where all stakeholders can participate in a transparent and fair manner.


LABELSCOIN will allow the transfer of Tokens through the LABELSCOIN Wallet. Each platform users can choose between different blockchain assets as a source of payment in the LABELSCOIN Wallet. Furthermore, users can easily convert various types of blockchain assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), from one to another easily using their personal LABELSCOIN Wallet. The LABELSCOIN application facilitates the storage of easy management of royalty portfolios, simple fund transfers between people, and many other functions.

The LABELSCOIN wallet plays a central role in the LABELSCOIN ecosystem. It serves as a cold storage 3 for its users which allows for deposits and exchange of cryptocurrency as well as a solution for paying music royalties. Moreover, the wallet will be connected to the leading crypto-exchange.


We believe that the community plays an important role in becoming a global crypto trading platform and investment. Therefore, we want our community to be able to participate in our future growth through this form of funding, as compared to traditional business funding that limits investment to minority elites

Universal Coins: LABELSCOIN, LBSC is a fuel that will power all the services provided by the LABELS blockchain. We are already in talks with the Copyright, Artist, Label, physical and digital Community Collection to make LBSC the preferred Coin for their upcoming music services, as they migrate to a decentralized platform. We imagine that LBSC will be used by the upcoming Music industry for various purposes including payment to authors, automatic audience monitoring etc. To protect our contributors, we patented industrial equipment. This device is in the production stage and will be available on the market in 2019.

Token Sales: September 7 – December 31

Ticker LBSC 
Token type ERC20 
Receives ETC BTC

ICO Token Price 3.03 ETH = 1000 LBSC 
Price of Token: 1 LBSC = 0.0001515 BTC 
Total Tokens 30000000 
Tokens Available for Sale 20000000

Min / Max Personal Cap 1000 to 500000 

Distribution officially ends at 31.12.2018 (23:59 CET) At this time of sale and the purchase agreement on the LBSC token entered between the customer token and the token distributor will be effective and legally binding. After this, no further tokens will be distributed. There will be no more tokens made and after the hard cap is reached and a total of 30’000’000 LBSC will not be exceeded. So all unsold tokens will be burned.


• November 2017 final market research, version 0.1 white paper, legal advice, team building 
• March 2018 LabelsCoin website and making LBSC tokens, update white paper 0.2 
• April 2018 Device patents and first meeting with Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority, update paper white 0.3 
• May 2018 Event Blockchain Coin label: updating white paper 0.4 
• June 2018 Development of the Blockchain Coin label, meeting with the Montreux Palace (Switzerland) conference press conference in Venafro, Italy 
• July 2018 Legal advice on LBSC tokens, Labels Officially registered International Trademarks
• August 2018, Second meeting with the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority, KYC merger on our website, blockchain development, meeting with Swiss Cyber ​​Security in Geneva, Switzerland, updating 0.5 
• September 2018 PRE-ICO, 33.4% of tokens will be at pre-sale to determine ICO prices 
• INITIAL COIN OFFERS November 2018, 40% tokens will be distributed 
• December 2018 End of ICO

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