LaborCrypto is a global independent platform for P2P. This is a technology company that extends blocks and encryption to transform modern society. LaborCrypto utilizes Blockchain Technology, AI technology, and the power of people to solve freelance economics by solving all problems and opening big doors for freelancers around the world.

LABORCRYPTO provides the following solutions to provide easy working methods.

Reduction of transaction costs. In this case, unsafe users can save money by making money. 50% of the costs collected must be distributed to the token owner and depend on the user’s contribution to this ecosystem.

This is a platform to promote market creation for all users, including consumers, freelancers, and all participants.

What solutions are offered by LABORCRYPTO?

First of all, integration, use of digital currencies, smart contracts, lack of bank management, additional costs


Laborcryptor is desirous in building an ecosystem that will generate employment opportunity and yield human capital development and to equally solve the issues of middleman service fees. Also, we are engaged in the use of cryptocurrency as the only form of payment. Laborcryptor is envisaged in sharing half of the platform’s actual revenue with both the users and freelancers who contribute to the growth of the ecosystem, based on their individual contributions in the project.

The main task of this project is to adapt and use LBR coins in a timely manner so that LBR coins can be used in several places to exchange services. To transfer laboratory resources, users with iOS and ANDRIOD wallets are allowed. How does the platform work? Consumers and freelancers come to the LaborCrypto ™ website, after which they send work or hire an independent professional. For payment method, it use the Laborcrypto TM currency more so, it requires a maintenance fee where as The user gets more money Users will actively participate in the life changing program.


Laborcryptor revenue will be generated by taking this 3% transaction fee, offering ad space to other businesses or users within our own ecosystem, and charging institutions to offer their curriculums on LaborCrypto. By so doing, they wouldn’t rely much on ICO in other to fully establish the project. A significant challenge with some of this similar project with laborcryptor is because Most have astronomical service fees and offer low pay to the freelancers, and the users have to pay for the transactions and series of other challenges, paved way for cryptocurrencies and the essence of the services towards solving the problem freelancers do face often. In actually bring an end to these problems, a decentralized platform is suggested,


Laborcrypto will be opening the sales of her ICO for investors to invest and make fat income after the sales, this is because this project is scalable, transparent, seamless and profit oriented. Laborcryptor budgeted to invest 25% of the funds raised from the sale of laborCrypto Tokens during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), into further development of the LaborCrypto platform technology.

Details of ICO

LBR token: a utility icon that allows owners and users of a free platform to use the various services offered by the LABORCRYPTO system, including the right to receive rewards and additional bonuses.

Symbolic symbol – LBR

Hard Cap – $ 22 million

Soft Cap – $ 2 million

Total number of tokens – 100 000 000 000 LBR

Symbolic fee ICO: 1 USD = 2000 LBR

Currencies accepted – ETH, BTC

Minimum investment amount – 0.01 ETH

Standard token – ERC 20

The ICO will begin in June 2018 and will begin in the last 60 days.

All unsold tokens are burned




Consumers and freelancers come to the LaborCrypto ™ site. They send a job or hire a freelancer. Only the method of payment – use the coin Laborcrypto TM. Fee for service. The user receives more money. Users will actively participate in valuable common programs. The main features of LABORCRYPTO are as follows. The general interest to the user / client (ten times less than most platforms, which are aimed at solving services with high interest and low cost of users and builds loyal relations between users and the company) commission.

Updating income (about 50%). (Other platforms spend a lot of time on payment, so the lab does not withhold payment, it is easy to simplify and has all the functions that attract platform users.) Of course, the loyalty of the user. Supporting 100% of this income and receiving a quarterly distribution of compensation, qualified freelancers are more likely to provide their services.


April 2018

Expansion of the development team and strategic consultants to improve the implementation plan based on the stages.

May 2018

Created token and smart contract Checked Do you want to start development Reg D file

July 2018

Pre-delivery assembly Advisory group and partnerships

Aug 2018

ICO Crowed Sale? And further marketing growth File licensing and government regulatory applications Reg A


Distribution of tokens

September 2018

API and SDK for LBR Token, which will be used on partner platforms (starting with ChoreRelief)

March 2019

Initial alpha and beta testing of an independent platform

June 2019

Complete the platform and start the transaction And expand the international development team biz dev

September 2019

Creation and launch of mobile applications.

December 2019

Creating local offices in multiple countries Launching partnerships in education and training

January 2020

Improvements and improvements on the platform Ecosystem Development

March 2020

Launch of a full API and SDK library for implementing LBR as a form of payment on other freelance or gaming platforms


Tarik Khribech


Adam Cisek

VP of Operations

Steven Young

Attorney and Blockchain Entrepreneur / Advisor

Tim Mayeur

Vp Strategic Partnerships

Danny Johnson

Advisor Ceo Pinkcoin

Meryem Khribech

Worldwide global procurement

Vinodh Vemireddy

Data Governance & Controls Advisor

Xavier Babu


Graham Doggart


PraBu Dass

Strategic Advisor

Lepanto Fernando

Team Lead

Devendran Radhakrishnan

Technical Lead

Ananda Kumar

UI/UX Developer

Lepando Fernando

Lead Software design

Vidhya Kalyan

Manger of Quality Assurance


Senior Blockchain Developer

Radhika R

Senior Quality Analyst


Senior Blockchain & Web Developer


Lead Full Stack Web Dev

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