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What do you know about Laborcrypto?
LaborCrypto unlike every other project , is a freelancing platform that is leveraged on blockchain technology to give her customers and service providers of freelance a chance to bring about a collaboration identical value devoid of a central chain of command. LaborCrypto is determined to eliminate the costly intermediaries who barricades the gig economy, so as to permit consumers and freelancer to relate and benefit from the interaction under the application and of the blockchain technology. LaborCrypto will then enable the freelance industry a corporate power structure. LaborCrypto, think differently outside the box and are desirous in challenging the normal routine, thereby giving power to freelance workers. And the way we do that, by creating a connectivity whereby people all over the globe, irrespective of having a banking system or not, and allowing the freelancers to keep all of their earning and getting it instantly, is what distinguishes it from every other project or scheme.
Laborcryptor is desirous in building an ecosystem that will generate employment opportunity and yield human capital development and to equally solve the issues of middleman service fees. Also, we are engaged in the use of cryptocurrency as the only form of payment. Laborcryptor is envisaged in sharing half of the platform’s actual revenue with both the users and freelancers who contribute to the growth of the ecosystem, based on their individual contributions in the project.
The main task of this project is to adapt and use LBR coins in a timely manner so that LBR coins can be used in several places to exchange services. To transfer laboratory resources, users with iOS and ANDRIOD wallets are allowed. How does the platform work? Consumers and freelancers come to the LaborCrypto ™ website, after which they send work or hire an independent professional. For payment method, it use the Laborcrypto TM currency more so, it requires a maintenance fee where as The user gets more money Users will actively participate in the life changing program.
Laborcryptor revenue will be generated by taking this 3% transaction fee, offering ad space to other businesses or users within our own ecosystem, and charging institutions to offer their curriculums on LaborCrypto. By so doing, they wouldn’t rely much on ICO in other to fully establish the project. A significant challenge with some of this similar project with laborcryptor is because Most have astronomical service fees and offer low pay to the freelancers, and the users have to pay for the transactions and series of other challenges, paved way for cryptocurrencies and the essence of the services towards solving the problem freelancers do face often. In actually bring an end to these problems, a decentralized platform is suggested,

LaborCryptoTM is a light touch administrator in a people-powered freelance work ecosystem. Our algorithms match users with other users to hire and promote freelance work. LaborCrypto is the next iteration of ChoreReliefTM, a platform that streamlined gig economy match-making. LaborCrypto is using that experience and applying the power of blockchain smart contracts to decentralize corporate power structures and give more economic power to the freelance workers and those who hire them. We, at LaborCrypto, think differently and believe in challenging the status quo and giving power to freelance workers. And the way we do that, by connecting people from all over the world regardless of having a banking system or not, and allowing the freelancers to keep all of their earning and getting it immediately. We believe in sacrificing the numbers to save the people, and the way we are doing that, by sharing half of our ads and fee collected revenue with our users.
About LaborCrypto
Disrupting the Disruptors – How LaborCrypto will Empower Freelancers Around the Globe to Finally Be Free.
In the last several year’s blockchain technology, and the immutable digital ledger system it offers, has caused massive disruption in the financial industry and beyond. At the same time, there has been a virtual explosion of online freelancing sites, giving millions of freelancers across the globe access to billions of customers, and creating a vast and growing new economy, the Gig Economy.
Blockchain technology started with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, but was quickly proven so valuable as a digital ledger that it was soon adopted to many other industries, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, shipping and so forth. Infallible and immutable, blockchains are the perfect ledger system.
Freelance platforms, including UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Etsy, RedBubble and more, tapped into the communication power of the world wide web and the convenience of mobile devices, connecting sellers with buyers worldwide. Unlike blockchain technology, however, freelance websites are far from perfect.

The Problem(s) With Freelance Websites
If you ask the average freelancer, working on one of the various platforms, what they perceive as the biggest flaws of said platforms, they will usually refer to 5 major problem areas that cause them to suffer financially, as well as causing negative consumer responses.
Problem #1- High Service Costs and Fees
On average, freelance platforms take 22% of the selling price of every Gig sold. On Fiverr, for example, they take 20%, or 1 out of every 5 dollars the freelancer (the ‘seller’) earns. Many of these platforms also charge the customer (the ‘buyer’) a fee to use the platform (or ‘ecosystem’). Some ecosystems even take a fee when a seller gets paid a ‘tip’, a practice that’s illegal in the United States and other countries.
Problem #2 – Delays Getting Paid
If high fees weren’t bad enough, freelance platforms also force sellers to wait for their earnings, sometimes up to 2 weeks. These delays are mainly caused by the traditional financial system, although some platforms also tack-on extra waiting time, creating extra financial stress for millions of freelancers.
Problem #3 – Inflexible User Experience & Processes
Here’s a problem area for both buyers and sellers. For sellers, the inflexible sales processes used by virtually every freelance economy force them to waste hours of valuable time every day. These same processes waste the time and energy of the buyers as well, who are forced to rely on outdated review systems to evaluate sellers and their respective offers.
Problem #4 – Lack of Banking Access
Although a problem not suffered by all sellers, roughly 40% of the freelance community has either little or no banking access, making it much more difficult, and costly, to receive their hard-earned income.
Problem #5 – Loyalty Issues
Possibly the biggest problem freelancers face with all ecosystems is this; inequity between the platform and the creators. The single reason that freelance platforms exist is due to buyers and sellers, but neither are given financial thanks for this fact, causing many to come and go far too frequently.
5 Major Problems – 1 Complete Solution
LaborCrypto will merge Blockchain Technology, AI and the power of the people to disrupt the freelance economy, solving all 5 of the aforementioned problems while opening up even bigger doors to freelancers around the world.
The great news is that, as we speak, LaborCrypto is in its pre-sale stage, making it the perfect time to invest in our ICO. Click the link below to do that, right now, and get in on the bottom floor, before the value of LaborCrypto goes through the roof.
Also, for more information, today on how LaborCrypto will revolutionizer the freelance market and to invest in their mission during their PRESALE/ICO which will begin July 1st

Laborcrypto will be opening the sales of her ICO for investors to invest and make fat income after the sales, this is because this project is scalable, transparent, seamless and profit oriented. Laborcryptor budgeted to invest 25% of the funds raised from the sale of laborCrypto Tokens during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), into further development of the LaborCrypto platform technology.
Details of ICO
LBR token: a utility icon that allows owners and users of a free platform to use the various services offered by the LABORCRYPTO system, including the right to receive rewards and additional bonuses.
Symbolic symbol – LBR
Hard Cap – $ 22 million
Soft Cap – $ 2 million
Total number of tokens – 100 000 000 000 LBR
Symbolic fee ICO: 1 USD = 2000 LBR
Currencies accepted – ETH, BTC
Minimum investment amount – 0.01 ETH
Standard token – ERC 20
The ICO will begin in June 2018 and will begin in the last 60 days.
All unsold tokens are burned


Consumers and freelancers come to the LaborCrypto ™ site. They send a job or hire a freelancer. Only the method of payment – use the coin Laborcrypto TM. Fee for service. The user receives more money. Users will actively participate in valuable common programs. The main features of LABORCRYPTO are as follows. The general interest to the user / client (ten times less than most platforms, which are aimed at solving services with high interest and low cost of users and builds loyal relations between users and the company) commission.
Updating income (about 50%). (Other platforms spend a lot of time on payment, so the lab does not withhold payment, it is easy to simplify and has all the functions that attract platform users.) Of course, the loyalty of the user. Supporting 100% of this income and receiving a quarterly distribution of compensation, qualified freelancers are more likely to provide their services.

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